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Happiness isn't something that finds you. The choice is yours daily. It all goes back to this: you can not control your feelings, but you most definitely can dictate what your actions, reactions and choices are around those feelings. The waves will come. The choices are yours. . . . . . . . . . . .#chosehappiness #edmontonhair #edmontonfitness
Allow yourself to step outside of your life for a moment and have a look at it from the outside in as if you were looking at a business. As if you were an architect designing the most exquisite building that you've ever dreamed of. Ask yourself am I just going through the motions or am living through every moment, situation , with intent. Have you made time to schedule the things that fuel you, those things that add to the big picture. When you are able to answer yes at any point in time it's at that point you begin to build habits around that intent. Before you know it you have become the architect of your own life. Every single one of us has this opportunity. We are worth this kind of effort . In the week ahead ask yourself: how am I living? There are specific and deliberate ways to live intentinally feel free to DM me if you're stuck. #livewithpassion #unstuck
It's almost midnight and my heart is exploding .... 9 years ago July 13th at 12:57am this little beautiful soul chose me as his mama. He challenges me every day. From the size of his heart to his questions about World War II. Having him by my side not only makes me dig deeper into mindset and all of the things that may or may not keep us all stuck, but has me always researching new ways to execute the "how" --- bringing new "light bulb" moments not only to this little up and coming sunshine but to my clients ... there is not a day that goes by that I ever want him to ever feel anything but limitless. I promise you all the number 13 has never been luckier.
Bold. Simple. Not easy. But, that is when it counts the most. In the darkest of moments when no one can see you and the only gratification lays within your heart. The kind of gratification that is not instant. There is a certain form of freedom and confidence that comes in those moments. There's a certain form of certainty and it is in those few seconds where you make that decision to do the absolute right thing, to take the absolute highest road where your purpose is not only solidified but perhaps revealed. #walkyourtalk #mariadaskalakis
A break from your regularily scheduled program to remind you all to enjoy ! The summer will pass, if you have children they won't be this age ever again, don't let it pass you by. You love somebody, they are special to you ? Well..damn - tell them, you miss somebody- let them know, you're grateful for a friend- reach out and thank them for their friendship. We won't ever get this time back. #turningpoint #staygracious
It's Friday .Reflect. And then , go get it and enjoy ! #mywishforyouall
In the end , just try, do your best, and leave the rest back where it belongs . 🖤 . . . . . . . . . . #edmontonfitness
Building on a conversation with you all from yesterday. Getting out of your feelings about doing something that you want to do that will help you accomplish that goal or design the life you've been dreaming of versus taking action in those few seconds where self-doubt creeps in is imperative to self mastery. Becoming a master of habit change requires you to act immediately even though you could "do it later " , "I'm not really ready- next week " , " I don't have enough time " ( aka the "perfect time frame") , or whatever else you may tell yourself ...literally, in seconds of thinking about doing it. There is a reason why we create the habits we do, unlocking your personal pattern of why you do what you do is imperative to your success ❣️. DM me with any questions on this - I know it's been a hot topic lately with my clients . 💟 #masterofhabitchange
We've all bought into the idea that we are one day going to wake up FEEL motivated to accomplish all that we've ever wanted to accomplish in our day-to-day and therefore in our lives.. That is load of b*******. One will never just magically wake up and FEEL these incredible waves of motivation - if you can learn to separate the FEELINGS about it from the action - you will win daily without question. If anyone out there is struggling with being "stuck" in any sort of unhealthy "loop" reach out there are things you can do day to day to "mess with" the prefrontal cortex of your brain and push you forward depending on what's happening, helping you accomplish more than you've ever thought you could! ❣️
Extremely important. The most difficult step especially in the middle of a situation that feels chaotic. Step 1. Practice the pause. Rather than a knee jerk reaction discipline yourself to pause. Step 2. Quiet the mind. Really work to find the time to become still. The solution will come . Step 3 and probably the most important TRUST YOURSELF and what you are feeling in that moment but understand that you may not be able to control WHAT your are feeling but you can always always control WHAT YOUR ACTIONS ARE. If any of my people out there are struggling please feel free to DM me with some quick tips that may help to reset you! Happy weekend friends ! 💋
Learn to walk away - GRACEFULLY- AND WITH KINDNESS BUT remove anything that does not serve your higher purpose .
It's the tiniest of voices where your purpose, next step or perhaps something that is telling you "this doesn't feel right" or that voice that is encouraging you to have that difficult conversation is, really tune in to it and listen. The guidance is available to you. Practice it. Sharpen it. Listen to it. If anyone out there is struggling with how to tune into their #sixthsense DM me for some quick tips. (It's actually something you can put into practice daily!) All my love friends! #happyfridayeveryone ✨🖤✨
Speak from your heart "even if your voice shakes" , even if it comes out the wrong way or you feel out of place. The rest will fall into place, I guarantee it. There is power in just standing in your truth. The next step is to put people around you that are willing to see, believe and be right next to you even when the rest of the world has disappeared, the chips are down or maybe just maybe you've lost your footing. You deserve it. I promise. You are worth it. I guarantee it. #bestlifeproject
This Monday decide and ask yourself - what is your number one project of the day? What one thing will move you closer to what you've been working on? From there - schedule it in ---> anything new that comes in - exercise the ability to say NO to it and only double down to what serves where you are headed. This includes any and all distractions - ultimately saying no is saying yes to accomplishing and living a life only you have designed!
Be fierce. Be adamant. Be proud. About all of it. Remember though, it's never what they see it's always about what you think, ' do and how you move towards your goals when no one is looking. Intelligence and confidence will always be the sexiest part of any human. #brainsaresexy
Here is what I know for sure - that if you move through life with pure intentions and the best intentions then the rest needs to be ignored. Time is limited . Life is too damn short. Migrate to only where you are able to thrive, grow, and learn. Period. Own what's yours. Shed the rest . Trust me you won't know how much it is all weighing you down until you let go of what wasn't for you. Finally, no matter what come with the perspective that we are all in this together. Be mindful, be accepting, and remember- how you respond to anything that in itself is a REAL SUPER POWER! . #riseandthrive #livelove @mom_on_the_move - thank you for the post.
Remember your why. Leave the rest where it belongs. If you are blessed to see another day press forward no matter what. (Read that again because we take it for granted - without health we have nothing ) Forgive what you need to - including yourself . Inevitably, looking back will set you back. #purposedriven
No matter what happend to you or how you feel in any moment if you can shift your focus you will move through it at the highest level possible. If you are unable in that moment then at the very least understand that no matter what happens TO you may not be your fault but it is still your responsibility to deal with it. Further, you can not always control your feelings about anythimg, but you most certainly are able to dictate what you do and how you think about it ( where you focus) even in the darkest of situations. #focusonthenow
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