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The weekend isn’t over yet! At least... as long as we can keep staring at this beautiful and vibrant platter by @munchinspo we will be oooookay. Have you tried our @majesticgarlic raw sprouted beet hummus? Isn’t it beeTiful?
We hope everyone is having a vibrant and colorful weekend like @spoonfuldelight 🙂. Have you tried our majestic raw sprouted beet hummus or kale chia? You’ve got a chance to win some goodies! #giveaway reminder 😉✌🏻 Make sure you peep our post with all the chickpeas for the DEETS. 3 posts back. #Repost @spoonfuldelight ・・・ • #WhatsOnMyPlate 👉🏼 spicy Italian @qrunchorganics quinoa burger w/ beet hummus, roasted sweet potatoes, kale chia hummus, sautéed broccoli, and sautéed red bell peppers 💫 #spoonfuldelight
✨ We magic ✨ Hiding behind the scenes and giving your greenz that garlicky goodness with our raw, organic, always vegan majestic garlic spread 🥗. Be sure to check out the giveaway going on @spoonfuldelight ♥️. We know everyone has different lifestyles— but this one is 💯 plantbased and vegan ☺️. ☀️ You’ll get a chance to win @majesticgarlic spreads and sprouted hummus + @seasnax 🧜‍♀️. #Repost @spoonfuldelight ・・・ Ordering #salads ?¿ 🤷🏼‍♀️ Only if they’re loaded! 😆 Because, honestly, you could probably make as good as a salad at home as you could when eating out 🙈 . BUT, when you get the opportunity to go to a @sweetgreen picnic event with other Boston igrammers, you know I couldn’t turn that down! 💃🏼 Plus, everyone has been raving about @sweetgreen... so, it’s time to see if another trend lives up to hype! 🙏🏼 Fingers crossed it’ll be as good as this salad was 🤤 • #WhatsOnMyPlate 👉🏼 romaine (coated with @majesticgarlic hummus + @woodstockfoods ’ tahini)// red onions + zucchini + mushrooms sautéed in @fourthandheart ’s ghee & @janeskrazy mixed-up salt// broiled salmon with @traderjoes EBBS // microgreens 💫 #spoonfuldelight . . . . . #salad #pescatarian #saladstop #saladselfie #mealprep #dairyfree #thenewhealthy #wholefoods #todayfood #healthyeating #cleaneats #cleaneating #cleanfood #healthnut #healthspo #healthyfoodshare
Post yoga sprouted hummus toasts and slippers... Cozy. Who can dig it? What’s your favorite majestic hummus flavor? #Repost ・・・
💫GIVEAWAY💫 🌿 Plant-Protein Alert 🌿. We can’t (kelp) ourselves, our blood is probably 80% hummus at this point... and as we’re all (hummus)apiens, we want to help keep you stocked with the only raw and sprouted hummus on the market AND the healthiest seaweed snaxs out there!! 🌊☀️🌿Yep. Both are great sources of plant-protein. 🌊☀️🌿 • To WIN... be sure to like this photo and then head to @SpoonfulDelight 's page for the rules on how to enter! ✌🏼 . . . . . Winner will be announced at the end of the week, and they will receive 3 tubs of our @majesticgarlic hummus/garlic of choice & a variety of snacks from @seasnax. . #giveaway #majesticgarlic #seasnax #spoonfuldelight #mealprep #dairyfree #thenewhealthy #wholefoods #todayfood #healthyeating #cleaneats #cleaneating #cleanfood #healthnut #healthspo #healthyfoodshare
“Eat your greens!” We’re not so sure our “wise elders” meant avocados and cilantro jalapeño raw sprouted hummus... but heck yeah! We are 💯 down with it. 🥑 🌿 ☀️ Plus, this majestically bedazzled homemade bagel by @_afreshpurefood is blowing our #meatlessmonday minds. #Repost @_afreshpurefood ・・・ Homemade bagels. 😍 {homemade everything bagels, @majesticgarlic cilantro jalapeno hummus, avocado, and local microgreens. Just being real, I still want to perfect these bagels, but they still good. I’ll take you behind the scenes: my husband said he was impressed for my first time (and went for more), my daughter asked for seconds, and I ate two. We enjoyed them + super easy. You know that’s how I roll here. Well we’re headed to the gym. I have a friend getting married this evening, so that’s what our Saturday looks like. Happy weekend. . . Everything bagels: (Dry) 1 C of almond flour 1 TBSP of coconut flour 1 TBSP of ground flax meal 1/2 TSP of baking soda 1/2 TBSP of arrowroot flour 1/4 TSP of pink salt . . . (Wet) 2 pasture eggs 2 TBSP of apple cider vinegar 1 TBSP of raw honey . . What to do: preheat oven to 350. Mix the dry and wet ingredients in a separate bowl. Then combine both the wet and dry ingredients. Lightly oil a donut/bagel pan then place 1/4 C in each whole. Season whatever you want on top. I used @primalpalate Garlic and herb blend, paprika, bagel seasoning, and pink salt. Bake for 18-20 minutes. #_afreshpurefood
Sunday Funday with some SUN dried tomato sprouted raw hummus and avocado toast... we’re all in, @avocad.oh.yeah ☀️ 🍅 🥑. Okay... who we kidding. We know you’re really staring at that DRIP. #Repost @avocad.oh.yeah ・・・ 😂 good friends, great food, and beautiful weather. this is what i live for☀️ but today we’re on to a new adventure and we’re starting off strong with some crazy delish toast. sprouted sourdough, bean burger, sundried tomato hummus, avocado, fried egg and all the hot sauce🤤🥑#avocadohyeah • • • • • • #avocadohyeaheats #organic #healthyfood #mealprep #fit #fitfam #healthyliving #fresh #health #clean #healthy #veggies #eatclean #realfood #avocado #weightloss #blogger #instagood #food52 #KCMO #toast #beanburger #avocadotoast
Oh haiii big side of veggies made smoky and fine with a big dollop of Chipotle Majestic... we like how you roll, @bodytobliss 😍.
Curry. Don’t wait. Run! It’s Friday! Wrapping up the week like... @_afreshpurefood ♥️✌🏻 #Repost @_afreshpurefood ・・・ Collard wrap it is 👏🏻 I stuffed it with @majesticgarlic sprouted curry turmeric hummus, mixed greens, avocado, bell pepper, cucumber, and microgreens. I’ve been trying to slow down and make more food rather than just grab something as I walk out the door. It can become really easy to grab your protein bar (or whatever your go to is) and run out the door. I get it, sometimes you have to do that. But lately I’ve found myself reaching for those things even when I have time to make myself a good meal. So, my goal is to get in the habit again to take the time to make myself a good meal rather than just grabbing the easiest thing. I notice a difference when I do make that a priority. Happy Thursday everyone!#_afreshpurefood
Happy 5th of July! Is it Friday yet? No? Well, this toast will see us through. It’s all in the deets: Sprouted @foodforlifebaking bread Slather of @majesticgarlic raw sprouted beet hummus Buttery @avoganic avocado slices Red onion Sprinkle of @seasnax onion Chomperz Sprinkle of @nutiva hemp hearts Ready set— go! 📸: @glow_detox
Happy 4th of July! ♥️ ✌🏻 😎 We hope it’s a Majestic one... and if you’re still looking for healthy inspiration to feed the family, well this majestic avocado pesto by @georgieeatsblog just RED, WHITE and blew our minds... 🍝 🌿 🥑 #Repost @georgieeatsblog ・・・ ⭐️ NEW RECIPE ALERT ⭐️ Avocado pesto pasta with roasted plum tomatoes and pine nuts - YES, it is as good as it sounds 🥑🥑🥑 Vegan, GF, healthy & can be made in under 25 minutes!! Link to the recipe is in my bio @georgieeatsblog 😎 Go check it out! ❤️
What’s better than one toast? Three toasts of course! Especially if the avocado mash is made extra majestic with a dollop of our raw vegan whipped garlic oil spread 🥑🙂👌🏼. 📸: @tiffaft #Repost @tifftaft ・・・ Sooo if you've been watching my insta stories you have probably figured out that i'm a bit obsessed with making my meals look photo worthy. Although it's normally just me eating them, there is something about sitting down at my table to a beautiful freshly made meal. After all if I'm going to be eating at home I want it to be fun! . . . This beautiful meal was super simple and easy: Summer fruit salad with yellow watermelon, strawberries & blackberries topped with fresh mint. Avocado toast on multigrain topped with a poached egg, fennel & @traderjoes everything but bagel seasoning. To add a little dimension to the avocado mash I mixed in @majesticgarlic . #breakfastattiffanys #tifftafteats #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #foodie #traderjoes #fruitsalad #avocadotoast #weekendbrunch #sandiegolife #discoversd
No Monday blues here looking at you, little happy bagel halves... Who loves the 🥑 and sprouted majestic hummus combo? Those 🍓 are looking pretty sweet too. #Repost @wellnesswithcourtnie ・・・ Enjoying a little post yoga bagel action this morning. I finally got my hands on some more @barelybread bagels. I topped one with @majesticgarlic sprouted hummus, avocado, salt, pepper, sesame seeds and micro greens. The other one is coconut yogurt, organic strawberries, peanut butter and hemp seeds👌🏼 What’s your favorite bagel topping? I’m always looking for new combos to try. Have a great day everyone!
“I want to be your end game...” Strolling down memory lane with @veggiesthenwine 😍. Brunch game strong. #Repost @veggiesthenwine ・・・ In Austin this weekend for one of my bestie's wedding today!! When I'm not able to be in the kitchen = throwback with some of my fave toastys I've ever made! This was before I discovered I could make toasts out of sweet potatoes, so here I just have sweet potatoes on top of toast instead 😂 ••• #retoast deets: ✔️top toasty: @majesticgarlic spread + sliced avocado + egg + @traderjoeslist EBTB + microgreens ✔️bottom toasty: leftover roasted sweet potatoes with egg + EBTB + microgreens ••• Time for wedding festivities yay! Any of you live in Austin?!
Wrap it UP! 👏 ❤️ 🤗 Collard wraps with our raw sprouted majestic hummus can be a delicious and delightful way to cut back on grains, and more importantly, amp up nutrients, plant protein and fiber, without missing out on all the flavor you can add back in with the fillings! Give it a WHIRL! We love ours like @melissa_hanson with 🥑, and we also love to add in microgreens, and crisp veggies like shredded carrots 🥕, scallions... mmm. Perfection! 👌🏼 What do you love to add into your wraps?! #Repost @melissa_hanson ・・・ Looking to cut calories? Skip the wheat or corn tortilla and use a lettuce wrap. It’s so much healthier for your gut! Collard greens, swiss chard, romaine, seaweed wraps. This wrap is sugar free, gluten free and practically carb free. Just don’t overload them or it can get messy. . I added sweet potatoes, avocado, and spicy sprouted hummus from @majesticgarlic to these one’s. They were super tasty 😋 . Learn simple recipes at our next #healfromwithinsummit November 9 & 11 . #simple #weightloss #guiltfree #snacks #healthygut #fiber #microbiome #thyroid #wholefood #hummus #plantbased #goodness #tasty #collardwraps #fitness #food #yum #delicious #sprouted #raw #rawvegan #glutenfree #dairyfree #eatrealfood #livingfood #healthcoach #organic #nogmo
Lox like it’s going to be a good Friday... majestic garlic spread on point— @nurturingbodyandmind 👌🏼☺️❤️.
Let’s see... after we admire the colors, which dollop of sprouted raw hummus should we savor first? 🤔 #Repost @glow_detox ・・・ Here's what happened the other day after the Farmer's Market 🤸‍♀️. Mixed Market greens 🥙 tossed with @barleans flax oil, rainbow carrot ribbons, chimichurri seasoning, sweet baby tomatoes and then a kumquat, (or kumquat's cousin) for a citrusy dressing 🍊... + a sampling of @Majesticgarlic raw sprouted hummuses (is that a word?)-- Original, Chipotle and Sun-Dried tomato 🍅. Sometimes I really freaking wonder how anyone could ever possibly let me go. ...go out into the world. 🤣
Oh hello hump day, how youuuu doin? . . . 📷: @thenakedbroccoli Fully loaded everything paleo bagel @thepagel_ Slathered with majestic sprouted original and chipotle hummus and crisp veggies!
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