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👨🏼‍💻 Entrepreneur @ 24 🇨🇦 Calgary, AB ✍🏻 Kicking back with a sketchbook

Keeping one eye on the money can be prudent, but I’ve been reminded often lately that it’s fleeting. . Real joy, connection and peace are rarely (or likely never) found when the pursuit of money becomes an all consuming force💰🤤 . So just a friendly Monday reminder, keep first things first . - @mattwdesign
Yo Yo - Joe Joe . For more hit that follow @mattwdesign
I’ve always been somewhat fascinated with techniques like time lapses and animation. . I’m hoping to animate one of these little guys sometime soon. . If you’re so inclined follow @mattwdesign to catch em
Hal is very handy to have around for a move. . For more hit that follow @mattwdesign . . #yycart #yycartist #drawsome #drawdrawdraw #pencilsketch #inkpensketch #inkpenart #robotics #robot #drawingoftheday
Enjoyed discovering this li’bot on the page 🚀 . Hit that follow @mattwdesign for more!
Measure up. To expectations? _ _ 🤖 Follow @mattwdesign for weekly robot drawings
Boombox. . Follow @mattwdesign for weekly robot drawings
Back at last! Life’s been a wild ride of late but it’s finally settled down enough for a little drawing again ✍🏻 . Follow @mattwdesign for more
Sometimes the weight of the #pencil ✏️ is too much for me alone. . Hit that follow @mattwdesign for more!
My wife requested a “Treat robot” this is what happened... . Follow @mattwdesign for weekly robots . #yycart #yycartist #calgary #calgaryart #yyc #pencil_art #drawsome #pencilsketch
Finally a Star Wars robot, I know! I used to draw everything Star Wars as a kid including R2-D2 so it’s actually been quite nostalgic working on this ✍🏻 . Hit that Follow @mattwdesign to catch the completed piece!
I struggled with this week’s drawing a bit... thoughts? . Want weekly robot drawings? Follow @mattwdesign . . #pencil_art #drawsome #drawdrawdraw #pencilsketch #cuterobot
Little different from my usual style, but I liked playing with some different shapes. Hope you have an amazing week! . Weekly robot drawings? Give me a follow @mattwdesign
Super excited to showcase the finished piece! I haven’t done this much pencil work in such a long time. Thanks so much to those who’ve been following me along the way! 😊 . Hit that follow @mattwdesign for more!
Imagination is such a wonderful gift. . Follow for a New Robot drawing every Monday @mattwdesign 😊
Is the future friendly? Tag a friend who needs a smile 😊 - @mattwdesign #drawings #pencilart #art #robot #draws
The collection wouldn’t be complete without the Iron Giant. It’s been fun taking a little more time with this one 😊 Hit that Follow @mattwdesign to catch the completed piece!
Sometimes the created isn’t the biggest fan of the creator...
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