Marley The Boxer

My name is Marley and im from Adelaide, South Australia I love to play ball, I still jump like a puppy when I run and I love to lick you 🐶

"Casey is mine" - Marley
"I'm waiting for someone to come and play ball with me" - Marley
"Australia Day pool party in my backyard" - Marley
"Dad just told me I'm the cutest thing in the world" - Marley
"Sorry Dad but Casey is my favourite" - Marley
"I blow bubbles when there's food, it's normal" - Marley
"Dad something happened to him, it wasn't me" - Marley
"Just give me my toy" - Marley
"I didn't realize I needed to unwrap my present so I was just showing off with it" - Marley
"Merry Christmas everyone and happy New year, I love you all" - Marley
"Stop taking photos of me and throw my new ball" - Marley
"Santa I want lots of Tennis balls and apples for Christmas" - Marley
"Please Dad I just want some of your food" - Marley
"I wasn't allowed to play with the other dogs because I can maybe be a bit naughty off the lead... Oops" - Marley
"Dad put the water bowl in the car with me so my paws wouldn't burn on the hot ground, I love him" - Marley
"Getting sunshine in the sun is hard work" - Marley
"look at how photogenic I am" - Marley
"I am a lap dog!" - Marley
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