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NOT MARK! #WeAreMarkipliersHeroes I post... Mark. :3 "I recognize that what i do is temporary, but what i leave behind, is forever" ~mark Ily guys

He's so cute like i really want some of the clothes 😍 Im so proud of him #cloak #markiplier #jacksepticeye@markiplier@jacksepticeye
Hey yall, back from school. I gotta 50 on my math test.... Oh well... Sigh. Bhut thismorning i woke up to this and i almost cried he is everything ahhhh
Hey guys! Mark FINALLy brought back the charity live streams! And im so happy he did. Sadly i cant donate buttttt i can tell you guys about this. Mark is raising money for a cause that actually almost has a cure, if you can please help by donating, every bit of money counts whether its $10 or even $1. If you cant donate like me, then do what im doing and tell your friends or family and spread the word to help. Love you guys so much, thanks for everything <3 #markiplier #charity #charitylivestream #helpingothers #markimoo #goodcause
Im so proud of him
My heart goes bum, bum, bum bum... UwU
I cant say how much i loved that little video. It had me in tears and laughs, thank you to all the sponsors who made it possible, tho i cant thank myself cuz im not a sponsor yet XD but honestly this was so amazing to watch i loved every bit of it. Everything that they do for the community is absolutely amazing. Im so happy im able to be in this community and talk to so many amazing people, like the person reading this right now. Keep being you. If u havent watched the video already then go watch it! Also, do u think mark's up to something? 👀
Oh my god thank you guys so much for 2.6k! Can we hit 3k soon? XD ily allll
Mark's a vampire ;) Credit: @nasapeepoplier
Dam... Credits go to: @notthatmarkiplier
Awwwww look how adorable he was omfg Im screaming
Omfg how 😭😭😭 Credit: @nasapeepoplier i think?
I still theorize on wkm to this day. Anyone else? Just me? Well okay...
He's really our angel <3 Comment UwU if you love mark XD (you dont have to)
What did we do to deserve a man like this in our world? <3
How are his teeth so perfect? Oml
Sorry i was inactive for a bit! Had a crap load of tests i had to do and more to come this week ;-; but its that time of month againnnn (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) SPOOPY MONTHHH AYEEE Im being darkiplier for halloween, what are you being? (I am not mark, casual reminder.)
Mark is my mood. 👏
Take this picture of mark feeding... Whatever that is, XD
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