Martin B

Basement Dweller

Raptor hand
Fantastic night of boxing 🥊 @ultimateboxxer
Just can’t let go
Just relaxin, eatin, having a great time
Missing bae 💔
Doggo loungin'
Gotta break the board out on days like this ☀️
Gyms once
the final sesh // don't like going places
Last Vensday ever 😢
🌾 best years of our lives
My time in Canterbury couldn't be coming to an end in a more perfect way ❤️
Went from 100-0 real quick
Back when the only thing I had to worry about was giving the quarterback a cuddle. #alwaysthebigspoon
Before the exam induced caffeine headaches 😴
BBQ vibes ❤️
Name a more iconic duo ❤️
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