Manye Larmie

SMILE ☺, RESPECT & TREAT YOUR FELLOW HUMANS AS YOU WOULD WANNA BE TREATED. it costs nothing. ✌✌ #Naturalgirl . Pretty girls DO Cook #jOLLOF ! #wink

My fear isn't about dying but the fake long thesis and fake tears is what I dread most. #Hate me whiles I'm alive cost my ghost won't be able to stand your fake love when I'm 6ft under. #strangehumans 🤓😇
Little is much when God is in it 😇😊 #Blessed
#3ny3 easy oooo😂😅😂
#reflections the eyes are the #windowtothesoul
#strenght is the name of the game. #justbehappy . 😇✌✌❤❤
Kindly follow my business page @frostnspicegh ❤❤😇 @frostnspicegh
Oh yeah we're #prettynude like that 😝😂 @msdzif you're loved onu 😘
OK.... Bye 😜😜😜
#changingfaces 😝😜 #doesicare 😂 it's my face not yours 👅.
This lady right here errr....Hmmmm @ama.rita.75 ,I have no words for you chale. A #heartofgold #selfless #saturdayborn and a fighter.God bless your new age onu,in His own time everything falls in you long
There's Joy in Heaven because on this day a great man was born😇,an angel in human skin. I celebrate your victories yet to be won and your new age,you're a blessing to many God is about to do #greaterworks in and through you my dear brother @niilami . Happy birthday and Choose happiness today❤❤❤😇👼😘
My weekend was awesome, #50thbirthdaycakes & a #70thbirthday thing. Thanks aunt Abi's & @mrsboakyemensah for believing in me I'm grateful.
About 8yrs ago, life brought us together in the most bizarre way. You've been a sister and Friend Naa, I love you and you know why , because I have no reason not to.happy birthday darling 😍,may all the good you wish for yourself come to pass.mhuuahhh!!
Still on the birthday matter 😜😋.So about 2months ago @msdzif surprised me in the @walking_mallgh shop with this gorgeous dress and she went like "this is your birthday gift make sure you don't wear it until your birthday ooo" 😂 . This lady and her a #apuumaka mate (she knows herself) never ceases to amaze me chale, #whenStrangersBecomeFamily mehhnn 😘 thank you miss Ayi ,I love this . May God take out the front teeth of your enemies so you can identify them oya onu 😂😂😂😍😍💓❤💜💚
Still #birthdaymode Make-up : @yahayahasana thanks sis, you rock wae😘
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