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Ever get so busy at work that photos fall by the wayside? Here’s a buttery blonde that was too good to miss 🤤
My very first design! Fully aware it’s got nothin’ on the art some other stylists do, but after 19 years in the industry it would be easy to say “nah, I don’t do that”. But I have amazing clients and coworkers that tell me otherwise. ❤️💪🏼 @chayapapaya1
Last nights project. Don’t you tell me a good cut and color doesn’t matter...
Different angle of a previous post because when it’s this good, you double down ✌🏼
Yesterday was Ashley’s last day in the Marines and to celebrate never having to wear her hair in a bun ever again, we made this big chop and brightened it up. Thank you for your service and enjoy your new hair! (And life!) 🇺🇸
Ever get the before photo in the nick of time?!? 😬 A pink, do it at home job, to this copper deliciousness is worthy of a moment of silence 🤐 Hairllellujah!!!
Great meeting Kristin yesterday and helping her start her journey to her dream hair 💫 I needed to brighten up the bottom and tone down the top to get her to that blended balayage of her dreams 🌓 swipe for before!
Would you believe I did no lightening on this gorgeous head of hair?? Ashley came in with already bright blonde hair but it was the wrong tone and had no dimension. I decided on some creative toning since her hair was a little compromised and we didn’t need any more lightness anyway! We were both super happy with the results! 💃🏼💃🏼
This gorgeous soon to be wife decided she wanted her hair to be her “something blue” and who am I to deny an unconventional bride?!? 💙Swipe to see the process! Side note, will someone teach me how to make my foils not look like a dumpster 🔥? Side note ✌🏼, this project made me nervous because I don’t do a ton of this work and my coworkers are only kinda sorta beasts at this. I don’t want to look stupid, do you? But they elevate me and encourage me and will even jump in to shampoo when I’m jammed up. They are the best. I’m grateful for them 🙏🏼styled by @hairkwondo
Blonde so bright you need 😎 styling by @hairkwondo
So much texture and dimension you almost forget that she’s perfect and doesn’t actually need my help at all. But 🤫, don’t tell....
Can’t think of a better way to celebrate a month at my new gig then a human pyramid at a fancy educational event with my coworkers. I can feel myself already growing and becoming a better stylist just by being surrounded by these talented and inspiring people. We laugh a lot ✅ do a ton of hair ✅ and get to go to cool things like this ✅ Thank you @isaac4mayor for inviting me and I hope I didn’t embarrass you too bad. 💅🏼
Even a single process with #schwarzkopf looks super dimensional. And have I mentioned I’M OBSESSED WITH THEIR REDS?!?!
Low maintenance is kinda my jam. This cutie wanted a lived in look and I totally delivered 😉
Ann wants to grow out her natural grey hair, but in order to do that we had to highlight and blend to save our lives. I even accidentally turned her hair purple at one point but with the quick thinking of my coworkers we ended up with this smoky delight. Moral of the story is that hair is hard and I’m only human 🤷🏼‍♀️ Swipe to see her before!
From basic to bangin’. Check out this little makeover I did last night. But let’s be honest, she’s gorgeous either way. Some girls are just lucky 🤤
Darah came in with a black hole she wanted rosy, and now she looks like a scoop of sherbet. 🍦🍭
Loving the reds from #schwarzkopf , and you know how I feel about a redhead 😍😍
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