Martí Cuenca Cebriàn

✖ Digital Marketing UPF & Promoter of Tequila Guestlist. 🍾 Bling Bling/Opium/Pacha/Otto/Hotel W/ & more! 📍BCN

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough
Today will be a new chapter of my life +🎂. This book is getting very interesting.
We're all working together; that's the secret.
Work hard in silence, let success make the noise.
I will go anywhere as long as it is forward.
If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary
Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail
Try it again. Fail again. Fail better.
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door
You weren't born to just to pay bills and die.
Ella no es mía, tampoco soy suyo, lo nuestro es temporal, somos un préstamo voluntario de momentos inolvidables que quizás duren la vida entera.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.
At home! 🍸
My little niece!🐣
Bling Bling team💣💥
Great experience with @dogtowncommunity team at Mobile World Congress📲🌏
Crew party team🔱
One more day in Nuba🍸
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