Markham Jenkins

Chicago fine art/portrait photographer. Private chef @nudedudefood Carlson Gracie blue belt.

Back at it. Holidays parties don’t stop us. #bjj #merrychristmas #carlsongracie
We need them to breathe. So why do we cut them down so mindlessly? Trees hold a lot of intelligence and love. They are our friends and their beauty is staggering.
Time to get into that Christmas spirit photo month! Model @ptothekizz #christmasspirit #offcolor #offcolorbrewing #christmaslights #holidayphotoshoot
Came back from Brazil yesterday and immediately went to work. I had an awesome vacation but am very happy to be back with my band! @nudedudefood cooked last night for @thescotchmadame holiday party and I photographed portraits in an apron.
Already missing this place and I haven’t even left Brazil yet. The nature that surrounds the home that my mother grew up in and so on beyond her is very charming. It’s old and cranky but full of life. It’s surrounded by intense nature. More photos to come.
To kick off Black Friday @nudedudefood is having our first pop up dinner at our HQ in the west loop on 11/30. $75 dollars per ticket. DM me personally or @nudedudefood for info. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday. It’s summer here in Brazil so you know I am!
Swipe for the BTS video. Our soul, brain, spirit and body are a reflection of the universe around us. The more I dive deep into my mind the deeper I reach out into the space between myself and infinity. How I feel on the inside is reflected back at me on the outside. We are but a reflection of our thoughts and our thoughts hold such immense power. I titled this peace “Isle Royale” after the island @scalphunterfilms and I went to camp. It’s nature was pure and untouched. The intensity of the place was overwhelming and I began to truly understand that their is much more to this world than I was always told to believe. The genetics of this earth and beyond run deep within all nature and ourselves. To truly understand life, all we must do is to sit with the trees. With patience and love we may find all the answers to all the questions we’ve ever had. #geometrictattoo #geometricart #dmt #reflection #isleroyale #goldenpyramid @paulcbuffinc @canonusa #installationart #chicagoart #chicagophotography #scene #future #royal #island #isle #lakesuperior
First time training jiu jitsu in Brazil today. It was sick and got my ass handed to me in the best way possible. @RicardoPereiraaoa
Super successful cooking class tonight!
Love this B-roll shot of @samberinger.
My Chinese food court game is STRONG!! Chicken, kale, yellow squash, zucchini, green onion. Sauce was made from peanut butter, honey, tamari soy, rice vinegar and dried garlic.
Continuing with my series “F***k the patriarchy” here’s a shot of @samberinger baking a cake for no one but herself. She rules, her cake rules and women rule. The women in my life are intellectual, beautiful and courageous people who amaze me every day and deserve all the love and respect in the world. @paulcbuffinc @canonusa #renaissance “Rembrandt #darkgreen #pinklady #blonde #cuisine #cake #baking #kitchenaidmixer @kitchenaidusa
These guys have become my best friends and I’m so excited for the future. Cooking has always been one of my passions and now I get to share that passion all over the world. @nudedudefood
Green curry veggie soup.
My lovey friend since the 4th grade Sanyu in Portsmouth this past weekend.
I’m truly enjoying not only cooking for a living but also transferring my skills as a photographer to video! It’s really challenging but I know if I keep chipping away at it I will advance! @nudedudefood #nakedchef #cookingnude #nudedudefood
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