Maple and Morty

We’re corgi siblings with BIG personalities! 📬 🥘 Nutritious alternatives at @petco

🔊*emochonal* Morty has a melt down cause Mapol gets all the scritches
🔊I’m not happy so stop singing.
We are so proud to announce that @Petco is setting the new standard for nutrition by eliminating all dog and cat food and treats that contain artificial ingredients by May 1st. Instead, they will be replacing these foods with top quality nutritious alternatives! Go to WWW.PETCO.COM/BETTERNUTRITION to learn more about healthy options for your furry friend! #AD #TurningOurBacks #Petco
🔊Gremlin inserts himself between Maple and corgdad as soon as he saw his sister getting attention 😑
We partnered with @planttherapy to introduce to you their new essential oil line called Pup & Pony, designed specifically for you and your pup! We have tried three of their essential oils including Confident K9, Happy Trails, and Show Ready - each of them having their own health benefits! If you’re interested in a natural, safe, and cost-effective therapy for you and your dog, give @planttherapy ’s Pup & Pony’s essential oils a try. You can use MAPLEANDMORTY for 10%! @pupelite #AD #planttherapy #iloveplanttherapy #pupandpony #pupfluencer
We’re so happy to announce our partnership with @Petco and support their commitment to turning their backs on artificial food coloring, flavors, and preservatives from their shelves. #Ad We always eat the healthiest food possible, although our Hoomans say sticks and mud don’t count. Please join us by turning your backs on artificial fillers in pet food and get your furry family the healthiest, scrumptious food possible! Join us in #TurningOurBacks with your own post of support!
🔊Happy National Siblings Day to our brofurs and sisfurs, @curriethecorgi @ilovecharliethecorgi @katsucorgidon @mochacodycorgis @taco_el_corgi @mayers_modern_life ! We love you, miss you and can’t wait to see you again! 💕 . . Here is a throwback of when Morty met himself X 10 (his actual siblings from the same breeder). He got a taste of his own medicine! #repost
🔊 Morty gets very upset when mahm and dad walk in on him practicing that self-love #selfaffirmation
🔊Morty got very upset when dad ungratefully denied his precious kisses #howdareyou #howcouldyou
🔊What happens when mahm is running five minutes behind Maple’s feeding schedule PART 2
🔊What happens when Mahm is running five minutes behind Mapol’s feeding schedule #Part1
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