M S Dhoni

As a kid whenever v got sand this was one thing v would do for sure
Were you wondering who the mystery icon @Panerai_India , @Panerai and @Panerai_ME were referring to? Guess no more! I am very happy to announce my collaboration with my new Panerai family
Even better when we are dancing @zivasinghdhoni006
Greetings in two language
Ziva’s bugs bunny @zivasinghdhoni006
A bit of hugging,training, catching practice and getting unconditional love in return.priceless
Very smart
With 3 waterfalls around Ranchi, v cd do this whenever v wanted but now to do something like this after more than 10yrs brings back the good old memories.head massage for free
Just for fun, plz try it at home.
This is what happens when u keeping bossing around for the whole year and finally youngsters get a chance to give it back.thanks guys for making the day special
Morning walk with the pack.i think Sam knows she is my favourite so she takes the liberty of troubling everyone
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