Infinty war in a nutshell.
Reminder : New beginnings, fresh starts, exciting moments and happy memories will come in time. Life is hard but never forget some place,time and space you will be in absolute harmony. You are worthy, valued and accepted and don’t let anyone or thing take your pure soul away. Look ahead to the amazing exciting marvel movies ahead and don’t stress yourself to the point of not loving yourself. You have this! Or you don’t need to, it’s up to you what you feel you need and not. I’m always here if you need advice, friendship or just a casual conversation. I genuinely care about your wellbeing and mental health. Keep love alive y’all 💙
“Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.” Team Ironman or team cap?
Half the universe being destroyed couldn’t keep these two separate. Literally. do you like Steve and Natasha romantically or platonically?
Now that widow is getting her film, should Hawkeye?
CONFIRMED : Marvel hires Cate Shortland to directed the black widow movie. It’s also confirmed to be a prequel movie as we see how Natasha goes from villain to avenger.
Should antman and the wasp get a trilogy?
Is captain America worthy?
A black widow movie or another Ironman?
What’s the best sequel marvel has ever had?
Who’s excited to see Hawkeye again?
“Warmer than jail”. Why is no one talking about falcon getting dusted?
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