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I’m off to Mexico City and Oaxaca to eat my weight in tacos and maybe, just maybe, have a sip or two of mezcal 🤷🏼‍♀️ I adore Mexico and am honored to have such easy access. Happy thanksgiving! Check out this quick makeover I did on this new bride 👰🏼
Northern California will always be home to me and it’s gut wrenching seeing it up in flames. Friends of friends are missing and dozens are unaccounted for. My family is out of harms way but are still affected by the terrible air quality. I ❤️ U California, get better soon.
Last nights makeover on new mom Jaimee. My girl’s hair was nearing cult member length and it hadn’t been colored in a hot minute, either. Thanks NEWBORNS!!! It was fun finally getting my filthy mits on this lovely gal. 🎀 Swipe to 👀
I’m constantly on a journey of improving myself and the better I become at color, the less maintenance it becomes for my clients. Yesterday when Tasha walked in I was like “daaaamn, your color is still 👌🏼!!”. It didn’t need all the work we’d booked for so I just popped in a little 💵 piece and I got home at a reasonable hour! 💥
Kewl new dew for Nicole inspired by one of @brianhickman1 dope haircuts. Wanna know my favorite thing about using Instagram for my business? Copying other stylists work! Jkjk but having a platform that connects us and let’s us share tips and tricks and makes us all better at our craft is pretty cool. I’ve actually learned a lot from stylists who are willing to post videos of their process so THANK YOU! How’d I do, Brian? (If he responds, I may fan girl a bit and no one needs to see that)
🇺🇸In honor of Election Day, here are some blue waves 🌊from awhile back. I’m up early to vote and do my part to help this country that seems so deeply lost to me 🇺🇸#grabembythepussy
Since I fall for made up holidays really easily, happy #loveyourredhairday I haven’t always loved mine (or these sponge roller curls my grandma insisted on, always 🙄) but I’ve learned that being a redhead is what sets me apart from all the other girls that fall for made up holidays really easily, too. Now where’s the redhead emoji?? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Yeah, her blonde blend is pretty bangin’, but where can I get that shirt? ✌🏼💚😎
This beauty was pinker in person but it’s still worth a look. I love the idea of highlights with an overlay of fashion color instead of a full bleach up. Easier on the hair, wallet and looks good grown out! All wins for a lazy, cheap chick like me!
Happy Halloween from the hair homies at Radar 🤘🏼
Spent most of yesterday turning my cutie cousin into a bigger babe than she already is. Holy hair, that took a few minutes!! 🙀👏🏼😴
Still using my @901academy tricks to get these females light, bright and just right 👌🏼 Nikki’s hair is the prettiest but had zero dimension. She likes low maintenance like me so this look is going to keep her feeling fresh for months to come.
While I recharge in NYC, please feast your eyes on this magical unicorn woman I had the pleasure of styling for her wedding. She’s since ditched me for the east coast, but my love for her and her style and spirit remain 💜@xemocornx
My client has been platinum for a couple years, sometimes using that sweet lightness for other colors, sometimes rocking the whole ice princess thing. While it’s been fun, she was over the stress on her hair and the every 6 weeks maintenance. Not willing to go totally back to natural, she wanted to incorporate some denim blue into her natural color. This project made me think 🤔 real hard. My brain hurt but we did it! Swipe to see where we started!
I ❤️ keeping brunettes brunette but adding dimension. In this world of complicated hairdressing it’s nice to keep it simple sometimes 🐻
This makeover took 6 hours, 4 hands (thanks @amburgerofhair ) and countless foils. She looks like a San Diego sunset so I think it was worth it. Swipe to see her before 🌅
Pumpkin spice, red wine, and the new black backdrop. These are some of my fall essentials 🤓🍁Turned my previously “blue” bride into a pretty purple melt. Feeling particularly grateful for my clients who let me play and are patient with me while I figure out how to use my camera 🤦🏼‍♀️my boss who has everything I need and more to create beautiful hair and my coworkers who’s amazing work and excitement for it makes the long days that much better.
Sometimes we lighten, sometimes we deposit only. Keeps her hair healthy ✅and costs down ✅ Last night was deposit only with Schwartkopf Pearlesence P6-89 and P9-89. Pretty dope if you ask me 🤷🏼‍♀️
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