Ailey/Fordham grad 🎓 New Orleans // Nyc 📍 looking to thrive, not just survive 💎

. Thanks for all the love on my last post! ❤️ Enjoy some of the takes that didn’t make the cut 😂 #valentinesday
. | 1-800-I-NEED-DANCERS | For the guys without a Valentine, hit up @am4ndy620. She’s got y’all covered 😉 + Shoutout to the team! starring: @maleriedempster @lrich151 @am4ndy620 dancers: @rudylegros06 @francoth3artist 🎥 @gigisplendid director x editor @w4yvideography
. Valentine’s Day is around the corner ❗️ Who remembers this video? 🙈❤️ + Song: Just a Friend 2002 Dancers: @maleriedempster @sonnyo1989 Film/Edit: @zurisaddaicjr #zurisaddai Location: @i_lovefoods__ #valentinesday
. new year, new headshots 📸 @chrismackephotography
. I might dress up more often.
. cheetah girl 🐆
. Washington Mardi Gras ⚜️
. “the courage it takes to reveal your heart is one of the most daunting... and yet rewarding experiences in life. It will set you free.” + @w4yvideography
. it’s been a year since I started taking @francoth3artist ’s class. I was honestly lost a year ago. I knew I loved dance, but I wasn’t able to find a community that I felt like I fit in. After my first class, I literally went to every class like a stalker 😂 only because I loved the energy from everyone and grew so much in every class. Thank you for the constant inspiration, encouragement, and push. But I have to say it truly takes a village to raise a child 😂 so I want to thank @am4ndy620 @lrich151 @jiggygawdfr3e @rudylegros06 @officialsincere._ @ironbry @alexandra.sala @dana_lioness @lindsaydamico_ @ethansimba @parakarat @candaceny for taking me in with open arms. y’all don’t understand the impact y’all have in my life ❤️
. 👽 LADIES 👽 choreo @francoth3artist song @tekdotlun shush
. your imagination is a preview of your life’s coming attractions ✨ @w4yvideography
. no shade, but I can’t see ’em. they’re not in my lane. @w4yvideography
. freePlay | 3 Part Series by @nightsbylos X @ja.bari Thank you guys for all the love & feedback on my last few posts. Thanks to @nightsbylos for this dope visual & @ja.bari for the photos. Y’all definitely brought the vision to life. @nike
. freePlay | the player by @ja.bari X @nightsbylos
. freePlay | the player by @ja.bari X @nightsbylos
. freePlay | the player by @ja.bari X @nightsbylos
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