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Who wore it best??? Sav, Lucy, me or April
Only one I need πŸ€žπŸ’— @lilyfranciswood
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Soft, rosy glam
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My everyday β€œnatural” look PRODUCTS USED: BROWS: @benefitcosmetics precisely my brow pencil (3) EYESHADOW: @urbandecaycosmetics naked ultimate basics eyeshadow palette (pre-game, faith) FACE: @toofaced sweet peach glow face palette HIGHLIGHTER: @sophdoesnails @makeuprevolution EYELINER: natural collection white eyeliner MASCARA: too faced better than sex mascara LIP GLOSS: academy of colour lip gloss SETTING SPRAY: Urban Decay all nighter setting spray PLZ TAG @hudabeauty @contourtutorial and @makeupforbarbies
A natural glam makeup tutorial PRODUCTS USED: EYES: @urbandecaycosmetics x @kristenxleanne daydreamer eyeshadow palette (Lucy, Daydream, 12/12, eight) @sophdoesnails x @makeuprevolution eyeshadow palette (fairy lights) @naturalcollection eyeliner (white) @toofaced better than sex mascara FACE: @toofaced sweet peach glow face palette (bronzer, blush) @makeuprevolution x @sophdoesnails highlighter LIPS: @academyofcolour lip gloss SETTING SPRAY: @urbandecaycosmetics all nighter makeup setting spray
A quick tutorial on how I take my makeup off! (Ignore my face in the middle of the video)πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
My new eyeshadow palette @makeuprevolution @sophdoesnails
New eyeshadow palette! @urbandecaycosmetics @kristenxleanne
Easy, natural makeup tutorial #featureme Makeup: Eyes: @toofaced semi sweet chocolate bar palette (coconut creme) @urbandecaycosmetics naked heat (chaser, sauced) @naturalcollectioncosmetics eyeliner (white) @toofaced better than sex mascara @academyofcolour white eyeshadow Face: @toofaced sweet peach glow @sophdoesnails x @makeuprevolution highlighter palette Lips: @academyofcolour lip gloss Setting spray: @urbandecaycosmetics all nighter makeup setting spray
Random tagged favesπŸ’—
Skiing 2018 was great!
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