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Sunday’s are for brunch, skincare, and avoiding all my responsibilities ☺️ I’m very pleased to say that the Caudalie Vinoperfect Night Cream has lived up to my incredibly high expectations since I’m so obsessed with the rest of the lineup. The texture is silky and thick without being heavy, and feels so nourishing on my skin. While this definitely has made a difference to my dark spots, I saw amazing results in my skin’s texture. This cream leaves my skin plump and hydrated without overwhelming my oily skin or clogging pores 💫 The perfect addition to the Vinoperfect family 💛
A few of my favourite things 💫 Today I was snowed in so I spent the day taking photos, editing, and eating a million double chocolate cookies that my sister baked for me. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. Hope you guys had a lovely day x✨
A few favourites from @urbanoutfitters 💫 Whisky Noir smells like heaven on earth, and I love how hydrating and refreshing the Rose Facial Spray from @mariobadescu is 💛 Thank you @ellaerlich for sending over such an amazing package full of holiday goodies ✨ #uobeauty #urbanoutfitters
Dry skin? Sorry I don’t know her ☺️ I’ve been loving the No Worries Moisturizer from @drroebucks 💫 I’m very picky about moisturizers since I have oily skin and can’t stand that weird layer of film that some formulas leave behind. The No Worries Moisturizer sinks into my skin effortlessly, leaves no greasy residue, and is so hydrating! I get very dry around my nose and I noticed that this moisturizer has made a huge difference to that area in a short period of time which is fantastic. #NoWorriesClub #DrRoebucks ✨ Check our Dr Roebuck’s though the link in my bio 💛
Fun fact: I don’t have my ears pierced *cue gasps from the audience*. I do really want to get my ears pierced but I just have to get over the whole needle aspect. For now, cuffs will do 🙌🏻 I am loving the Bold Ear Cuff from @auratenewyork in gold vermeil 💫 I think it’s a simple yet edgy look which I’m really into! Definitely want to collect more pieces from the brand ✨ *gifted
A hydrating winter essential 💫 The Rose Deep Hydration Toner is one of my favourite products from @freshbeauty and is a must-have for dry skin. My oily, dehydrated skin loved this stuff since it’s lightweight yet so hydrating. Plus as an added bonus this toner smells like heaven and the packaging is stunning 🌹
Hey just me again admiring the beauty that is @lilahbeauty packaging 💫
A lil routine ft one of my new fave serums from @vanityplanetstore #ad 💫 Today I had a career fair at school which was pretty scary but I survived! Hoping to start applying for French teaching jobs soon 🤞🏻 Hope you guys have a lovely night x
New brand alert 💫 Been testing out these products from @tailaskincare and so far I’m really enjoying them. The gold packaging speaks to my Persian soul✨So far my favourite from the line is the Prana Face Oil since it feels super rich and nourishing in my skin. 🙌🏻
Newest addition to my @mejuri collection 💫 My friends surprised me with the Lotus Bracelet for my 22nd birthday and I can’t stop looking at it. I’ve never been a huge bracelet person but there’s something about this piece that is so delicate and elegant. I love when there are memories connected to my jewelry so this bracelet is so meaningful to me ✨ Also my obsession with this bracelet made me order the ring today since it’s being discontinued 🙈
Been testing out so many products from @love_amika and my hair is here for it 🙌🏻 So far I am LOVING the Perk Up Dry Shampoo since it’s so lightweight yet effective. Another favourite is the Curl Corps Enhancing Gel, which gives me defined effortless without any crunch or weight. So excited to try more from the brand. You guys can save at Amika with the code “MMA10” 💫
All the essentials 💫 Today I spent most of my day in the library at school replying to emails and avoiding homework. Thankfully I have the day off tomorrow so I’ll be able to get work done from the comfort of my couch 🙌🏻 Hope you guys have a lovely night x
Need to find a better way to store my makeup and skincare 💫 My collection has grown a lot so I really need to get a new set of drawers or another method of organization! If anyone has recommendations I would really appreciate it 💛✨
What skincare dreams are made of 🌙⭐️ I’ve been testing out the new Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Cream from @freshbeauty and so far I’m obsessed. In terms of texture, this cream is rich without being too heavy on the skin or congesting pores (aka lovely for oily skin). Whenever I apply this at night, I wake up the next morning to supple, hydrated skin and a lovely glow that makes me look like I got way more hours of sleep than I actually did 🙌🏻 This cream also really helped diminish redness and even out my skin. The perfect nourishing night cream 💫
Testing out some new serums from @vanityplanetstore 💫 The packaging is super cute and I love the lil glass bottles. So far Reveal looks the most promising! Will definitely let you guys know what I think of these ASAP! #ad
A few hydrating glow essentials ✨ I’ve been really into facial oils so the @youthtothepeople Glow Oil is now a regular in my routine! Also you all know how much I love @farmacybeauty Honeymoon Glow for texture 💫
Starting to run low on my Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation and I’m not sure if I should try something else or reorder 🤔 I’m thinking the new Dior foundation or maybe some Laura Mercier!
Hyper pigmentation? Dark spots? Sorry, I don’t know her ☺️ So excited about Caudalie’s newest addition to their Vinoperfect family 💫 This line has been incredible for brightening my skin, and adds so much radiance to my complexion ✨ @mycaudalie @caudalie @sephoracanada #myvinoperfectnight . . Thank you Caudalie for inviting me to such a memorable night and for introducing me to so many amazing influencers 💛
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