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Being in conversation with your gut, your heart and your intuition is hard when you are consumed with so many other responsibilities in your life. But have you ever hit pause and stepped back? Well, I’m about to do that. Read more about why I’m taking a spiritual break and what #IveBeenThinking in my Sunday Paper today: (Link in bio.)
Where is home? What makes you feel at home? 💜 Find out what @sharonsalzberg , Tony Schwartz and Parker Palmer have been thinking this week. You can read more of what #IveBeenThinking and subscribe to my weekly newsletter, The Sunday Paper: (Link in bio.)
Reposting this story. Here's an example of a generous colleague of my daughter @christinaschwarzenegger. They worked on a @goop story together and I like the way @staceylindsay shouted out Christina. Love, respect and admire women who hold each other up, who share credit, who shout out others--tells you everything you need to know about them. This is a great article on perfectionism that they did together. Great team work ladies! #Repost #love
In this 1-minute clip, @joannacoles , author of “Love Rules: How to Find a Real Relationship in a Digital World,” explains why she wants you to have a big life. Find out what that means in a world of swiping, and which things you should be focused on when it comes to finding love in a digital world. #ArchitectsOfChange Check out our full conversation: (Link in bio.)
Everyone has a story. What’s your headline? Tell me in the comments. #IveBeenThinking #ThursdayThoughts
Preach the truth, Timmy! We all need to be reminded of our goodness. Thank you for shining the light on the best of us. @specialolympics @timothyshriver #unifiedgeneration #inclusionrevolution #repost via @nbcnightlynews
Today try not to compare yourself to others. Stop with the… Why haven’t I started that business like she did? Why don’t I look like her? Why aren’t I as stylish, as accomplished? How do I get that many followers? Why don’t my kids look that cute or well-dressed? How does she do it? Stop 🛑 — this makes you feel less than, and small. Look at yourself. Marvel. Look at how beautiful you are. Look at your heart. It’s so big, so loving. Focus on the lightbulb in you. Light up your life. #IveBeenThinking #WednesdayWisdom
Had a total blast talking with #ArchitectOfChange @joannacoles about #love and how to have a full life. Are you trying to find a relationship in a digital world? Don't miss this! Watch the full episode in my stories and on (Link in bio.)
What do you know about #love in the digital age? And, what #dating #relationship questions do you have for #ArchitectOfChange @joannacoles ? She's the author of "Love Rules: How to Find a Real Relationship in a Digital World." Join us LIVE today at 12pm PT/3pm ET on my Instagram and #ArchitectsOfChangeLIVE
Today, be your warrior self. #TuesdayThoughts #IveBeenThinking
This beautful girl turns 27 today! Happy birthday to the beautful @christinaschwarzenegger ! She’s loving, funny, smart caring, loyal, wise —what a combo. You are one in a million and I love you to the moon and back! It’s an honor to be your mama. ❤️
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