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Hey everybody, today we’re gonna play our last football match of the season!! Wish us luck🙌🏼🙌🏼
Late night math, and some really good late night snack😍😍
Guys! It’s only 10 days until the two last concerts on the Moments Tour!! Madrid the 27th of September, and Barcelona the 28th✌🏼Who’s coming? Link to tickets in bio😌
Sunday funday!! What’s your mood at the moment?? Our mood atm is🤪
What’s Saturday in your language?? Comment below!
Happy MMers Friday!! Did you watch our livestream today? Comment if you think we should be live more often😛
#mmfancam ❤️❤️❤️ (🎥 @alextphoto )
Two boys, playing football in the rain☔️☔️ How’s your day so far?
Have you seen all our MMers-gifs you can use on instagram story and on Snapchat?? Go check them out, search “marcusandmartinus” or “MMers” and you’ll find some cool stuff😉💥
Doing some math right now, not our favorite subject 🙈 What’s your favorite subject in school?
Double tap If u want the weekend to start over again ❤️
New YouTube video out now! From the crazy crowd in Trondheim, go check it out!! And remember to subscribe to our channel🥇 (🎥 @agrisoltan )
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