ViCIoUS bEAsT MuRderS mAN aNd ThiRSTs FoR BloOD
Feeling floral 🌺
beach bubs
new glasses. tryin to embrace my inner professor.
Something big is happening behind the scenes. #AXEPartner #STAYTUNED #YOUREGOLD #ad @lilyachty @dannocean @bdotadot5 @axe
Baby girl just got groomed! She’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!
With her mighty snoofer, Chica snoofs deeply the morning snow. She pontificates with her thinker that this is a rare morning, full of glorious opportunities for snoofing. A wise dog for one such as she is never one to take a snoof for granted.
Fuck... sometimes I’m just too god damn sexy for this world...
but why tho...
We had the most INCREDIBLE show tonight! I can’t thank you enough for being so wonderful and welcoming to us! Off to the next city!
Our wonderful photographer Evan clearly had his priorities straight and took this wonderful shot of my rumpa-dump
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