Marlon Wayans

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#ripstanlee the most superiest hero of them all. You are forever live through your creations. Thanks for making all us kids want to be super heroes.
Just dropped a new video on YouTube - “Dealing with a Heckler” feat. @hannahstocking @chelsearae__ Click the link in my bio to watch and make sure you #like and #subscribe .
AMES! DES MOINES! I’m coming to IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY! November 30th! Come laugh with me! #IowaStateUniversity GET TIX NOW!
Great times on @mtvwildnout with this cutey. Talented pretty sweet and fun. Song is 🔥 waiting on the album @iamdanileigh
Always my hero... period #wayansbros #bigbro
To all my friends and people affected by these fires i send my love prayer and support. Depending on how close we are holla if you need a temporary place to stay
I just worked another 18 hour day off 3 hours sleep playing 6 characters and people ask “how the hell do you do it”? First of all God.. Vitamins. Diet. And @drinkruna #cleanenergy #nocrash
And yes ... I STILL HAVE MY HAIR! Thank God... y’all comments would’ve had a nigga on suicide watch. None y’all ain’t shit! Thank u for the ones that did have some kind of positive reinforcement... love you all anyway special fuck you’s to @kevinhart4real @michaelblackson @sydneyisfunny @djruckusofficial ain’t none of y’all niggas worth a good goddamn and my man @eppsie you a G! One positive negro
Dear @sydneyisfunny fuck you!!! 😂 all y’all ain’t shit. Killing me on my haircut. So glad i have a sense of humor. Fuck, y’all make a man wanna hurt himself
When the body banging but the face ain’t right... #scarymovie2 #shortymeeks
Checkout this song by my nephew “With No Doubts” by @dwaynewayans #dwaynewayans Directed by @lovetianarenee with cameos from @cwayans @dcervincomedy @tiaraakrissti @amarielee_comedy @mariamobil @kendyl_renee1
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