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I love this @specialolympics. So moving. Bravo to you for choosing to make my mother come alive!
Allowing this to sink in allows for the knowledge that we are all so interconnected to also become a realization. How I live my life affects not just me but also the earth, which you also inhabit. We are one. Think about that. via @femalecollective #wednesdaywisdom
Such a pleasure to sit down with the courageous and thoughtful @elizabeth_smart_official for #ArchitectsOfChange . She found it in her heart to forgive her captors and describes why forgiveness is just so valuable. Watch 1-minute from our moving conversation. You can watch our full conversation on or in my stories and highlights.
Healing can, and does, happen when people want it to. It can happen when people believe it’s possible and when they see another example of healing that inspires them. Read more of what #IveBeenThinking in my Sunday Paper newsletter today. Link in my bio, stories and highlights.
I still can’t get over this - swooning.
Let’s face it. We desperately need healing right now. We need healing across our races. Healing across our genders. Healing across our political parties. Healing in our communities and in our countries. #IveBeenThinking See what @mgh_8 @themarthabeck @lewishowes @tshriver59 and Angie Johnsey are thinking about in my Sunday Paper. Sign up to get it in your inbox tomorrow. Link in my bio.
What issues are women truly facing today? I sat down with my friend and #ArchitectOfChange @jennifersiebelnewsom to talk about her upcoming film “The Big American Lie” and her experience on the campaign trail as her husband, Lt. Governor @gavinnewsom , runs to be Governor of California. If elected, Jennifer will be First Lady of California—a job I know well and was honored to do. Watch 1-minute from our #ArchitectsOfChange conversation!
Today try and sit up strong against hatred, against lies, against those who treat others with disrespect. There is another way. Be calm. Be loving. Lead with your inner fortitude and go out and make a difference in at least one person’s life today. #ThursdayThoughts
So true. Love this. Everything you need is already inside you. Don’t forget it. Stay the course. via @peacefulmindpeacefullife 💜
Do you see yourself as a healer? My friend and #ArchitectOfChange @themarthabeck says we all have the power to heal within us. Watch 1-minute from our #ArchitectsOfChange LIVE conversation. You can view our full interview on and check out my highlights. #WednesdayWisdom
Watch 1-minute from my #ArchitectsOfChange LIVE conversation with @mgh_8 ! Marcia’s beautiful new book “The Seasons of My Mother” is out now. She tells her family’s journey and her mother’s incredible grace through Alzheimer’s. Find out why she’s sharing her story and see how you can get involved — join us with the @womensalzmovement.
Had a wonderful #ArchitectsOfChange LIVE conversation today with @mgh_8 ! We talked about her beautiful book, “The Seasons of My Mother,” her mother’s legacy and how you can continue to fight for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. Watch our conversation on or check out my stories and highlights.
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