Marlee Hightower

18|Dancer|Choreographer Bloc LA Monsters cast ‘17 America’s Got Talent top 10 MOTIV|Academy of Villains|Immabeast

Baby’s-breath is the best flower out of all of em
A fun jazzy flow in class this past Thursday. I love dance. 🌊🌊🌊 song: FNFL- @allysha_joy ✨✨✨✨✨ • dancing with @_d.estinyy_ @iamjjarias @obey_dario @taylerreeff @yanelie.t @svelazquez96 @jirehalverio
She’s back
The process lol. Teaching tonight at 6 and 7pm! Come oin
Class last night🌊 Just a feel good moment with @taylerreeff ! I’m trying to get as good as her but it’s hard. Also I taught this on my live if anyone’s tryna mess around and learn that boy! Tag me if you do✨✨
Had a sick time shooting for @motorolaus . Even better getting to dance alongside @idalizcristian and @emma_hauser 💛✨ thank you to the super dope creative duo @im_lindseyb and @coloredcraig 🌊🌊🌊 @blocla #blocla
Hehe haha lol. Any who come to my class tonight at 8pm at @motivdance ! Vibes. Love. Dance steps. Giggles. I also might go live! Fun times
Major blasphemy
Midnight- @iman_omari
There’s this 10 min window during golden hour right before the sun is hidden by the house across the street. Decided to play with that. • Wait for the people- @jameschatburn
Let the love manifest
I can’t even do a layup
Class this past Thursday was a whole party! I’m really fond of this class because this day I was feeling generally down. I was contemplating on creating some sort of emo piece, but I ended up choosing to create something that would lift my spirits.. And that’s exactly what happened. Thankful for dance. Thankful for everyone that comes every week and shares the energy! • Dancing with @obey_dario @yanelie.t @ari_leee @nathan.cherry
She want a picture with tommy
Big kiss little kiss
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