Matt Orehek

West Coast

Red fox photographed in Washington state
Washington trails... they’re hard to beat.
First light on the west coast
Adult bald eagle pulling meat from the bones of its most recent kill
Missing California quite a bit recently
Volcanic reflections
A female elephant seal snoozing in the sun on a beach in Washington. Was pleased to hear recently that this image was selected as a winner in a local photo contest. Love photographing wild animals.
Another iPhone photo of the mudcracks I found this weekend. Love finding stuff like this. Need to go back with the camera.
Mud cracks in the mountains in Washington #iPhoneX
Osprey - looking for its next victim
Been a gorgeous autumn in the PNW. 6 years since I’ve lived here at this time of year.. Nice to see these colors again.
A beautiful sunrise in the North Cascades
Elk rutting season - here’s a photo I got last year of a big bull letting out a bugle. Great rack on him
Hard to come by water in the desert but always special when you do.
Nature is putting on a show. Get out and enjoy the fall colors before it’s too late.
Winding trails through a smoky basin
Soaking up the desert sun
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