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Speaking your truth takes courage. Being thrust into the limelight is never easy, but I admire how these #ArchitectsOfChange are taking this moment to moves us all forward. May we let them know that we support them in any way we can. We are with you. We have your back. You’ve got this. Incredible words from Marjory Stoneman Douglas School student Alfonso Calderon, 16.
I bow down to you. I’m so sorry for your loss and I admire your conviction. You are right, Andrew Pollack. We cannot forget about it. I get that you are pissed. You have every right. You have support. We’ve got your back. 🎥@cnnpolitics
This is what I wrote about on Sunday. I am impressed by these responsible gun owners handing in their AR-15, assault-style rifles. #OneLessGun . It’s happening. 🎥 @nbcnightlynews
This message of resilience is something #IveBeenThinking about the last few days. We’re strong. We get back up. We fight for the things we stand for. #MondayMeditation
I’m so proud of these young people. I’m going to join their efforts. I love their fire, their passion, their anger, their purpose. Lives are on the line. 🎥 @25park
On the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, my pastor asked all of us at church to start thinking about Lent. What might we do this Lenten season, and what might we give up, he asked? As I thought about this, I wondered: what vice do I have right now that has too much of a hold on me? Then, out of the blue, it came to me. The answer is self-doubt. Yes, I have self-doubt. Yes, I question myself. Yes, I question the decisions that I make — big and small — way more than I care to admit. But, I’ve come to think and to feel that self-doubt is really harmful. It’s cruel, it's critical and it's mean. Read more about what #IveBeenThinking in today’s Sunday Paper. Link in bio. And tell me in comments below, what are you giving up for Lent this year?
Today I watched @specialolympics athletes and NBA, WNBA All Stars playing together. Unified. We can, together, unified, follow their lead.
This week, #IveBeenThinking about self-doubt and how it's bad for our physical, mental and spiritual health. Read more in my Sunday Paper email newsletter tomorrow. Sign-up link in bio.
This young man is so impressive. Mark my words, we will be hearing more from David Hogg.
It was a pleasure to meet these two incredible sisters-in-law — Sukey Novogratz and Elizabeth Novogratz — for an #ArchitectsofChangeLIVE conversation about the surprising things that happen when you start a meditation practice. It’s amazing to listen to their stories of how meditation turned their worlds upside down and brought them an inner strength they hadn’t known before. Learn more about how to take steps to your own meditation style in their new book “Just Sit: A Meditation Guide for People Who Know They Should But Don’t.”
Today is a day about love. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s nurturing, it’s uplifting, it’s healing and it’s confirming. Today is also the beginning of Lent. I’m going to give up self doubt, because there is nothing more loving than believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with people who believe in you. (I'll be exploring this idea more in this weekend's Sunday Paper.) Sowing doubt - in ourselves or in others - isn’t loving. That's true whether you are a political leader, a partner or a parent. Love is constant. It's comforting. It's clear. So, have a happy day today and notice all the love around you. Don’t doubt it. Accept it.
So glad I got to sit down with my dear friend Bob Roth for an #ArchitectsofChangeLIVE conversation about the power of meditation and the mind. He reminded me of something really important during our chat: meditation is actually something within you. You don’t have to go far to access your own inner strength and courage. You can be your own sanctuary. Learn more about transcendental meditation in his new book “Strength in Stillness.”
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