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Staring at this image reminds me of when I was a kid and my grandpa used to tell me tales about giants living in a fantasy world. #WHPnaturallight
Roaming the world in search of the perfect moment. It always lasts just a few minutes, sometimes seconds, but experiencing something like this it makes all the pain and effort worth it⁣ ⁣ Last 3 images are part of a new body of work from Utah (All aerials). Let me know what you think about it and also if you want to see more! #WHPnaturallight
A spectacular view of Mt. Fitz Roy just outside our basecamp⁣ ⁣ This shot was taken during the yearly Patagonia photo tours by talented @phototerrier and edited by me, hope you like it! #whpnaturallight
Who is missing Autumn already?! 🙋🏻‍♂️
Argentina or Chile? Impossible to choose for me. This collection was entirely taken during the pasts autumn tours in Patagonia. Can't wait to be back again next April :)
Autumn 🍂 days in Patagonia This year has been like never before for me and I've been following Autumn in so many different parts of the world. To name a few Patagonia, Greenland, Norway, Iceland, Dolomites and Utah. What's your favorite season? Can you guess my one? 😄
Standing on top of the world during the camping tour in the island of Senja, Norway 🇳🇴
First light in the Scottish Highlands 🌤
Last rays of sun softly hitting Monument Valley, as @shotsfromabove and I were flying over this unbelievable place. I'm currently traveling around the South West, 4th week on the road starts tomorrow 🤙🏻
A yellow carpet and some spiky peaks in the background. This is as close as it gets to perfection for me! 👌🏻
When you're in Iceland for less than 24h with no other plans than getting a good night sleep before your next flight to Greenland, but you wake up at 6am, look out of the window and decide to jump on a Cessna to take some aerial. Thanks @volcanopilot for letting me on board with such a short notice you are the man! 🙌🏻
The most beautiful things are the ones we never get bored of seeing. Another amazing autumn day in Val di Funes. #WHPseasonal
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