Marlee Hightower

Dancer|Choreographer BlocLA Monsters Cast ‘17 America’s Got Talent Top 10 Creative Director/Choreographer of @motivcrew

I just want it to feel good💃🏽 • groovin to one of my favorite @thisismoonchild tracks • #freestyle
Today is the day!!! @motivcrew auditions are at 5pm. $10. Let’s create a dope and welcoming environment tonight 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽• 📷: @kayla_brioni_
I felt that “head low” in my soullllll. @anderson._paak ’s new album is something extremely crazy. #freestyle
Intellect versus emotion
SWIPE➡️ to see @motivcrew ’s full performance. Took home first place last weekend💛. the set was put together in one week, with only one cleaning session the night before. So proud. Learning more about myself and this crew every time we step on stage. #growtogether • Crew auditions THIS SUNDAY!!!• Song 1: Why Don’t You- @gyallikeclee Song 2: Life- @sabapivot Song 3: You Should See Me In A Crown- @wherearetheavocados
AYE! Some fun moves from class last night. Thank you all for groovin and laughin with me! • Sounds by @sabapivot
Teaching tonight at 8pm @motivdance
I make these because they incapsulate exactly how life feels. I was born 19 years ago yesterday. The cause of my heightened emotions, and or feelings of true bleakness are actually because my prefrontal cortex isn’t fully formed yet. I’m aware of the logic, but that doesn’t change this very moment.. I’m 19 and I feel everything all at once, all the time. I like it that way. Life is beautiful, ugly, inspiring, cruel, nuanced, comical, complex. I also know nothing about life—I’m 19. Here’s to being young and inquisitive! “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.” -William Shakespeare.
WE WON!!!! What an amazing gift! Spent my Birthday with @motivcrew. Thank you all for being the resilient beautiful beings you are. Thank you for listening to my madness. Thank you @obey_dario. I’m so thankful for your left brain mind. Thank you all for being the difference. Thank you all for making this birthday memorable.💛
Pew pew• sounds by: @thatsjeandeaux
Life is very beautiful. Movement as a form of expression is sooo tiiiight. I teach tonight. Beginners at 6, advanced at 7. I’ll try to be as authentic as possible. Let’s enjoy, remain present, and try to maintain peace of mind even amidst these harsh realities. Okay come and dance with me!
Shouts out to @srankdance for having a little sesh after their set. Grateful I got to vibe with all of these killers
Happy times! I’ve been on a major Tribe kick lately. Just wanted to go and flow •Teaching something new tomorrow at 6 and 7pm. Possibly some new Anderson .paak? Decisions decisions
Tonight! 8pm. @motivdance . Let’s groove
After a @motivcrew shoot we all hit a freestyle for some extra B-roll. Here’s a little step from myself. Official vid coming soon.💡
Growing up I’ve been one to let my adrenaline overshadow my textures/movement quality in a performance setting. This year has been dedicated to tuning in, refining, and redefining. Brought this piece back for my @worldofdance performance this past weekend. #wodchi18 • Sounds provided by @princessnokia
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