Markham Jenkins

Chicago fine art/portrait photographer. Private chef @nudedudefood Carlson Gracie blue belt.

Making ice cream has been an incredibly wonderful experience. Trying to understand the timing and combinations of ingredients to create the perfect taste and texture is no easy experiment. Thanks @chefbreadley and @rvanvoorhis for pushing me to excel and not settling. Our food should be exceptional. The difference between good and excellence is the discipline to refine our craft without cutting corners. Excellence is derived from putting everything you have into what is right in front of you. This is vegan passionfruit ice cream with almonds. #veganicecream #passionfruit #almonds #chicagochef #nudedudefood #icecream
“Yea I’m lookin at you.” Model- @scalphunterfilms Photo- me #colors #portrait #chicagoportraitphotographer @paulcbuffinc #pastels
@rvanvoorhis knows how to get me goin in the morning. #chicagochef #foodphotography #pancakes
GOT pop up happening @nudedudefood HQ at 5/31. DM for tickets. $100. May summer bring everyone peace. Video by yours truly.
Dinner @nudedudefood HQ consisted of bolognese and homemade dinner rolls. Yeeeeeeeee
Celebrating bdays with one of my favorites! @kristina.perreault
Bringing a little bit of momma to work these days. Simple take on feijoada. @nudedudefood #feijoada #braziliancuisine #breakfast
Happy birthday to one my best friends @ethantalley ! To many more photo shoots and metal shows bud.
I chose my mother. I chose her with all intention of soaking up everything she is willing to teach me of how to be a good person on this earth. If there is one person on the planet that has taught me what it means to truly love with all of your soul it is her. Today we celebrate this strong woman’s birthday. My mother is the embodiment of mother nature. She is nurturing to not only myself but to all others. She is the fire that keeps a community together and at peace. She cares for the sick, broken hearted, and anyone just wanting to party! I would not understand how to be kind, responsible, courageous, ambitious or any other multitudes of great personality traits without her. At the beginning of 2018 I injured my knee and had to go to Atlanta for surgery and to recover. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. For the first time since I lived at home I got to spend 6 weeks with her. We get older and our lives become complex and speed up. Its easy to say, “ I’ll see my family at Christmas” Then I spent 6 weeks with her and realized how without her I wouldn’t have recovered the same. I wouldn’t have had such a positive outlook. She cured me with just her spirit. The knee didn’t matter anymore. What mattered was being close to the woman who endured and suffered to give me a wonderful life. She suffers so I don’t have too. She is a well that never runs out of water. She is my mother. Happy birthday!
This is Miguel. He is twenty two years old and a shaman in training. At his age he had already spent years of solitude in the amazons learning from nature. In the week I spent with him he helped me become sensitive to the energy of the forests. He has a beautiful singing voice that took me places. His kindness and love for everything and everyone shakes you to the core. Close to the end of our ayahuasca ceremonies he would come find me in the darkness. He would extend his hand and help get on my feet. He would usher me slowly like I was an elderly man needing help walking. He would hum and whistle while we walked to keep bad energy from affecting me and sit me down in front of the head shaman for him to close my chakras to signal the end of the experience. He was very gentle and his spirit was extremely strong. One day when he is old, I hope my children will meet him in that sacred place... #peru #shaman #amazons #naturallight #mycanonstory 5dmark III 24-70 II L at 35 mm. Aperture 2.8 shutter 1/50th iso 1000
Went for that Netflix cover photo style on this shoot. Three men presenting bread feels right. @nudedudefood #chicagobaker #nudedudefood #yeast #trio #meninuniform @paulcbuffinc #canon
Self portrait for self reflection. Ten years ago my mother pushed me out of my comfort zone from being a super chubby super scared kid to being in an mma gym where I learned everything of what it means to have inner strength, love and peace. The lessons have been countless. It has taken me a decade to truly be proud and love the man I am. I’ve had such a hard time lifting myself up. I struggled for years with self doubt and insecurity. In the past few months in yoga I just started saying to myself, “Enough with the doubt and the pity. I am a warrior, I am strong, I love myself.” With this simple statement I’ve really noticed a difference in how I navigate the world. Beauty truly comes from the inside. That is where it starts. It starts deep inside the soul. I just needed to give myself the opportunity to wake my soul up. Thanks for pushing the shutter @blondewayfarer. #bebetter #innerpeace #innerstrength #graciejiujitsu #jiujitsu #pushingthelimits @paulcbuffinc
Very thankful to be able to express my creativity with @nudedudefood in many ways. I’m continually inspired by chef @rvanvoorhis and @chefbreadley my mates @nudedudefood to live a lifestyle I can be proud of and continue to rock and roll! #beach #inspirational #rocks #waves #sandiego #chef #chicago #riseup #dreamjob
Join myself and the rest of @nudedudefood for a very special tasting menu on the 14th at our kitchen space in the west loop! @cutwaterspirits will have batched and canned cocktails for your enjoyment along with dinner and it’s also BYOB. DM for information on how to purchase tickets! ♥️♥️👨🏻‍🍳♥️♥️ #chicagoevents #chicagodinner #sleevetattoo #roses #rosesarered #love #aphrodisiac
Practicing my upward facing sea lion with the pro. Here in San Diego we do things a little differently. @nudedudefood #yoga #sealion #vinyasaflow @ebandflowyoga #beachboys #sandiego #tattoo #backtattoo
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