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SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, @shutthefigup 😍... Happy #sundayfunday friends! We hope you make it as majestic as this slice of curry turmeric sprouted raw hummus TOAST. Did you know that the majestic story started as a little health cafe? Whatever your passion or PASSIONS... explore them all with all of your heart ♥️.
Are you in San Diego?! Come find our 💯 organic raw sprouted hummus spreads and raw vegan garlic spreads at one of these amazing markets— like Thursday’s @shopnorthparkmarket 😜. Put it on the calendar!! We can’t wait to see you there!!! #Repost @shopnorthparkmarket ・・・ It's THURSDAY! 🙌🏼 Make your way to the North Park Thursday Farms Market and make sure to say hi to this week's highlighted vendors! 💚 • @indian_summer_farm -- Locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables. • @majesticgarlic -- garlic spreads and raw sprouted hummus dips made with 100% USDA organic ingredients. • @marleys_pet_planet -- High quality organic pet products free of antibiotics and hormones.
Oh maaaaa gawsh. SHE BACK. Please, @spoonfuldelight -never tire of this qrunchy majestic combo. Who’s with us?! We will picket! Just kidding... 😜 #Repost @spoonfuldelight ・・・ Still on the savory train, and I don’t think I’ll be getting off any time soon 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈 . As that’s the case... can someone please get me an endless supply of @qrunchorganics , hummus, and avocado?!¿ Because this snack combo has been on repeat 😈 • #Snack 👉🏼 @qrunchorganics quinoa burger, hummus, avocado, EBBS, and broccoli microgreens 💫
You make it look beautiful... we make it MAJESTIC. Okay. SO. Basically you did it all @spoonfuldelight 🤗, but we don’t mind the confidence boost 😉 you always give us... 😜.
This is what we call... a ✨VERY✨ majestic pagel. Who wants a bite? Brought to you by: @thenakedbroccoli + @thepagel_ 🤤🙌🏻💎.
Dear pasta bowl, it was love at first bite 😋. Sun dried tomato 🍅 sprouted raw majestic hummus + @eatbanza rotini + sautéed veggies = ❤️🍝 #Repost @samandherhealth ・・・
Sunday Funday fuel... 🏃‍♀️ #Repost @wellnesswithcourtnie ・・・ Woke up bright and early this morning to go for a little jog before heading out to yoga and then to run errands all day. This bowl should keep me fueled up and ready to go🤸🏼‍♀️. I’ve got a soft boiled pasture raised egg, roasted Yukon gold potatoes, roasted broccoli, fermented cabbage, arugula and @majesticgarlic cilantro garlic spread. Happy Sunday!
Hey @jamiemimz could we grab a slice of that majestic sprouted sun dried tomato hummus avocado toast, 🤣? 😬 🥑 🍅 ❤️
Who’s ready to take a bite out of the weekend? 😋 #Repost @shutthefigup ・・・ You can’t stop the love affair I have with toast. Like, really. It’s serious. 💏 • • GF vegan sourdough topped with @majesticgarlic sprouted beet hummus, half an avo, @farmsforgood local arugula microgreens, @traderjoes EBTB seasoning, & pink salt.
Kale us crazy, but this bowl ain’t no “maybe”— @kalemaybe 🙃. Eating the rainbow... ✅. #Repost @kalememaybe ・・・ Loaded Lentil, Rice, and Veggie Bowl (vegan and gluten free). Baby kale topped with red rice, beluga lentils, sweet potatoes, watermelon radish, avocado, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, harissa, sun dried tomato hummus, garlic spread, and micro arugula.
No aversion to cilantro over here. Nope. We’re all about those health benefits... and this majestic bowl has us drooling, girl! #Repost @nurturingbodyandmind ・・・・ what we’ve got: mixed organic greens, brown rice, roasted cheesy brussel sprouts,(wash, dry and cut brussels in half, layer on baking sheet & drizzle with avocado oil. season them with granulated garlic, pink salt, black pepper and lots of nutritional yeast-bake at 375 for 20-25 min then broil until crispy 👌🏻) carrots, avo, raw sauerkraut and for the dressing: @majesticgarlic creamy cilantro garlic that i mixed with a touch of water & avocado oil to thin it out a little🙌🏻✨ENJOY the rest of your day lovers! #nurturingbodyandmind
Ya know, like... cucumber 🥒 sandwiches? Well... this majestic one stole our heart. Sun dried tomato plus jalapeño plus garlic plus cucumber? Yes please! #Repost @primal_partyofthree ・・・ #toasttuesday going down with a super easy, fresh, and flavorful combo. If you can't tell I am kind of (completely) obsessed with @majesticgarlic (and garlic in general tbh) in large part because they have these raw garlic spreads that are literally an all in one kitchen essential. I seriously use them as sauces, dips, "marinades", spreads,I even use the plain one in place of sour cream. For all of the crazy ways I've used their products, this might be my absolute favorite because it's so simple and let's all of the flavors shine. Also because a good sea salt makes everything amazing. If ya need me I'll just be over here making googly eyes at this toast 👀🤷🍞😍 • • • • • • • • TOAST DEETZ: @canyonglutenfree mountain white bread + @majesticgarlic sundried tomato and jalapeno raw garlic spread + mini cukes + @traderjoes EBTB seasoning + @jacobsensaltco flake salt
Oh ya know... just a roasted veggie plate of our #meatlessmonday dreams. Good news! Leftovers count as meal prep, right @shaunalin 😊?
The only kind of wrapping up we’re ready for this weekend... #itsstilltheweekend 😋 #Repost @eatcleanwithsarah ・・・ Lunch! 🤤 It doesn’t have to be complicated or take hours to make something clean and insanely delicious. 😋 This wrap was soooo good and it’s vegan, gluten free, paleo, grain free.. you name it. 👏 . . In a medium pan sauté 👉 1 chopped tomato 🍅 + 1 shallot diced + 2 cloves minced garlic 💯+ 1 veggie burger patty (I used @sunshineburgers super clean ingredients! Use whatever you want if you are grain free etc.) + 1 cup of spinach + 1/4 cup freshly chopped basil. Sauté in a dash of coconut oil until cooked through. Warm up your favorite wrap (I used a @sunfood raw coconut wrap👏) and add some @majesticgarlic spread + avocado 🥑 . .
The weekend is looking 💯 from over here, 😘.
Unwrapping the weekend like this majestic “unwich” @thehealthmason 🤭.
Going in for a bite... 😬 #Repost @glow_detox ・・・ THIS is how I #toasttuesday ya'll. ✨ @moonjuice Carrot and Cumin Crips slathered with @majesticgarlic jalapeño raw garlic spread, with mixed greens, carrot pulp, @baresnacks beet chips + sautéed broccoli and pizza seasoning. ✌🏻 ❤️ 🙂
Happy #wellnesswednesday friends! Add a little bit of majestic raw sprouted #curry hummus to your bowls to enjoy the health benefits of turmeric, and ALL DAT FLAVA... Hey @shuthefigup — can we get a bowl?
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