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💄 Join the Revolution 🐰 100% Cruelty-Free 🤳🏽 Tag #MakeupRevolution 💕 Shop at @shoprevolutionbeauty , @superdrug , @ultabeauty , @beautybaycom & more ✨

If you've got it, haunt it! 💀 ❤ @carmimua uses our 'Blood of my Enemies' Liquid Highlighter as a lip stain & face highlight - £5/€5.99/$8 at @shoprevolutionbeauty & @superdrug 💫 Be warned - a small drop goes a long way & this product may stain skin and clothes 💀 #RevolutionHalloween
PASSION FOR COLOUR 💚💛🧡💗💜💙 Go bold with our brand new bold & bright Re-Loaded palette 💣💥 Featuring 15 generous pans of intense, silky and easily blendable shimmer pigment, Passion for Colour includes a carefully balanced mix of pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and mauves to fuel your creativity 😍 £4/€4.99/$7 at @shoprevolutionbeauty , @superdrug & @ultabeauty#MakeupRevolution
💖 I HEART REVOLUTION TAKEOVER 💖 Team Revolution have tried and tested the new @iheartrevolution Rainbow hair colour range 🌈 and here are the results! @Jasmeenb is wearing Silver Angel Rainbow Paste, our instant hair colour because she likes to experiment with colour, without the commitment. Rainbow Paste is removable with one wash. @Charlottejonsie is committed to colouring her hair. She’s rocking Pink Cloud from our semi-permanent range Rainbow Tones. Lasts 8-12 washes. @Agnespalineking wanted to try colour in her hair before committing. She’s wearing Sweet Peach from our temporary hair colour range Rainbow Shots. Lasts just 1-3 washes. She’s now considering a semi-perm finish with Sweet Peach Rainbow Tones 😉. Our hair colour range is Vegan, Cruelty Free, ammonia-free and peroxide-free.🙋 Real people, real hair, real results. Shop now at @shoprevolutionbeauty & @superdrug ! 💖 #IHeartHair #IHeartRevolution #MakeupRevolution
💖 I HEART REVOLUTION TAKEOVER 💖  Hair relationship status: Committed ✔️ @cotty_lee is giving us pastel rainbow hair goals with a pick & mix of NEW @iheartrevolution Rainbow Tones! 😍 If you’re invested in long-term colour, that lasts 8-12 washes, then this is the semi-permanent hair colour is for you! Rainbow Tones are infused with extra body conditioner, pumpkin seed oil & quinoa oil. Suitable for blonde, light brown & dark brown hair, including real human hair extensions or wigs. Vegan, Cruelty-Free, ammonia-free and peroxide-free.
 As always, please conduct a skin patch test at least 48 hours before. Full info at ‪‬ ✨ Shop now for £6/€6.99/$7.99 at @shoprevolutionbeauty & @superdrug 💖 #IHeartHair #IHeartRevolution #MakeupRevolution
💖 I HEART REVOLUTION TAKEOVER 💖 We care about the relationship between you and your hair! This is why we’ve created a Vegan, Cruelty Free, ammonia-free and peroxide-free hair colour range with @iheartrevolution 🌈 What’s your hair relationship status? Do you want no commitment, no hang-ups and no stress? ✔️then you need a fling with Rainbow Paste, fun casual colour that’s removable with one wash. 🙌🏼 Or are you looking for something temporary, no regrets, no fear, just live in the moment? ✔️ You need Rainbow Shots, shampoo, conditioner and colour in one. A simple shot that lasts only 1-3 washes. 💗 If you’re committed to colouring your hair, you need to try our semi-perm hair dye Rainbow Tones that lasts 8-12 washes. ✔️ Shop the NEW I Heart Revolution Hair collection online NOW at @shoprevolutionbeauty  & @superdrug 💖 #IHeartHair
💖 I HEART REVOLUTION TAKEOVER 💖  Hair relationship status: Short-term! ✔️ @mrtndamex switches up her hair colour with NEW @iheartrevolution Rainbow Shots in ‘Lilac Dreams’ - temporary hair colour that lasts 1-3 washes! 💜🦄 These colourful shots work on naturally light, blonde or bleached hair & wigs. Vegan, Cruelty Free, ammonia-free, peroxide-free & available in six fun shades! As always, please conduct a skin patch test at least 48 hours before. Full info at ‪‬ ✨ Shop now for £3/€3.99/$4.99 at @shoprevolutionbeauty & @superdrug 💖 #IHeartHair #IHeartRevolution #MakeupRevolution
💖 I HEART REVOLUTION TAKEOVER 💖  Hair relationship status: Just A Fling ✔️ @whatlydialikes shows you how to easily style super-cute pink & silver streaks with the @iheartrevolution Rainbow Pastes - fun, casual, instant colour with no commitment! 😍 This temporary hair colour acts like a gel/wax/cream while simultaneously colouring the hair, and is removable with just one wash - perfect for those who want to experiment ✨ Use one colour or pick & mix all six shades to create rainbow hair 🌈 #Vegan , #CrueltyFree , ammonia-free & peroxide-free. As always, please conduct a skin patch test at least 48 hours before. Full info at ‪‬ ✨ Shop now for £5/€5.99/$6.99 at @shoprevolutionbeauty & @superdrug ! 💖 #IHeartHair #IHeartRevolution #MakeupRevolution
💖 I HEART REVOLUTION TAKEOVER 💖 I HEART HAIR is here! Whatever your hair relationship status, @iheartrevolution have the hair dye for you 👉 Just a Fling ✔ Rainbow Paste - fun, casual colour that is removable with one wash (£5/€5.99/$6.99) 🌈 Short-term Relationship ✔ Rainbow Shots - Living in the moment with temporary hair colour that lasts 1-3 washes (£3/€3.99/$4.99) 💖 Committed ✔ Rainbow Tones - You’re married to the idea of colour and you’re ready to show the world your commitment with long-term colour that lasts 8-12 washes (£6/€6.99/$7.99) ✨ Swipe to see real results! Shop the NEW I Heart Revolution Hair collection online at @shoprevolutionbeauty & @superdrug 💖 #IHeartHair
🕸️🦇 @kali.ledger is creepin' it real with one batty Halloween look! Ali wears @revolutionpro Eyebrow Pomade in 'Ebony', Refill Palette packs in 'Night to Believe', 'Day to Dream', Pigment Pomades in 'Lemon Yellow' & 'Paper White', Prime & Hydrate, Foundation Drops in 'F10' & Revolution #FastBase Foundation Stick in 'F14' 🦇🕸️ #RevolutionHalloween #MakeupRevolution #RevolutionPRO
🌟 STAR BUY! 🌟 For this week only, the ALL NEW 196 Colour Spectrum Palette is HALF PRICE (£12!) online and in store at @superdrug 🎨 Colour your way with 196 exciting makeup pigments to fuel your creativity - swipe to get up close & personal 😍 Also available for £24 at @shoprevolutionbeauty 🌟 #MakeupRevolution
✨This month we hosted our FIRST EVER Revolution Speed Hiring Day. Looking for Social, Content & NPD Assistants. No previous experience necessary 🙌🏿🙌🏽🙌🏻 Over 75 of you attended – it was amazing to meet you all! Successful applicants have now been contacted for second round interviews – we can’t wait to expand TEAM REVOLUTION ✨ “There really shouldn’t be any barriers about getting into the beauty industry. If you have a passion, if you have a will, you can achieve anything” – @adam_minto70 🙌🏿🙌🏽🙌🏼 YOU are Revolution ❤️ #MakeupRevolution
Swatch perfection! 😍 @makeupbytammi swatches her favourite shades from TWO NEW RE-LOADED PALETTES - 'Affection' & 'Passion For Colour' - swipe to see! 💣💥 Highly pigmented, easily blendable, Cruelty Free and only £4/€4.99/$7 each at @shoprevolutionbeauty & @ultabeauty - coming soon to @superdrug ! 🔥 Which one is your fave? #MakeupRevolution
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