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Be grateful for all you have, but never settle for less than you can be. 🏅NETFLIX Beastmaster S3 Finalist 🎗Cancer survivor @myproteinau @beachfitbondi

Max 100kg hip thrusts ☠️ it’s not often I workout my chicken legs 😂 and the only reason I got 15 reps is because went before me 😁😳😂 #girlvsmark @beachfitbondi
One arm pull #challenge 💪 Cheers for the nomination @deadlyninjawarrior I nominate @matty_time @marcusbondibeach and @lloyd_grant get into it boys!
And it begins! #DeadlyVsMark challenge no1🤙 think this one goes to @deadlyninjawarrior as my form on dips was horrible 😂 We’re both weighted 20kg / 🎥 @fiannahuangryan @matty_time
And the battle with the beast continues.. with a busted elbow 😑 #netflix Ultimate Beastmaster Season 3 #ultimatebeastmaster
Not your conventional way of doing squats or a back lever. But it worked🤷‍♂️ @beachfitbondi /Ft /🎥 @sarahmahoney12
Haha one of my favourite vids from last year! Swipe left to see @ninacamillaa chin me 😉👌
Stoked to now be an ambassador for @beachfitbondi 🙌 Chest workouts today with @abstackerwbffpro were off the hook 🔥😅
Goals. Well we all need goals. I use to be so stupidly focused on goals that I forgot one of the most important things in life, to enjoy it! For about 7 years all I did was grind on my businesses, only averaging 5 hours sleep a night. I was super un-present and only lived and breathed for the future. No matter how hard I grinded nothing ever seemed to workout for me. 3 years ago I began to meditate and delve more into spirituality and a open minded way of living. I’d like to share one of the massive realisations I had through this with you all: The world has been here for a billion years and will be for a billion more (wish I could say that same for the human population), but our lifespans are actually only a mili second in the grand scheme of things. So if life is so short is there anytime not to enjoy it? Life shouldn’t be wasted living in the future or past. Just the fact that we have the chance to live a life is the most amazing gift of all! Life should be spent giving love, receiving love, being positive and grateful. Way easier said then done and I’m definitely incapable of doing this 24/7, but I try, and the more you try the easier it gets. When I started to make ‘enjoying life’ a goal and priority, my life took a massive shift, and a lot of the things I failed to achieve earlier in life just started to naturally evolve for the best. I’m now a big believer in you get back what you put into this world. If you give the world and the people around you positivity, love and good vibes, 9 times out of 10 the world will give that back to you with dividends! (I feel like it’s a life hack which so many people aren’t aware of). My no1 goal now is to enjoy life, I already wasted too many years just thinking about when I’d enjoy it in the future. Before you know it life is over, and you don’t wanna look back at it think ‘why the fuck didn’t I enjoy it more’. Yes! Definitely still set your goals and definitely work hard for them. But make enjoying life and giving love a goal too! One in which you can always achieve, and one in which that will fast forward your other goals. Ps, I’m sure most of you already do enjoy life, this post is just reflecting the way I use to be
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Only with @lilvee18 😂 the perfect girl for the job / 🎥 @rudyelkholti
My second run on @netflix Ultimate Beastmaster Season 3! Check out the last slider to see me bust my elbow off a 3 meter drop 😓 Whole season streaming now on #Netflix worldwide #ultimatebeastmaster
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