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Scratch and Win. Not a winner we throw it out. It seems it can't be helped. This is a time where everything is right at our finger tips. We want what we want, when we want it, how we want, but forget that anything worth working for will come in time - tenacity, time , and perhaps timing.. . . . Think of it this way for a minute: if you pick fruit that hasn't been given the time/opportunity to ripen, well then it won't be ready to eat and the experience has been dampened. Perhaps ruined. Only to be disposed of and wasted . Scratch and win. Pick the next one. On to the next.. . . . In a world where swiping left or right seems to be a thing, where we are counting likes rather than meaningful interactions, a telephone conversation is no longer the norm (or annoying) , where lovers become options because we've blurred boundaries and traded that in for what feels good temporarily or we allow the "DM" because we love the attention - it feels good there (however temporary) , where it's easier to move on rather then have those difficult conversations, where projects of purpose are abandoned and goals are undervalued because it needs to happen "now" , I'm sorry (not sorry) is buried in pride - I urge us all to step out of the pressure cooker (especially in the last month of the year ) and "play chess not checkers" .. . . . Throw out your scratch and win ticket , trade that in for a little of that "old school" love, a tenacity that doesn't quit, a handshake that means everything, and vibe that knows without a doubt what you're after and the work it takes to get there. Love who you love, let them know, give it all a chance , give back when you can, say thank you ...and in the end let your faith take care of the rest. @mindsculptacademy 🖤.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #mariadaskalakis #staythecourse #stayingsexyismandatory #stayawhile #thatlove #lifecoachingtip #lifecoachyvr #lifecoachingworks #lifecoachyeg #yegcoaching #yegfitness #yegbiz #chosehappiness #coachmariad #mindsculptor #minsculptacademy #attitudeofgratitude #live #love #befree #betterforit #oldschoollove #imreadyimready #beautyandbrains #yegbiz #relationshipcoach #reflectionofgod #qotd
Often we celebrate the accomplishments of people we don't know that are in the media ....what they say or do. When we've got some kick ass and I mean kick ass #ageless beauties right in front of us. @carmelazutz showing us how it's done.
Keep pressing! #trainyourbrain
🌪️💛 . Every damn day ...💛 . . . #whistlewhileyouhustle #lifehappensonce
When you seek to understand you will be understood . Not rocket science right ? However it's easier said than done . Why ? Because it is easy to say this until you are "in it" when pain of a situation that seems unthinkable hits you. You can not bare the pain so you reach for food, your credit card, liquor whatever it is that you use to numb it all washing away the very feeling you are to actually feel in the situation. Trapping you. Locking you in. Keeping you hostage. . . . Transformation will happen at the exact intersection we dive into the pain and ask the difficult questions, seek the unthinkable solution or even understand that no matter how dark, the lesson can be taken, growth will happen your light will shine and eventually used to help others when you're ready. Such a beautiful place. We will recognize you not by what you're wearing but simply by the brightness of your eyes... something will just be different. Peaceful. . . . When in the middle of her own darkness a client couldn't understand why nothing she did "worked " as far losing the 15 pounds she wanted to get rid of. After our initial consultation it was evident that she had created the habit of binge eating. It was at a particular time of day almost everyday. She was sick and tired of it. She was carrying pain that was much too heavy . Never mind the guilt and shame around it . . . . . Six sessions. It began to lift. The cloud. Not only could she order take out for her family and not give it a second thought. She wasn't consumed by thoughts of food like she was. Zero tracking. Definitely not weighing herself at all never mind daily and further she began to deal with what was actually happening which in turn changed the quality of her life. It can be done. Real transformation is there for the taking. You must be willing to be a willing participant in your healing and ultimately the transformation of a lifetime for life. @mindsculptacademy. 🖤.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #mariadaskalakis #bingeeating #bestlifeproject #beatbingeeating #lifehappensonce #lifecoach #yegfitness #yegcoach #yegbiz #selflovewarrior #yegcoaching #lifeisone #coachmariad #foodfreedom #mindsculptacademy
It's been years in the making. I mean I use to sit on my phone at a very young age walking my friends through their 'stuff' they would always ask how I had the patience to listen to them over and over again. Truth was I never ever grew weary...they asked me not to judge them ...I could never ...I just wanted them well... I'd stay up listening to them and get up first thing and be there again.. . . . I am utterly and completely passionate about seeing people I love, respect, care about do extremely well. Today, I stand inside this amazing building @thebuildingca against this really cool wall (barely any make up , hair all over the place, self taken shot - which I'm not great at 🙃) just down the hall is where I hung my humble little sign @mindsculptacademy . This is now years and years later where I am honored to hold space and listen to new friends help them gain perspective..."control their noise" unstick the sticky parts in their life , and go on and do whatever their heart desires. I hope you feel comfortable enough to come visit . Coffee will always be on. December can be a troubling month. I'll be in office Thursday 5-8pm and Saturday Noon -2 . (Of course book through appointments always). May the final month of the year be filled with love, reflections, hope and the courage to finish 2018 drenched in complete authenticity. Authenticity is always where our power lays. The ability to "speak your truth even if your voice shakes " . It will set you free. Ask for what you need. Move in peace . Be unshakeable . Smile more. Understand even when you don't think you could. Stay open. Here is where we win. Together 🖤.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #yegcoaching #yegcoach #mariadaskalakis #stayhappy #loveyourself #lovewinsalways #smiles #stayingsexyismandatory #yegbiz #enterpreneurs #lifecoach2women #relationshipcoach #lifecoach #beatbingeeating #foodislife #unstuck #2XLOM #yegmindsetcoach #mindsetandmuscle #mindfreak #emmydeveaux #fivewayjacket
🖤 #internationalmensday2018 🖤.. ❣️ sending an enormous amount of love and shout outs to the kings out there! (And to all that we are raising! ) We see you ❣️
We are all on here (social media ) together and it's Thursday. This is my throw back. My day 1. Every day. Much love friends. Take time to enjoy the people you love. Tell them so. Always. 🖤. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #issathrowback #lovejunkie
To yourself. #inspoquotes 🖤.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #yegcoach #mentor #mindsetfreak #coachmariad #mariadaskalakis #stayingsexyismandatory
Just do it. For real.. Create peace with your past so that you are able to enjoy your present.. Create peace with your past so that you may create a future you love.. To create a future you love, you must enjoy the present . To enjoy the present you must make peace with your past.. We get the picture right?.. Make peace. Become relentless.. . . . To know me is to know that from a very young age I believed that everything had a solution. I was taught to believe that if I had the physical ability I could solve anything.. . . . Today I do my absolute best to do 3 things.. 1. Keep my word. 2. Create and provide solutions 3. Be present. (I mean if I need to solve something I will come to the table). Physically sit down and bring forth my thoughts on whatever the matter is on the table.. Why? Because I've done my best to create peace with what's behind me and now I make sure to always get into the habit when a situation arises to ask myself how would I want this to look in the future. Have I done my best? What do I need to do?. . . . When I'm in a situation that I feel needs to be addressed you will know it. I will reach out (and not just a text message) and do my best to bring peace. Even if the situation can not be fixed (because this unfortunately does happen) I do my best (if I can) to bring forth the truth that I know and leave things in the highest place for all parties.. . . . My Dad died. Suddenly. We had had an argument. He lived in Greece. The only way my broken heart knew to create peace as I was looking down at him in his casket was by placing a poem I wrote in his jacket pocket. Hugging him. Asking for forgiveness. No matter how right I thought I was at the time we argued . Shit didn't matter when the time came. I don't care who it is.Do your best for the highest good of all. Make peace. Your soul. Your heart. All of it will thank you . Watch your life take the exact road you design when you make a habit of making peace. TRUST . ❣️.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #yegcoaching #mariadaskalakis #yegcoach #mindsetcoaching #mindsetfreak #lifehappensonce #lifecoachyeg #stayingsexyismandatory #betterforit #trainyourbrain #notaboutadiet #goodvibes
BREATHE. BE STILL. Ego --->fears. Heart --->will guide as passion will expand possibilities BUT you must be still to hear it..@mindsculptacademy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #killtheego #knowit #mariadaskalakis #yegbiz #yegcoach #yegcoaching #truthbomb #humblebeast #coachmariad #qotd #bestillandknow #meditatedonthate #successlife #lifecoachingtip
Keeping your eye on the target means without fail you understand under any circumstances you will push forward.. . . . The tenacity it takes to have a real understanding that adversity will happen in your daily life (and of course in life in general ) is one most aren't prepared for. What happens next is the derailment of dreams / goals which inadvertently leads to the pain of feeling like you aren't enough or worse that you never were.. . . . Once you grasp the fact that no matter what you don't have a plan B - this is it. Some serious things will come your way. They will test your faith to the absolute core. It is then that you are being asked , being tested to answer whether or not YOU believe in who you are and where you are going. YOU TO YOU. Those and that that were meant to walk with you will be there I guarantee it.. . . . Keep your eye on that target, stay humble, stay relentlessly grateful for each and every experience good or bad, learn and press forward. One grateful moment at a time..🖤..@mindsculptacademy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #mariadaskalakis #stayhungry #yegfitness #yegbiz #yegcoach #yegcoaching #stayingsexyismandatory #edmontonfitness #lifecoachingtip #lifecoachesofinstagram #mindsetofgreatness #yeglife #mindsetandmuscle #mindfreak
I'm asked all the time what is the one thing that I believe that can propel people forward in the shortest amount of time. The answer is in how they navigate through their past. The one thing that I feel is killing the spirit of some pretty amazing people today is their story - rather than using it as a source of power I find it weighs them down. Weighs them down and acts as an anchor that straps them to an outdated paradigm of what's happened thus, paralying them from the next level.. . . . To say that you are not defined by your past is an understatement. You are not even defined by the events of this last hour never mind what happened a year ago. Forget yesterday, damn it , it's over. Dive into today and all of it's hope and opportunity. Start looking at it all from a detached perspective - as if you're looking at yourself for the first time. Hold on to that vision. From there you will have zero choice but to step into exactly what you have envisioned for yourself . Reach out to us! A simple conversation and we can come up with a strategy to let go and level up! 🖤..@mindsculptacademy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #lifecoachforlife #lifecoachingworks #lifecoach4women #lifecoachyeg #mariadaskalakis #lifecoachforfemaleentrepreneurs #lifecoachtomoms #lifecoachinmotion #lifecoachyvr #lifecoachuniversity #lifecoachalberta #forward #lifecoachintraining #lifecoachesofinstagram #lifecoachadvice #yegcoach #coachmariad #lifecoachingtip #lifecoachingformen #stayingsexyismandatory #lifecoachstalbert #lifecoachesrock
This weekend ---> Ladies and gentlemen I encourage you all get out of your comfort zone and live in the moment! (Here, @mini_ninja_beast and I are shown definetly living in the moment ((and outside of our comfort zone ) learning to twerk!)) Living your best life can happen right in the moment, right where you are. How? A few simple ways : walk into a new gym, take a random class that sounds fun, simply - even try just going for coffee in a different part of may just may make a connection or have a conversation that will inspire you for days to come! . . . One of the little fun ways I ask my clients to spice it up a little is to take a cold shower. Yes you read correctly ! Cold shower! Take one and then record how you feel after! I challenge you NOT to feel invigorated all the while laughing with yourself (at the same time having felt uncomfortable - hahaha ) ! What follows ? Your mind set has just received a jolt! This jolt catapults you into a space within yourself that is playful! Ready for whatever is next! Create moments everyday that leave you wanting to live your best life! This doesnt mean it has to be really big moments - little habits everyday turn into moments that take your breath away! @mindsculptacademy #weekendvibes .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #mariadaskalakis #yegfitness #yegbiz #yegcoach #yaaaassss #yegcoaching #livewell #lifehappensonce #lifehacks #lifecoach2women #stayhappy #stayingsexyismandatory
That's it for today .🖤. Keep it that simple ladies and gentlemen. #lovejunkie
I've always led my life being comfortable with being "uncomfortable" . One of the habits (yes habit ) that has always served me is the LACK of fear when trying new things. Has it always worked out? HECK NO! Why then put myself in those situations ? Because I've come to realize that it is in the moments where a person stretches themselves in whatever capacity they choose (for me it started young -- joining the basketball team when I had no idea how to play, had never dribbled a ball -- I had barely watched a game!) where growth happens. As a matter of fact trying new things for me became synonymous with growing my confidence. I encourage you all to try just one thing that makes you just a little uncomfortable. I promise you it is worth it. #ageless .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #yegcoaching #yegbiz #yegcoach #yegliving #stayhappy #startontheinside #stayinyourlane #lifecoach2women #yegfitness #lifecoachtowomen #lifehappensrightnow #comfortzone #comfortzonewillkillyou #mariadaskalakis #coachmariad
It's definitely okay not to be okay . Please show kindness even in the most difficult of situations if you can help it just don't know what the person standing next to you is really going through. #mentalhealthday #mentalhealthawarenessday ❤️ .
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