Max Mason-Hubers

Australian press photog with Fairfax Media. Newcastle & East coast. All views my own. Don't steal my pics.

Today is my last shift under the Fairfax Media name - as of Monday the company will be consumed by Channel Nine. Its hard to put into words how this feels. My entire photojournalism career has been with Fairfax. It’s the only Australian media company I ever wanted to work for. Rest In Peace. #RIPFairfax #fairfaxmedia #photojournalism
So I’m a dingus and deleted my original post of this little newsflash after I freaked and thought I’d posted it up early. So, here it is for posterity. Quite a humbling moment for this gentleman. #portraitau #nppp2019 @portraitau #nationalphotographicportraitprize
Mystery Trifecta. When the pony you hired to jazz up your Melbourne Cup festivities takes its revenge in the middle of the pub. Honeysuckle Hotel, Newcastle. . #nuptothecup #melbournecup2018 #fashionsonthefield #streetphotography #everydayaustralia #australianlife
Woman with dog. Thuma, northern Austria. . . #reportagespotlight #balooning #streetphotography #everydayeurope
Abdullah Qaiser, a 21 year old uni student from Pakistan, was punched by a man wearing knuckle dusters in a car jacking by a group at the University of Newcastle on Saturday. Here, face bandaged to stop his obliterated nose from bleeding, he sits for a portrait on his bed in a house shared with six other universtity students in North Lambton, NSW. Sadly they chose to study in Australia because they saw it as a safe place. . . #australianlife #photojournalism #onassignment #reportagespotlight #documentaryportraiture #documentaryphotography #everydayaustralia
At just 13, actor Simone Landers has already starred alongside Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Black Panther) in Australian zombie apocalypse film Cargo. She saw the film for the first time when it premiered in Sydney recently and found it quite surreal to see herself. I personally was thrilled that Netflix audiences will get to see a young aboriginal woman in a lead role. This girl has big things ahead of here. Shot for @newcastleherald #photojournalism #aboriginalaustralia #cargofilm
A pair of tiny storm cells blew across the Hunter yesterday, coming from clear skies and disappearing over the horizon, but not before dumping a surprising amount of rain on Aberglasslyn. #australianlife #everydayaustralia #weatherchasing #stormchasing
Groovin the Moo Maitland. #australianlife #everydayaustralia #GTM2018
#sortoffilter ? Oakley PRIZM-lensed gogs just found a summer use. #snowbs #PRIZM
Alicia, Chloe and Grace, ballerinas at the National College of Dance - a modest Studio in suburban Newcastle which has produced some world class dancers over the years. These three have each just been awarded the AICD Houston Ballet Scholarship which is a doorway to bigger things. #australianlife #photojournalism #portraitjournalism
Slowly people filtered out of homes and businesses to stand and stare. Nature might be invisible much of the time but on this evening it was out to remind us of our smallness. This is only the tail end of a kaleidoscope spectacle of rainbows, rain, wind, and all kinds of ethereal glowing. #stormchasing #weatherporn #mamatus #cloudporn #
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