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The stitches are out of my lip with barely a scar, it’s finally warming up to acceptable Southern California temperatures and my hair is thisclose to its full lioness 🦁 potential and I have no desire to chop it off! Is it a random Friday or my birthday?!? Celebrating with a side serving of FACE. Hope everyone gets into something good this weekend. I’m excited for “girls” night with @swissmrs6 @kellypodesto & @sdscotty 👩🏼‍🦰👩🏼‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰👩🏼
Doesn’t she just LOOK nice? 😇 After two years of ignoring her hair it was my absolute pleasure to give this full time working mom of 3 a little TLC. Same beautiful smile, no beat face for the after pic, just the pure magic of what a cut and color can do. Always an honor and privilege to meet people like Rebekah 🥰
Sandy blonde hair, tan skin....when’s vacation?!? 🏝 Mine is in Cabo at the end of April but I’ll be pretending this is me till then. Meanwhile let’s pile on the bronzer and 🙏🏼 for the best.
Had to take this dark denim dreamboat outside to really see what was up! I’ve been slacking on pictures lately and honestly, I don’t really care. My near death experience at the hands of a 20lb terrier really put things into perspective 😉 But seriously, I love doing vivids but the pastels stress me out, especially on dark hair. What a relief when those level 2 beauties actually WANT to be dark 🙏🏼
Here’s round two of my client from a few posts back! We took her from black to red and I wanted to see her in a few weeks to begin adding dimension! While it was totally passable, I’m a psycho perfectionist and passable just won’t do! Y’all are my walking billboard and I need shit 💯
Full disclosure, this is not the color we were after. Yes it’s pretty, but we were shooting for a much softer, peachy pastel. The first color didn’t have enough pop and this was my second attempt 🤦🏼‍♀️ Too. Much. Pop. MARCI!! I know this happens to everyone but I’m so hard on myself. And yes, this will fade to something more in line to what she wants but I like to deliver out the gate! Hair is hard and expectations are higher than ever. Clients are asking for colors that don’t come in tubes and sometimes I miss the mark. Luckily she’s open to the journey and I’ll just be counting my lucky stars ✨ I have the best clients in the world 🌍 swipe for the before!
This is totally how I’d cut my hair if I were cool enough. Unfortunately I’m a 🤓 but I do love living out my cool girl fantasies on my clients. One of my favorite shapes on one of my favorite gals 💕
Torrey has the most beautiful natural golden/strawberry blonde, but like so many of us was bored and ready to mix it up. She’s ready for that icy blonde life and I’m here to deliver! We didn’t finish until 10:30 so unfortunately lighting wasn’t on our side, but damn! We were both stoked with the results and now I’m trying to figure out why I’m so boring and never change things up 🤔 swipe for the before and thanks @noraconstrictor 🐍 for the assist!
I don’t meet a lot of hair color virgins these days, so when I do, I thoroughly enjoy deflowering them 😈 Katie has the prettiest color that used to get naturally highlighted in the sun, but since adulting is squashing her dreams of swimming and going to the beach everyday, it’s not happening anymore. We just wanted that sun kissed pop back! This time was just the tip but I predict she’ll be back for full penetration very soon 😉
Cutie cousin and her crazy long locks are back and lighter than ever! Spent half of my day foiling (with the help of @noraconstrictor ) and color melting her to this dreamy blonde. Even though her hairs are real dark and she wants them real light, it’ll grow out seamlessly because of the melting step! I don’t care how good you foil, color melting is key 🔑
Happy birthday to my incredible mama! There’s no better gift to give your creative, independent and rebellious daughter than the constant love and support she has always shown. Without it, I would have never had the courage or confidence to take risks and spread my wings because I know that even if I fall, it’ll never be too hard. She’s my first muse, biggest cheerleader and best friend. Happy Valentines Day to the rest of us! 💕 half priced candy tomorrow is the real MVP 🥇
If these pictures of this gorgeous hair on this even more gorgeous woman don’t snap you out of your Monday funk, I’m super sorry and I’ll try harder next time. But don’t blame me for your piss poor mood! I’ll be drooling 🤤 over this for the rest of the day. If you see me do me a solid and wipe my chin.
Am I @nlyonne in Russian Dolls yet?!? She’s always been hair inspo for me because we have the same big ass mop! I love when clients are realistic about their own inspirations. Do they have the same texture as you? Life will get a lot easier as soon as you embrace what’s uniquely yours!
This talented lady painted my damn portrait (see stories if you missed it!) so I needed to bring my A game! Sabrina wanted to play with vivids but still wanted to feel closer to a brunette than a blonde. I sliced weaved her whole head (well, what I could cuz the back is pretty short) and did an overlay using three custom #pulpriot colors. We went with a San Diego sunset theme and I’m diggin’ the results 🌅 swipe to see the other side
Danielle is newly single and mama is ready to MINGLE!! We’ve been playing with dimension for a while now but last night we went allll the way! I was able to get her this blonde in one shot (swipe to see before) going low and slow. Her hair is delicate so I didn’t use anything over 15 volume. Then we wait. Kinda like waiting for f*ck boys to call back, right girl?!? Have fun, it’s a jungle out there👱🏻‍♂️👱🏼‍♂️👱🏽‍♂️👱🏾‍♂️👱🏿‍♂️
When one of my favorite girls wants to go red, I go in on a day off and make that dream come true! I’ve been coloring Bridget’s hair her natural level 3 to cover grey for a couple years. Because of her job she can’t have the blue/purple/silver of her dreams but was bored and ready for SOMETHING! Last nights goal was to get an even canvas and I’ll see her in a couple weeks to start adding dimension. Swipe to 👀 the during and before. * please note the 🦄 piñata behind me in pic 2 because @radarsalon is a weird and wonderful place
Unfortunately neither the before or after really does this transformation justice but thought I’d share anyway! Lyssa’s hair had a LOT going on. Warm bands, random dark ends, you name it! I decided to tone the entire thing before I even highlighted to help me out a bit. As @theshearbarber said “work smarter, not harder.” I still worked hard though cuz that’s just how I do 💪🏼 Happy Sportsball Day! Hope your team makes a goal! 🏈
Happy birthday to this legend. I hope that when I turn 47 at the end of the year I look half as good as you. Thanks for bringing the sweet dance moves and bus stop hair errday.
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