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Happy bday @willsmith now i might have opted for some cold beer and some warm head but hey nigga do you. Bunjee jump out a helicopter. It don’t make me wanna crack off but i guess we all got our fetishes. 😂
My face says “what the f*ck kind of work did i sign up to do here?! 6 characters?! The fuck?!” But that ambient light above says “no son, you’re doing your purpose. You’re in the pocket. Keep on doing what you’re doing... great things lie ahead”. #got that glow #BruceLeroy
HAMMOND, INDIANA! CHICAGO, ILLINOIS! Come laugh with me on October 6th! I’ll be at the Horseshoe. Only 1 show! GET TIX NOW!
Honored to be in the top 5 of the People’s Choice Awards Comedy Act of 2018 category! Go vote for your boy! -
Follow the link in my bio to watch the rest. | “Best Man, Worst Speech” shot w/ @anwar @shots
Wake up this morning and decide to go be great. Let’s get it!
Meet Dawn one of the 6 characters I’m playing in #sextuplets taking a selfie ya know... thottin on the gram #bossassbitch @netflixfilm
And last but not least.... @tysoncbeckford yeah nigga YOU!!!
And as for.@champagnepapi
We still bros but I’m just saying it’s time we heal y’all
Still having my intimate chat with @nickcannon @kanyewest @champagnepapi We healing.
Had to keep it 💯 with @nickcannon
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