Bakersfield CA. Canon 6D. JW.

Where is your favorite place to unwind? 3/3
Erosion. The northern coast is a mix of dangerous curves and beautiful endless cliffs that meet the ocean. 2/3
New photo series for this week. Think I’m going to make this a regular thing. Also I’m pondering printing each of these photo series 🤔. 1/3
3 of 3 i wonder if this perspective is similar to how ants see us.
2/3 life sized Tetris.
1 of 3. Will be posting the other two photos from this city photo series over the next couple of days.
Working with my buddy @mister_mcgee on events is always a load of fun. I had never been a second shooter until he invited me to come up to Three Rivers to accompany him with this beautiful wedding. It was nice to do something a little different and really helped to see things differently. Here are a few shots i captured on that day. Thanks Jason for the opportunity!
The weather tested us on this day up north. We were scared it was going to pour but the bride and groom were prepared! Even though we only got sprinkled on a little bit, it helped add character to the photos by darkening the cement and dropping more leaves to add to this fall wedding.
Changing things up a bit. Going to start showcasing my wedding/portrait work that i never really put out there. Beautiful wedding that i shot out in Three Rivers.
Welcome to the twilight zone.
Been getting the creative itch again lately. Bought a note pad to jot down ideas when they come to mind. Hoping to be able to work on some video and photo projects I’ve been thinking about for a while.
Happy 32nd Anniversary to my favorite birth parents. I love you guys.
Revisted an oldie.
Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.
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