we went ZIPPIN
IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR FRIENDSHIP DAY!! Just about 30 minutes til the 🎊 party 🎊 Did you remember your dancing shoes?
You better run...
Guess who’s brilliant idea it was to stick 29 candles in a single slice of cheesecake? ... ... ...yeah ok it was my idea...
Amy organized a project with a bunch of artists/authors (captioned on image 10) to make me the best birthday present I’ve ever seen. It’s a book written by Chica about her “Number One Hooman” For those of you who don’t know Amy is the absolute best at gifting in the entire world and this was the most heartwarming present I could have ever asked for. I love my girls so damn much! Not all pages were able to fit in this post but I wanted to share what I could!
Look at this adorable bundle of joy!
💪 🤥
#AXEPartner – Show me your best moves at the @AXE booth with #YoureGold cause today we are all about making your #VidCon dreams come true. @VidCon #AXE
Everyone please give a warm welcome to Amy’s new dog Henry! Henry is the goodest shy boy you’ll ever meet. As a rescue from a tough upbringing in Taiwan, he’s come a long long way to find his way into Amy’s life but I’m so glad he did. It’s taken some time to get him to warm up to people, and me “the screaming man”, but he’s making steady progress and is happier and more open every single day. Chica’s still figuring out the whole “big sister” thing but her calm loving nature is perfect for bringing out the best in Henry. If you’d like to see more pictures of Handsome Henry you should check out Amy’s social medias!
#AXEpartner See how @AXE Gold Shampoo kept me fresh while trying to make it through a level in one piece. Link in bio! #YoureGold
This definitely isn’t your average play through. 😳 See how @AXE put my skills to the test! #YoureGold #AXEpartner
How to speak like a French
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