Bakersfield CA. Canon 6D. JW.

Quality over quantity.
I haven’t been consistent. But here is a beautiful aerial of Chicago from the 95th floor of the John Hancock building.
Amazing burn at the Chicago Riverwalk
Saying Farewell to the milkyway until next season. Me and @jimmieser decided last minute to go out to mount pinos for one last chance to shoot the milkyway, I had previously came to this same exact fallen tree but I didn't get the shot I was hoping for last time. This time I'm very happy with the results I got. I had my LED panel on hand to capture the foreground but decided not to use it so I wouldn't mess up other nearby photographers. Instead I used my phones screen and I'm pleased with the results. Can't wait until spring when it returns.
The Chicago River has to be one of my favorite areas in Chicago. My wife and I got permission from the hotel we were staying at to go up to the penthouse and the views from up there are amazing. Thank you @wyndhamgrand for the very special opportunity and for giving me the chance to check this shot off my bucket list!
Let me start out by saying this is a composite. But if it wasn't a full moon, the Milkyway would've been in this exact location. I was trying to see if I'd be able to get the shot even with the moon out but it just dominated the sky. I lit the foreground with a LED panel on its lowest setting with the temperate as warm as I could set it. Even though Joshua Tree is known for its forests of Joshua Trees there is lots of these awesome piles of huge boulders. Made for an awesome foreground.
Big boat little boat.
Waterfall Wednesday. The lighting was beautiful, I got a similar shot like this last time I visited Yosemite but I was never really happy with it, grass was dry, lighting was harsh, sky was boring. But this last time was amazing. Yosemite truly is one of my favorite places in California.
Joshua Tree National Park is an amazing place. I wasn't able to explore the park too much but from what I was able to see was worth it. The moon was out and bright giving me some light on the foreground. We could hear Coyotes nearby and what sounded to be like a litter of pups so it was a little chilling but the shot I got was worth it. The moon lit most the foreground but didn't light the tree how I wanted so I set up an LED light on a stand about 60 feet back and to the left on the lowest setting. Shot with my Canon 6D and Rokinon 14mm lens, settings were 20 second shutter, f2.8, ISO 160. #joshuatreenationalpark #nightscaper #nightscape #jwvisuals
Jurassic Park
Even though I wasn't able to make it to Oregon to see the full totality of the eclipse, it was still an awesome experience to witness. Hopefully next time it makes an appearance somewhere on earth I'll be able to be there and capture it. But to still carry on the tradition, here is #milkywaymonday
Change brings opportunity.
Light canyon.
It's been a while since I've done a #milkywaymonday post. Here's to a few weeks back at mt.pinos, always nice shooting up there. Lots of other astrophotographers and astronomers all congregate at the Nordic base to star gaze. Usually I'm on edge when I shoot astro in the middle of no where but up there I feel like I'm at home. Looking out through our galaxy always amazes me. #jwvisuals
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