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Some of last night’s routine ft my fave cleanser ever from @farmacybeauty 🐝💛
Tonight’s essentials 💫 It’s starting to get very chilly in Toronto so I’m using all my favourite hydrating products 🙌🏻 I love a good exfoliant when the weather is dry too just because it keeps my skin looking fresh and bright! Hope you guys have a lovely night x
Some details for my first day of teaching 🙈 It went so well and I’m loving all my classes! Only issue is that since I’m so young I need to make sure the students still treat me like an actual teacher 😅
Be still my beating heart 🤤The Gold Attraction Collection from @yslbeauty is absolutely gorgeous ✨ So far my favourite of the lineup is the Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in the shade “Rose Stiletto”. I’m obsessed with the stunning mauve shade and the pigmented formula 💫
Today’s picks ft. the most gorgeous palette ever 💫 As you can tell I’m still not over the gorgeous packaging that @doseofcolors used for their collab with @desiperkins @katy 💛 What can I say, I like sparkly things ✨
A few of my favourite things 💫 My teaching practicum starts Monday so I spent the day buying school supplies to prepare. I also stopped by the mall and bought a gorgeous plaid coat. I figured it would be good for when I’m teaching, so I’m considering it a school expense 😌 Hope you guys have a lovely night x
Hey @freshbeauty thanks for saving my lips this season 💫 These two balms are so nourishing and hydrating! The caramel and peach scents are so good that I actually have to refrain myself from eating them 😂 The balms add such a subtle yet beautiful wash of colour to your lips! Perfect for natural makeup days or for when your lips need a lil TLC ✨
My Friday night consists of hydrating skincare, too much candy, and Breaking Bad 💫 I wasn’t expecting to love the show this much but I’m actually hooked! Hope you guys have a lovely night x
Some @lilahbeauty lovin’ on this snowy Friday ✨ From the packaging to the shades to the formulas, I am obsessed with this brand. It pains me to mess up the gorgeous packaging when I dig into my b. lovely balm but it’s such a stunning shade that I cant help it 🙈 Also the Aglow Setting Spray is so refreshing and perfect for setting foundation 💛 Their Glisten and Glow Illuminator and Divine Duo in b. dazzling are currently at the top of my luxury wishlist 💫
Some of today’s beat 💫 I spent the day at school “working” aka browsing Sephora since they extended their sale 🙈 I really really don’t need anything, but then again when has that ever stopped me? 😂 Hope you guys had a lovely day x
Oh @farmacybeauty I love you dearly 💛 I recently tried out their Honey Drop Moisturizer and I’m in love 🍯 The formula is so lightweight and non-greasy but is still so hydrating and nourishing. Their entire honey line is incredible, and everything I’ve tried has earned a permanent spot in my skincare routine 🐝💛
A few of my favourite things 💫 Tonight I’m going out with my best friend and I fully expect to use a makeup wipe when I come home 😭I always feel so guilty but it be like that sometimes 😅
Better late than never right? 🙈 I finally caved into all the hype and picked up the Overtime Mask from @summerfridays. Thankfully it lived up to its high expectations and I’m mad that I didn’t try it sooner 😂 This mask uses vitamin-packed pumpkin and exfoliating apricot seed powder to brighten dull skin. Almost immediately after using it I noticed that my skin had a dewy glow to it and was so soft! I guess I’m just going to have to get over the wrinkly packaging 😅
Some of today’s picks 💫 I swear HomeSense is where I belong. I could spend hours there and never get bored. I picked up this jewelry box from there today and I’m obsessed 🙌🏻 Hope you guys had a lovely day x
We interrupt your regular scheduled programming to bring you ... jewelry! ✨ I’m obsessed with the new Tarot Collection from @mejuri and my sister got me their Star Necklace to celebrate hitting 4K! She has the Sun Necklace so now we match and it’s super cute. The Star Necklace features gold vermeil and white sapphires, which are so stunning 💫 Its the perfect dainty piece with a whole lot of meaning 💛
Some of today’s picks ✨ I spent the day in the library getting a ton of work done so I can enjoy the rest of my week before my teacher practicum begins. Starting next week I’m going to be placed in a high school for a month! I’m super excited but also very nervous 😂 Already started practicing my teacher glare in the mirror. Hope you guys had a lovely day x
A lil Sunday lineup 💫 Today’s plans were strictly Breaking Bad, mac n’ cheese, and flat lays. Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend x
I am so picky when it comes to mascara because of my stubborn af lashes 😅 They’re thick, flat, and refuse to hold a curl unless I’m using some heavy duty stuff. I was sent this duo from @yslbeauty , which included their The Curler Mascara, and I’m so surprised to say that I’m hooked. Not a lot of mascaras can volumize and lengthen my lashes all while holding a fluttery curl, so to say I’m impressed is an understatement 🙌🏻 I also love the lash primer but I find that I have to apply it in small quantities so it doesn’t get clumpy! Overall this duo is everything from packaging to formula and I’m so glad I tried it out 💫
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