Marley The Boxer

My name is Marley and im from Adelaide, South Australia I love to play ball, I still jump like a puppy when I run and I love to lick you 🐶

"I am a lap dog!" - Marley
"I'm ready for the beach, stop taking photos of me" - Marley
"I dropped my ball on the floor, can you please get it?" - Marley
"Let me just pose for you" - Marley
"I am the view" - Marley
"If I sit here and look cute, will you take a photo?" - Marley
"can you just let me sleep dad because I didn't just sleep all night" - Marley
"Yes im a lap dog and @brad.smith.12 gives the best cuddles" - Marley
"I love my new pink anchor bandana from @pinup_pups ! I'mma wearing it to bed so no one steals it" - Marley
"This morning I went to the dog park and then Zitto for a refreshing Mango smoothie" - Marley
"Soon Dad will be leaving me outside, but I can GUARD the house" - Marley
"How good is this sun" - Marley
"Wheres all the other dogs Dad?" - Marley
"Dad are you coming home soon" - Marley
"I can get my daily sun from inside my warm house" - Marley
"Snuggling with the blanket of a cold day" - Marley
"If I give you my paw, you can't go to work!" - Marley
"If i look at you like this you have to give me food" - Marley
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