This page aims to showcase the diversity of the 2 year MDS graduate scheme in food and fresh produce

As part of Ringlink’s Pre-Apprenticeship programme workshop, we visited Sinclair’s anaerobic digestion plant. Their excess power is used to heat a small chilli farm producing jams and seems to be booming so watch this space!! 🌶🍅🌱 #diariesofanmdstrainee #freshproduce #sustainablefood
Last week was one of celebration at Ringlink as Managing Director, Graham Bruce, received an award from the Royal Northern Agricultural Society for his services to agriculture. Congratulations Graham! I also had the chance to see some of the local scenery with a weekend up in the Cairngorms 🍂🌲🏆
Good morning everyone! My name is Els and I will be showing you what I’m up to this November as an MDS Trainee. Having graduated in July, I started my first secondment last week up in Aberdeenshire with Ringlink Scotland Ltd. as a Marketing Executive. I’ll be sharing my Scottish adventures from my cottage over looking the sea, so stay tuned for more beautiful sunrises and other updates 🌞🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #diariesofanMDStrainee #marketing #food #freshproduce
That’s it from me guys! Hope you’ve enjoyed a peak into my MDS month.... Holidays, training, moving, new secondments and a careers fair! I’ll be continuing my adventure until March - See ya later! Cheers, Joe #diariesofanmdstrainee
Hello everyone! Come visit us today at the Find Your Feet Careers Fair in Lincoln! We’re in the ‘Engine Shed’ at Lincolnshire University, @angie_giani and I will be here all day!
Today MDS has signed the @weareagrespect pledge "We stand against prejudice and support rural LGBTQ+ diversity, inclusion and enablement." We want to support agriculture, rural communities and the food and fresh produce industry in being welcoming to those from diverse backgrounds. Visit for more info . 🌈 . #lgbtfarmers #outonthefarm #equalrights #lgbtq #pride #diversity
Hello everyone! Busy weekend for me helping my fellow group 41 pal Fernando move down to Kent for his final placement! Fernando will be also working at Worldwide Fruit but he will be in the Whitstable office. I went to Uni in Canterbury so gave him a guided tour around this beautiful part of the UK. Lovely weather today, so we had a stroll on the seafront and even saw a few people brave the water! ❄️🏊🏻‍♂️🚣🏻‍♀️ It’s hot but not that hot! #diariesofanmdstrainee
Hello everyone! Just checking in to let you know I’ve had a successful arrival at Worldwide Fruit 🥑! I’ve been busy in inductions, handovers + tours. I will be joining the commercial team and working with the M&S account. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in and learning this side of the business. MDS has given me the opportunity to work in Quality, Production, Marketing/Projects and now Commercial. This excellent exposure is really giving me a well rounded knowledge of how a business runs and is allowing me not only to develop different skills in each role, but also to see what area I would like to work in in the future! #diariesofanmdstrainee
Andddd breathe.....! We made it! After a very fun and busy week, we finally delivered our process improvement presentations to the member company we were visiting. Dara, Emily and I have looked into the health + safety of a factory giving some top recommendations on how to improve the health and well-being of the workers. We were followed by a fantastic presentation led by Lucy, Hannah, Fernando and Jon who had been investigating how to reduce waste, in all senses of the word, on one of the lines in the fresh packing factory. This was a fantastic module of training and we have all had the opportunity to gain and improve on so many skills. A quiet weekend for me ready to start my new secondment on Monday, see you then! #diariesofanmdstrainee
Hello everyone! Some quick snaps from our R+R session today here in Branston. We’ve been working hard in our Process Improvement course which will finish on Thursday (Big update then). Meanwhile we played a spot of Croquet in some beautiful weather at the hotel to relax this evening. Seasoned pro Jim, who is also our tutor for the course showed us rookies how to play and won the competition! A good laugh had by all! #diariesofanmdstrainee
Geddon Cornwall! Cheers ‘n gone as us locals would say. Had a fantastic week catching up with family + friends. Managed to do some walking, fishing, surfing (Water defiantly not as warm as the Rhine this summer), and most importantly, some serious pasty consumption! Lovely. Next stop, process improvement course on Sunday #diariesofanmdstrainee
Hmmm.... Can you tell I didn’t watch much Art Attack when I was younger? 😂🎨 I’ve taken a break from my R+R today and have been preparing my poster for next weeks Process Improvement course! My fellow group 41 pals and I will be heading into a company and implementing a LEAN project to try and improve a process for them. This is just one of the many excellent training modules we do over the 2 years on MDS! All finished now, back to holiday mode 🏄‍♂️🍦🥟🏖 #diariesofanmdstrainee
Hello everyone! My name is Joe from group 41 and I will be this months insta trainee! I’ve got a busy month ahead of me and I’ll be sharing all with you. First job, moving home from Basel! Here are my fellow trainees @joey.thorp @phillipswa @suzfranks + @paivipaivi absolutely devastated to see me go! 👋🏻🙈 I spent 6 invaluable months @ Syngenta where I had the opportunity to put myself outside my comfort zone and develop those skills that will help me as a future manager! Expect to here more from my time here this month. Next stop, a holiday back home in Cornwall #diariesofanmdstrainee
I hope you’ve enjoyed a few insights from my time on MDS. That’s all from me in Switzerland 👋🏼... Last picture as I look into the distance and work out what the future has in store for post MDS #diariesofanmdstrainee #switzerland 🇨🇭 #augstmatthorn #interlaken #syngenta
Last month Syngenta held their annual Summer Party. Here, fellow MDS secondee @pas4540 and my secondment manager, Erik, are enjoying the games. Saffy managed to join all the trainees for the party during her secondment visit. Good planning or coincidence? You can decide...😉 #diariesofanmdstrainee #syngenta #joelost #willwon #summerparty #basel #switzerland 🇨🇭
From flying back to the UK last Monday for the MDS Board review to taking a day off work to explore the Swiss mountains today. #changeoflandscape #diariesofanmdstrainee #basel #MDS #augstmatthorn #interlaken
Yesterday Group 40 met up at the MDS offices for their Board Review. It will sadly be the last time we will all see each other as MDS Trainees but definitely not the last time as friends. Now we are all back in our roles for the last few weeks/months of our final secondments. #thelastleg #diariesofanmdstrainee #MDS #Repost @pageleyla with @get_repost ・・・ It's the final countdown now and then we're finished!! Thanks to everyone, it's been amazing 🎊🎉😊 @managementdevelopmentservices #willslegacy #dreamteam #gonnamissyouguys
Having a “mint” time 🌱 . . . I spent my 2nd secondment at Langmead Group. Here I am mowing the herbs to encourage a strong second growth for harvesting later in the year. #diariesofanmdstrainee #mds #langmeadfarms #produce #herbs
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