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My cousin Sydney is an @americanredcross volunteer and sent me this picture. Much gratitude to all the Red Cross volunteers and all the other people who have stepped up to volunteer and help their fellow citizens stay California strong! *I see you @ladygaga ! 💗
Some days you have to be a waterfall and just let things roll down and off your back. Just let them fall like this water. Fall, and you be strong in the midst of it all. When the water stops you are still standing like these rocks. Stand strong today, let stuff fall. #FridayFeeling #IveBeenThinking
Love this quote on #GeorgiaOKeeffe 's birthday. 🌸 #ThursdayThoughts #IveBeenThinking #inspiring
Love this beautiful photo of @christinaschwarzenegger featured on @goop ! 💕 #proudmama
On this #WorldKindnessDay , a shout-out to all of our firefighters, first responders and their families. Their families share their loved ones with all of us. It’s beyond kind. Showing up for others—that’s what they are doing. And thanks to our neighboring states for coming together. This is what makes America strong and compassionate. 📸@chief_miller #californiafires #malibu #woolseyfire #firefighters
So many have lost everything. And so many need our support. I'm sharing this @gofundme for our dear family friend @willthach , who lost everything but his beloved dog. He’s the best man, loving, smart, kind and caring. If you can please help us help Will. Thank you! (Link in my bio.) #californiafires #fires #malibu
They are still fighting. 💛 While we sleep they work, they keep on. We owe our safety to them and our hopes are with them. Thank you to California’s best! #malibu #thousandoaks #woolseyfire #californiafires #fires #lafd #firefighters
Here are a few ways you can help and get involved right now. (Photo via @latimes ) #CaliforniaFires #LosAngelesFireDepartment #LAFD #Fire #DisasterRelief #Help #GetInvolved
How will you move forward and help make a difference? #MondayMeditation #IveBeenThinking #prayer
We just never know what will happen one day to the next. That’s why we must each decide whether we will live each day to its greatest potential, or whether we will succumb to the fear and belief that nowhere is safe. Find out more of what #IveBeenThinking , along with @gisele , @themarthabeck , @ramon.contreras1 and late author John O’Donohue. (Link in my bio.)
Working round the clock, working for us, working for you! The utmost respect. #repost @vickycornell #lafd #californiafires
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