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“If everything is political, then art definitely is. And poetry? It puts the capital “P” in personal and political.” — 20-year-old @amandascgorman , the first-ever U.S. National Youth Poet Laureate. Link in bio for Amanda’s advice on writing poetry that matters.
Meet Dr. Merritt Moore (@physicsonpointe ) — a quantum physicist *and* ballerina. Merritt knows her path is unconventional and she wants to show girls that science and the arts aren’t mutually exclusive. Dancing helps Merritt be more creative as a scientist and science helps her approach ballet from an analytical perspective. “I think it is silly to categorise people as having either an analytic brain or creative brain because actually both are required for science and arts.” — Merritt
via @60secdocs ・・・ “10-year-old DJ Erica Tandoh, aka DJ Switch, recently won big at Ghana’s DJ Awards: taking home the 2018 Discovery of the Year, Event DJ of the Year and Best Female DJ of the Year. Though she’s only been DJing for about a year, her musical talent and passion are inspiring others...” @djswitchghana
#Regram @everydayafrica ・・・ A passionate ballet dancer, 16-year-old Elsie Ayoo trains along a busy street corner in Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa. 📸 by @kiberastories
17-year-old Zohra Shehzad hopes to become Pakistan’s next great romance novelist — but gender discrimination limits her opportunities. “When I become a writer, I won’t let girls face anything like that.” — Zohra.
On a cold day in February, Ashti and Aline left their homes at 4 a.m. to travel to the capital of North Dakota. The House of Government was considering a bill limiting refugee resettlement in their state — and they were determined to stop it. Ashti and Aline are refugees. Ashti left Iraq after receiving death threats and Aline fled the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Thanks to the testimonies of Ashti and Aline and other refugees and immigrants from around the state, the bill did not pass. “I didn’t know our voices as immigrants could make a change, but it did.” — Aline [📸: @tessjthomas ]
There are more women than men pursuing degrees in photography — but female photographers remain absent from front pages and award lists. Malala Fund’s @larauthman spoke with six photographers from five continents to highlight their incredible work. Hailing from Brazil, Ethiopia, France, India, Malaysia and the U.S., these young women are changing the face of photography — one portrait at a time. Go to Assembly to read about their work, advice on breaking into the field and where they find inspiration. LINK IN BIO. [📸photographers tagged]
🎥 BLOOPER REEL! ☝🏽funniest moments from when @malala interviewed @elainewelteroth. #Oprah
“I started blogging at age 11. It was a way for me to share my challenges, my dreams, my world - and a way to let others know what girls in my community were facing. Today I want to help girls like me share their stories.” - @malala Get girl-powered stories delivered straight to your inbox - click the link in our bio and subscribe! ✨✨
Regram @nytimes ・・・ These women were told they couldn’t play soccer. They didn’t listen. In Zanzibar — the semiautonomous archipelago where they live, off the coast of Tanzania — the sport is mostly limited to boys and men. “People have tried to stop me from playing,” said Riziki Abdallah, 23. She’s a star of the Zanzibari women’s national team. On the field she weaves past other players with dominance. Riziki, who’s known as Chadole, also plays for the the Jumbi Women Fighters, a club team in a league of 6 teams. “I’ve never been attacked physically,” she said. “But they tell me and my family that they are not happy, and that I should not be playing soccer.” The team rallies together without resources or support because of their sheer love of the game. Their hope? That women’s soccer will one day receive government recognition and support. But most of all, they just want to play. “I am committed to playing,” Riziki said. “I am not afraid of anything.” @nicholesobecki took these photos in Zanzibar. #⚽
A happy and peaceful #EidAlAdha from @Malala ’s family to yours.
Repost @malala : Honoured to visit @apple headquarters this week. Thank you to Tim Cook and the entire Apple team for your warm welcome, friendship, support for girls’ education - and for the coding lesson! #apple #girlswhocode
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