#AVENGERS #CAPTAINMARVEL an entire universe. once and for all.

4 years ago today this account was created. This photo of Natasha Romanoff was the first post I ever did. Little did I know I would still be here 4 years later with 123,000 people following me. this account has experienced many changes, dramas and stories. From this account I’ve meet people I would trust with my life, people from the furthest parts of the globe whom I’ve shared the common love of marvel with. This year specially I have loved,lost,learned and grown from it all, I’ve felt pain, loneliness and cleared the red in my ledger. No matter what life has given me I always go back to this photo as a reminder that change is good and that things always get clear,simple and happy again. while I may be back soon I’ll be taking a hiatus from this account for a while. this journey and adventure with you all has been emotional and life changing, I can’t thank you all enough for the love I’ve received. Remember no matter what life gives you never stop having faith that things happen for a reason and that in some time,space,reality,soul,mind and power you will find your way. nothing lasts forever, bad things end, good things start again. Hold onto the belief that you are worthy and capable of achieving the hardest challenges in life. Let 2019 be a year of love,growth, potential and gratitude. if you need me, you know where to find me. from Russia with love.
This will be my last post until the avengers 4 trailer drops. (Which is likely in the next 5 days). so keep and eye out! I’ll be putting things on my story to keep you updated. Then I’ll post avengers 4 things. Exciting times!
Everything happens for a reason. you might not think it now, you simply might want it now but in due time things will fall into place according. I think once you accept that you will become less dissatisfied with your life, even happy. you might have missed an oppitunity along the way but another one will come unexpectedly. you might feel a bit stuck and lost but it’s your duty to pick up what you have left over and make do with it. Maybe you feel like things aren’t going according to plan, maybe it’s just a movie trailer you expected. Everything falls into place when it needs to if something didn’t go the way you wanted it, life goes on and years pass. New movies come out , exciting adventures and trips happen. Amazing world news and events occur. your energy and stamina charge up again and you will feel so much better than you do now. your life is special, it may not seem unique or interesting but it is FULL of potential, you might not discover that potential tomorrow, or even years but it will come and when it does. Remember who you are.
What’s something you are looking forward to in 2019?
I literally have 5 posts left so that avengers trailer better drop within the days. I promise I’ll post more than just Natasha and Steve :)
Steve or Natasha?
Do you think the avengers 4 trailer will come out soon?
Waiting for the avengers 4 trailer anyway now.
Ready to see this duo back together again.
Tom Holland is the best spiderman & peter Parker
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