Our name comes from our original product, the Magpul, which aids in the reloading of rifle magazines during combat. Founded by a Marine in 1999.

Are you asking for a Pro 700 this year? Send them the link in our bio #Magpul #Pro700
Congrats Boys! After almost 20 hours of intense racing, the Magpul Trophy Jeep is Back 2 Back Baja 1000 Hammer Truck Champion 🏁🍻🌵 #Repost @caseycurrie ・・・ Back to Back Baja 1000 Champions and Score Hammers Class Champion. Hell of a year for my guys at @caseycurriemotorsports. Thank you everyone for the support.
Benicio knows Magpul Core Patrol Gloves get the job done. Be like Alejandro at the link in our bio #Magpul #Sicario2 #MagpulAtTheMovies
#Repost @caseycurrie ・・・ This truck looked so good wrapped in the @magpul colors for the 2016 Baja 1000. The IFS front end and 4 linked rear end didn’t hurt the ride either. 😎 #Baja #Magpul #Throwback
3...2...1...🔊 #Magpul #Glock #GL9
Magpul was founded by a Recon Marine and is proud to count many Marines among our ranks. On this day in 1775, the United States Marine Corps was born. Enjoy that cake, you've earned it. 🇺🇸
NOW SHIPPING! If Magpul was a government agency, then we'd be the Department of Exceptionalism. This shirt is Designed, Engineered, and Patterned by us. Pick one up at #Magpul #MagpulApparel
In our latest Magpul Extended Minute: Jeff Gonzales @jl_gonzales , Director of training at @therangeaustin and owner of @tridentconcepts touches all the bases on what to keep in mind when looking for an everyday carry handgun. #Magpul #EDC
The Terrain is designed by and for our most demanding customers. It’s well suited for those who require ballistic rated protection and maximum coverage in a lightweight, larger frame. Learn more about the Terrain and rest of our new eyewear line at #Magpul #MagpulEyewear
It’s Magpul Massoud Monday, enjoy an old test video on our in-house 7.62x51 modular rifle system we designed and built on an accelerated timeline in 2007. #Magpul
It’s waterfowl weekend # 1 down here in Texas and quail season is still open. Who’s getting up too early tomorrow? Breathe some new life into that 590 or 870 in your safe at the link in our bio. #Magpul #870 #590 #SGA
We still make awesome gun belts right here in Texas. Some of them are branded with a M134 Minigun toting Donkey. See them all #Magpul #MagpulBelts
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