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Be grateful for all you have🙏but never settle for less than you can be •NETFLIX Ultimate Beastmaster Season 3 •@MyProtein •Cancer survivor🎗 •Designer👇

The bondi 🔥☠️death set☠️🔥10 bodyweight muscle ups, then 10 pulls, 10 chins, 20 dips all with a 20kg weight belt 😵- I do love this set although 80% of it is training at the point of failure, which isn’t the best for injury’s... and why are my shoulders busted? 🤔 #livingandlearning 🎥 @rom. . #deathset #killerworkout #lifttillyoudie #💪 #bondi #bondibeach #pullup #chinup #muscleup #workoutset #calisthenics
See you in 24 hours #LA 🇺🇸 I’ve been working like crazy for the last two months, and I’m not gonna lie but the last 3 days I’ve been the most sleep deprived and stressed out I think I’ve even been 😅😵. But now the good times begin 🙌😎🤪
72 years old and he can still bust out 20 unbroken chin ups!! I take my hat off to this legend! True inspiration! @marcusbondibeach with the classic commentary 👌😂
It’s all fun n games till someone gets kicked in the face 👟🌝 @leahkingsley
Dose anyone take multivitamins? @sup_supplements has researched diets and lifestyles to identify 15 essential nutrients that many people don’t get in their diets. I’ve been taking the “focus sup” and “men’s essential sup” for the last 6 weeks now and I’ve been feeling great, and it might be placebo but I feel like my productivity has improved 👍 @sup_supplements helps to: -Boost energy levels -Maintain healthy hair skin and nails -Fill nutrition gaps -Alleviate stress And your body benefits in so many other ways from having the right vitamins and minerals 🙌🙌🙌 #popsup
🔥30 pull up challenge🔥 I’ll feature anyones attempt for this challenge in my stories ( as long as attempts are post in the next two days), just #challengemark so I can find you 🙌 😉 P.s, make sure you #challengemark in the caption (not comments) and don’t hashtag more the 9 tags or i won’t be able to see your post under #challengemark , Instagram does this sometimes when you use more then 10 hashtags, you’ll be able to see it under the tag but no one else will... 🎥 @marcusbondibeach @lloyd_grant #challenge #calisthenicschallenge #calisthenics #bodyweightstraining #bondi #bondibeach
Warehouse workouts with @fitnesscube
FREE GIVEAWAY 🎉 valued at $150 🤩 1. Like this post 2. Follow @viggor_aus & @mark_edward_g 3. Tag 2 friends in comments Fingers crossed🤞You’re in the draw to WIN one of our new bamboo tanks and a whole bunch of other @viggor_aus goodies 😉 You’ll love these new bamboo tanks🙌 • Has the hint of a silky sheen, it’s very friendly on skin and is pure luxury to wear. • Hold less odour than cotton. • Dries faster than cotton. • Sustainably grown and produced. • Easy to care for. • Hypoallergenic. • Bamboo absorbs water, lots of it.  Worn on your body, it gets right to the job of wicking away your body’s moisture. • Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties, which may naturally manage the bacteria on our skin helping to eliminate smells. • Super soft and yet so durable. #giveaway #win #freeshipping #prize #winaprize #freestuff #winner #promotion #freegiveaway #competition #freethings #style #picoftheday #photoshoot #fashion
Bodyweight basics super set: 5x muscle ups, 8x dips, 5x pulls. And do 5 sets 😉
Cheers @myproteinau these sweet tech pants are keeping my chicken legs warm this winter 📸🐓=
It’s not summer yet... but it’s not far away 😉🙌☀️☀️☀️ Who else finds it easier to workout in summer? 😂
Follow the light and keep your goals in sight 🙏 📸
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