Mark Greenham 🇦🇺

Be grateful for all you have 🙏 but never settle for less than you can be. •NETFLIX Beastmaster S3 Finalist🏅 •@MyProtein •Cancer survivor🎗 •Designer👇

One of my favourite ways to train. Can’t wait to hit the rope with the boys back in Bondi this Friday 🤙🙌 / 🎥 @erika.gasztonyi
72yo and still strong as ever 💪 I could only wish to be half the man this lad is when I’m his age. True motivation 🙏 🎥 @christianralston
The make or break! My first run on Beastmaster season 3 🤙 Go team Australia 🇦🇺!!! Check it out on @netflix worldwide #ultimatebeastmaster
When it’s not leg day 📸 @crazal / @oxfordperformancecentre
It’s been a while in between workouts, so I definitely made the most of this one 💪
#huacachina mashups / Currently on my way to hawaii peoples! Will be in Maui for 3 days then Honolulu for 3. Any suggestions on things to do or places to go/workout would be much appreciated 😋 🌊🏄‍♂️🏖
Bring on the summer workouts with this one ☀️💪🏝@fitnesscube
Sorry for the lack of posts peeps, creating premium insta content while traveling solo is harder then I thought... I’ll be sure to keep up with my usual flow of quality posts when I’m back in Aus in a couple of weeks. For now it’s Brazil then off to Hawaii on Sunday👌🏄‍♂️☀️🤙
@ikecatcher the biggest and baddest champion in Venice 💪 Always good meeting other athletes that are as crazy as I am! Powered by @myproteinau / 🎥 @erikalisthenics
First flip of the day is always a stitch up 🙄😂
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