Ailey/Fordham grad 🎓 New Orleans // Nyc 📍 looking to thrive, not just survive 💎

. make room for the good things to begin.
. @sade Cherish the Day 🌹 + thanks @dannip18 for this choreo ❤️
. Thank you guys for the continuous love & support, especially from those that made this birthday so memorable. You all have a special place in my heart ❤️. #bdaygirl 📸 @christopher.r.wilson
. it’s a Scorpio thing ♏️ + Photographer @brittsmithphotography HAMU @amandafaymua HAMU assistant @maggiemcgovmakeup
. Song: centipede by Rebbie Jackson Choreo: @dannip18 💜
. B•R•E•A•T•H•E + the dream team photography @brittsmithphotography HAMU @amandafaymua HAMU assistant @maggiemcgovmakeup
. reflecting w/ 📸 @nutellaskinpapi
. summertime fine all year long + the dream team photography @brittsmithphotography HAMU @amandafaymua HAMU assistant @maggiemcgovmakeup
. don’t let temporary pain make you lose sight of your dreams. + 📷: @w4yvideography @lrich151
. momma said God took his time when he made me @liltunechi + the dream team Photography: @brittsmithphotography HAMU: @amandafaymua HAMU assistant: @maggiemcgovmakeup
. “the bigger the dream, the harder the grind.” @etthehiphoppreacher + Y’all hit up @lrich151 @w4yvideography for your next shoot!! One of the most inspiring people that I know. Y’all will definitely create magic 🔥
. THE ROYAL NEW ORLEANS ⚜️// grateful for the experience to work with these amazing people on a national commercial w/ @crownroyal. + @CrownRoyal presents #TheRoyalNewOrleans (Episode II) ft. @CubsthePoet & @MalerieDempster Directed by: @e.buckles Produced by @EjaazMason DP’ed by @SpenxerMann #DirectedbyEBUCKLES 🎥
. Still taking in this moment! Thank you @jemelmcwilliams & @jiggygawdfr3e for this amazing opportunity to perform w/ @janellemonae at @glblctzn on live tv @msnbc ! Being able to share this moment with my family & friends watching meant the world to me. ❤️ Thank you everyone for all of the support. I’m just a girl from a small town in Louisiana pursuing her dreams... hoping to be able to help others the same way people have helped me. You guys don’t know how much y’alls support means to me ❤️ + #globalcitizenfestival #janellemonáe #blackgirlmagic #globalcitizenfestival2018 #nycdancer
. Global Citizen 2018 w/ @janellemonae. #globalcitizenfestival
. We’re live @ 4pm EST! Click the link in my bio to check us out! @janellemonae @glblctzn
. I love dance y’all... for the beauty, the expression, the escape. But also for the challenge, aches, and tears. Thankful to have it in my life & never taking it for granted 🙏🏽 Choreo: @dannip18 🙌🏽🙌🏽 #whereyougetyourasskickedinclass 😂😂😂
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