Spider-man or falcon?
My prediction is nick fury loses his eye in captain marvel because a trusted shield officer turns out to be a skrull.
The black widow movie is set in 1999 and will focus on the Y2K worldwide theory. Y2K is a real life theory that when 2000 hits clocks,tv basically any and all technology will stop working and send the world into chaos. Black widow will be tasked to stop this event from happening, the winter soldier and Hawkeye are also most likely to appear in her movie. Personally this sounds super exciting, it’s a really interesting perspective to take on a real world crisis.
Will vision return in avengers 4?
speaking of Natasha in exactly 15 hours we will get more black widow movie news. Maybe even a synopsis for the movie. Stay tuned.
What role do you want okoye to play in avengers 4?
The black widow movie is officially in pre production status. meaning filming should start some time mid next year.
What will spiderman far from home be about?
“I would now. And I’m always honest.”
So Loki and scarlet witch are heavily speculated to get there own shows that will be put onto the new Disney streaming service starting in 2019. The marvel shows will focus on second tier heroes in the marvel universe between 8-10 episode seasons. This is still in the works but are you excited for this? Personally I’m not for many reason. Beyond the trailer posted a video on YouTube about it.
opinion : despite DC making a female superhero movie before marvel, and marvel taking nearly 11 years to release a female superhero movie I don’t like to compare but I think the MCU has done much more for female superheroes than DC or any company for that matter. Black widow,captain marvel,agent carter,okoye, nakia,Valkyrie,Shuri,Maria hill,nebula,gamora,scarlet witch,hela,mantis,pepper Potts etc all Are extremely well developed and have complex story lines. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to drag Wonder Woman for her accomplishments but people shade marvel for being weak on their females and in my opinion they have the most developed female characters of all time.
Always ask if your friends and family are ok. Even the ones who seem happy and fine. I know deep conversations can be heavy and hard but it’s so important to talk stuff out and express. particularly males, we are forced to “man up” or “be the big guy” and to hold our emotions to ourselves. you can cry, you can emote and you can open your feelings. Having vulnerability in my opinion is something that always leads to the truth and happiness. Same for girls, you aren’t a cry baby or being dramatic. Stop putting up a facade that you are perfect or fine, just tell your truth and the answers to all your problems will be solved. Don’t build up situations in your head, write them down on paper and slowly but surely start to tick them off as time goes on. You are allowed to give up but don’t ever give up on your feelings,mental health or well-being. In this current world people believe suicide or other harmful methods some how fix things, if you are at such a low absolute point in your life know that things HAVE to and WILL get so much more clear,happier and hopeful. you are not alone, be grateful you are alive, be humbled at the prospective that the future can be god damn so much better and don’t ever think that you are not enough or worthy of anything in life. You deserve so much more out of life and don’t let your beautiful soul forget that. Things are gonna get better everyone!
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