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One of my favorite movies as a kid was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I love the scene where Li Mu Bai and Jen Yu are sword fighting in the bamboo forest, dancing across the small branches, seemingly weightless. I love the notion that through years of practice and dedication we can defy gravity. I’m still trying at any rate. The other night I had a flying dream, the first I’ve had in quite a while. It was different than the flying dreams I frequently had as a kid. Back then I could simply look up and blast off at a hundred miles per hour without hesitation. That became increasingly harder to do during my lucid dreams. As I got older I began to loose the magic and my feet just wouldn’t leave the ground. The other nigh was different because I was riding some sort of contraption. It was like a rocket scooter or something. Anyway, I pinned the throttle and pulled back, blasting up the side of a skyscraper into sky. The speed was exhilarating! I think as we get older we become more practical and grounded in reality. At least I’m still dreaming 📷 playing in the tree tops in Whistler BC with @eddiebauer
New vid is up! Link in profile. This past spring I finished up a beautiful crack project. Ringlock Ranch was lurking in a remote canyon, waiting thousands of years for the right climber to come along. It was an honor to do the FA of this route. Check the vid for the full scoop! 📷@eliza_earle @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure @pvintoniv @julesiecho @bronsonth
Got a fun little vid dropping tomorrow for all the crack climbers out there. Stay tuned! 📷 @eliza_earle @pvintoniv @eddiebauer #crackclimbing #liveyouradventure
First day back in Yosemite Valley, climbed some great pitches with @nikdingleberry feels great to have some air beneath my feet again #bigwall @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure @blackdiamond
Checked out a wild new route with @livingstonaaron the other day. This line will have some insane pitches! Stay tuned. @livingstonaaron photo of me on the crazy traverse pitch #kingline @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure @blackdiamond @edelweissropes_usa
Welcome to “Ringlock Ranch” 100% grass fed USDA choice crack climbing. It was a joy to find and work this amazing route. 📷 @pvintoniv @eliza_earle #crackclimbing @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure @julesiecho @bronsonth
Hot lap on the neighborhood coulie @eddiebauer @blackdiamond #liveyouradventure
Thanks for the fun times France! 🇫🇷 📷 @pvintoniv #argentiere @eddiebauer @blackdiamond #liveyouradventure
Finally made it to Fontainebleau. Already in love. 📷 @sunupsallie @pvintoniv @julesiecho #fontainebleau @eddiebauer @blackdiamond #liveyouradventure
Familia 🙏
“Terminator” an old school classic here in Hueco. This place has really been exposing my weaknesses, thank god there are cracks too! 📷 @paco_is Thanks for the spot @said_belhaj @eddiebauer @blackdiamond #liveyouradventure
Been having a great time here in hueco 📷 @said_belhaj good times @mpincus87 @bookofsamuel @marina_inaway @eddiebauer #crimpinainteasy #offwidth
Cave chess with @georgeullrich during a formative trip to Torres Del Paine. Feb 2010
It was windy today, so we went adventure bouldering. This was a cool jumpstart problem with a airy mantel 📷 @sunupsallie @eddiebauer @blackdiamond #liveyouradventure
Have a great day everyone 🙏
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