Mariah Bates

Jesus follower🙏🏽 #real 👊🏽 FSH design student #blogger 💁🏽‍♀️ #newyoutuber 🤳🏽 chasing my dreams daily✨ trying to be better 👇🏽CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL

My name is Mariah.
I’m saying “peace out” to last semester and all of its stress.😌✌🏽
It’s officially my birth month! I’m thinking about doing a fundraiser for my bd instead of asking for gifts. Which charities would y’all support??
Couldn’t be any cozier.☺️
My lights help me feel Christmas-y!☺️
This is me wearing a sweater, pretending it’s winter.😊❄️ . . . . . #sweaterweather
For whatever reason, I hated this picture when I first took these but I like it now, so here ya go.🤷🏽‍♀️
J’étais censé t’aimer mais j’ai vu l’averse...
Spooky 👻
I’m just another kinda girl...
Sporting a skirt that I made from old fabric scraps.
What was I in the middle of saying??
I love how living in such a hot climate means 70° is sweater weather. What do y’all consider cold??🤔
Just took some really casual photos for the gram.👌🏽
Up close and personal.📸
Fancy pants.👖
If I look a little tired, it’s only because I actually am.
When I’m dressed in all black, I mean business. What colors do y’all like to wear??
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