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Malala Fund is working for a world where all girls can learn and lead without fear.

✌🏽Insta queen @elainewelteroth is taking over our account to recap her amazing trip with @malala to Brazil. Check out our story to get the full rundown! (📸: @luisadorr ). #takeover #inmyfeelingschallenge
Re-gramming @eljuanpazurita 👉🏽 ”Two years ago we started Love Army from a place of unconditional Love. Unconditional Love means giving without expecting something in return. Today we joined Malala in Brazil to learn about her work for girl’s education. Malala has been supporting, from a place of unconditional Love, many initiatives around the world that help girls receive quality education. Both Jérôme & I being men, we didn’t necessarily grow up aware of what it really means to be a woman, or of the prejudice that often comes with it. We are honored to now have the best teacher in the world for this and hungry to learn how we also can play a role in this fight for girls’ education. We don’t think this fight is only for women. Men also can be working hard for girl’s rights, men also can fight for equality, and men also can help each other not fall into the pool and drink coconut water. Sending unconditional love, from Malala, Jérôme & Juanpa ♥️” Thank you Juanpa and @jeromejarre for joining @Malala and making her trip that much more special.
@Malala couldn’t leave Brazil without playing football! And who better to play with than a group of girls who just won a #WorldCup ? This week in Rio, Malala and Ziauddin spent time with a girls’ football team from Complexo de Penha, one of Brazil’s most dangerous favelas. The girls recently claimed victory at #StreetChildWorldCup2018 in Russia and this week at a beach in Rio, they shot some goals and told Malala how football has changed their lives. @streetchilduk @istreetchildusa #FamíliaCaracol
Going to school isn’t easy for girls living in favelas — many communities are run by drug traffickers and remain outside the government’s control. 11-year-old Paloma told @Malala that girls in her community “can be out of school for a week at a time because of shootings.” Paloma wants to live in a place that’s calm, where she is free to do what she enjoys — like singing or practising ballet. [📸:@luisadorr ]
👌🏽 Perfecting their ballet positions with the girls of @projetonapontadospes 😏 @malala , @elainewelteroth , @eljuanpazurita , @jeromejarre 🎀
@Malala spent her 21st birthday at Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio, where a young crew of dancers flaunted their ballet skills — and shared how dance helps them stay in school and overcome violence in Brazil’s most dangerous favelas. @projetonapontadospes 💜 📸: @luisadorr
Happy 21st birthday, @malala ! [Parbéns pelos 21 aninhos!] And welcome to @instagram. 🎉🎊 📸: @luisadorr
Equipped with knowledge, confidence and spray cans, the girls of @redenami are taking back what violence and racism took from them. 💙 Follow the link in our bio to support girls in Brazil and around the world.
Re-posting Malala Fund’s @mckinley.tretler 👉🏽 “Today I visited Rio de Janeiro with Malala Fund. In the city issues like racism, sexism and sexual violence too often prevent young women, particularly Afro-Brazilian girls, from finishing education. The amazing @panmelacastro founded @redenami , an org that encourages girls to speak out through street art. We heard from girls some breathtaking poetry, stories about their art and their lives.” Visit to read @tessjthomas ’s article about Rede Nami’s girls.
Today Malala was in Rio visiting @redenami , where @panmelacastro teaches girls how to express themselves through graffiti. Together the girls create art, educate each other on girls’ rights and discuss issues that affect them like domestic violence, sexism and racism. - - - Hoje Malala esteve no Rio visitando a @redenami , onde @panmelacastro ensina meninas a se expressarem através da arte do grafite.
Joining Malala this week: @elainewelteroth , @eljuanpazurita , @jeromejarre ✌🏽 [Photo by @luisadorr ]
For many indigenous girls in Brazil, the journey to school is almost longer than the school day itself — and facing discrimination makes it even harder to stay in school. Today Malala met girls from the Tupinambá and Pataxó tribes and discussed what life is like for girls in their communities. 📸: @luisadorr
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