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@Regrann from @that.queer.feminist - dress in whatever makes you comfortable!! forget gender stereotypes: clothes are just sewn in different places and somehow we identified that with a gender. if you feel happy in it, flaunt it💕 credit to @artbymoga
#Repost @balleralert with @get_repost gymnists at any size 🙌💪 ・・・ Yes queen (Video @angel_rice )
Often, both as brands and people, we hold onto an idea of “perfection” and the idea of what our lives are meant to be and how we're meant to look like. Today, we celebrate the fact that it is more than okay to let go of that notion, go at your own pace, and be yourself 😉 The Embrace Collection is finally here! The three scarves that we’ve just dropped represent “mental freedom” & “letting go” of the norms we hold in our minds. @headedsomewear
@Regrann from @nastywomancosmetics - No more conforming to someone else’s beauty standards. Time to be free! #freetobeme
@Regrann from @felicityhayward - To the couple sitting on the beach making fun, laughing and taking photos of me and my friends enjoying our holiday in lil bikinis, I will stand in front of you for 15 mins and take this banging photo, because my body is just as worthy as yours sweetie. Just because you have a toned gym bod doesn’t mean you are worthy of more respect. Comparison is the stealer of joy, so I’m gunna live my best life just like this and you can carry on with dealing with your own insecurities 🤙🏼 #SelfLoveBringsBeauty
@Regrann from @mikzazon - 105lbs to 170lbs. “Women gain a lot of weight and then preach self-love, instead of taking responsibility for doing something extreme to their bodies” Yes, it’s true.. The first phrase is, that is. But I don’t preach self-love because I’m avoiding a fault of mine. I’m waking up 65lbs heavier than I was 3 years ago & preaching self-love because I’m coming face to face with what it is to be in love with my body. Finally. #steppingintomypower #selflove #unleashyourstrength #thisismytruth #edrecovery
@Regrann from @exerciseplusextrafries - So many things that are more important than weight! My scales would TOTALLY tell me bottom left. What would yours tell you? Image via @bodyposipanda , artist unknown.
Showing love for the men too. All men’s bodies are good 🙌ladies we have to stop judging men on height, deep pockets etc. if we want equality. We all have preferences and are attracted to what we are attracted to but remember if you base everything on appearances and material things the relationship can be quite superficial instead of fulfilling. I also think it’s absolutely critical we get comfortable with men expressing their emotions instead of “manning up” we all need to express feelings and shouldn’t be put down or emasculate men for doing so. What are your thoughts?
@Regrann from @cheyennegil - People ask me all the time if I have tips about being confident or falling in love with my body. People message me saying “your confidence is goals!” and “I could never be as confident as you”... Do you think I woke up one day and was suddenly confident and running around jiggling my naked bod everywhere yelling “I’m confident now! I’m confident now!”??? No. It doesn’t fucking work that way, people. Tips for you? Do the work. Go to therapy. Dig deep. Journal. TOUCH YOUR BODY. Connect to your body. Connect to yourself. Meditate. Speak positive affirmations DAILY (multiple times a day). I say my affirmations while I’m driving, while I’m showering, while I’m cooking dinner And yes, I STILL SAY THEM. 6 years later. Because this is a journey. This isn’t “oh I’m confident now. I’m done working on myself”. The journey never ever ever ends - and yes, maybe it feels a little cliche or woo woo to do this shit, but if you WANT IT, then DO IT. Do the work. Your body does not need to be smaller, tighter, xx lbs lighter. These back rolls right here were the very thing that made me want to ACTUALLY die. Literally. I was suicidal over the fact that I thought my body was so disgusting that I didn’t want to live the rest of my life looking this way. These back rolls made me feel that way the most, because no matter how skinny I got, they never went away. Now? Now I love them. I squeeze them daily. They’ve grown so much since that lowest low point for me, and now I love them. They are mine. And I can’t believe that I could ever have hated them. This only happened because of the work I put in to get to a place where I can gain xx amount of weight and STILL BE HAPPY. Still feel like me (fuck that whole “there’s a skinny woman inside you wanting to get out and live her life” Oprah bullshit). I can look in the mirror. I can touch my belly, my pork chops, my arms, my thighs. I can touch them without wanting to rip them off of my body. It is work, people! You want to love yourself? You want to love, respect, and honor fat bodies...ALL bodies? Put in the work.
@Regrann from @bdd_babe - I had to make a CHOICE to love this belly. Do I still struggle? Of course! But everyday I have a choice.. I can either loathe or love and I choose love. All bellies are different and that’s what makes them beautiful! ❤️
Embrace all that you are. Why shouldn’t you? Repost @lindasplussize 💕
This is the first picture of me ever in a swimsuit. I could never find bikini tops that would fit my cup size. But even if I did my younger self would still never get out in a bikini and take pictures. Because of seeing other women with different body types from the body positive movement I am now able to find a variety of swimsuits and I decided to take pictures of myself and I absolutely fell in love with them. I even adore this one with my rolls. I’ve always loved my body it was just society trying to tell me I shouldn’t. Thank you bopo community 👏👏💕💕✨@kittenlg
@Regrann from @dianasirokai - Who can relate!😂💕 @prettylittlething
@Regrann from @charlihoward - Eating disorders can only be described as being consumed by a demon (I call it the ‘Brain Deviant’ in my book). Your brain tells you daily what a waste of space you are - how everyone hates you, how you’ll never achieve anything, how no one could love something so ugly and fat. And so, to overcompensate, you try and make yourself invisible & disappear by controlling your weight. You’re not trying to lose ‘weight’, really, but burn off all the insecurities and ugliness you have, as though being as light as a feather will turn you into a swan. 🥀 When you throw images of thin celebrities or models into the mix, it just confirms to that inner demon how disgusting you truly are - and how all your problems will disappear if you look like that. You’re essentially fighting mental illness with unobtainable beauty standards, making yourself feel worse in the long run. 🤯 My life on the left was miserable. One minute I’d be as high as a kite, and the next I’d want to smack someone in the mouth for looking at me. I’d sometimes rock back and forth on the shower floor, wondering when my torment would end. I felt I had to pretend that I was happy, so that my secret bulimia and obsessive low-calorie diets wouldn’t be discovered. I wanted people to believe I was genuinely this thin & felt like a total liar. There were points I hoped I’d get hit by a car, or thought about jumping in front of a tube train, simply because I couldn’t ever imagine a life where I FINALLY got to be happy or where food and calories didn’t dictate my every move. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Everyone I’ve ever spoken to who has had an ED all say they struggle with anxiety and depression as well. These don’t include the other issues they may be dealing with, which can include things like abuse, loneliness & bullying. So this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek , I want people to realise that things like anorexia and bulimia aren’t for attention. They’re a cry for help. We want to be saved. For those struggling, I can tell you that your life isn’t going to miraculously improve if you become thinner. You’ve got to start loving yourself on the inside first (as cringey as it sounds!). Your fairytale ending is
Yes ✨Some people view being on your own as “lonely”, “boring”, or “sad.” Let me tell you when you are with the wrong person you will feel all of those things. All those things you dream of in a partner you can find in yourself and do for yourself. If you can’t love yourself you cannot love anyone else. When you understand who you are, what and what you want you can then choose better matches to partner up with. How often do you tell yourself I love you ? 💛
@Regrann from @leenahlovesherself - My beautiful friend @betteringbecca sent me this super cute bikini, and I’m so glad I was able to rock it at the beach yesterday 😍who’s beach ready?
This! ❤️❤️❤️@Regrann from @lochamberlain - ESPN: The Body Issue, 10th edition. Are you ready? “This was one of those crazy, write-it-in-your-diary kind of goals of mine. I have talked about the ESPN Body Issue since it's been around. I don't think I said yes for myself necessarily. I said yes for the girls around the world who might see the issue and see someone who looks like them -- someone who's thicker, bigger, not as jacked as the typical athlete -- and that could give them that boost to love their bodies.” @espn #Body10 #BodyIssue #EspnBody 📸: @hanaasano Hair: @londonschair Makeup: @raevynallen
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