Mauritz Sebastian Crous

I do what I do by the grace of God. Lifestyle & landscape

To the sea.
Umhlanga at 18:00 // it’s good to be back 👋
Free fallin’.
The shore.
“They can delay you, but they can’t stop you” - Ps At Boshoff
Suné + Stephen / The Scholtz Wedding day
Always on the move.
Hanging valleys.
Maybe Monday. Inspired by @damianedidit
"Somewhere in Mpumalanga."
We come alive.
"In the midst of the mist." // Jumping in freezing cold water, @boerjp and @wjstrydom15 chasing cows and driving up some steep, misty hills in a car filled with 8 of us are only a few of the best moments this weekend. I have realized the importance of just surrounding yourself with people who bring life, add value and don't take life too seriously 🌿
"Take your last supplies." // Caves (Samuraii Remix) - Haux
"Speak into my heart and guide my steps, show me Your way." Portrait by @jacquesvanwyk_
Race you to the top.
Graskop with Dan.
Heading out // #gominimalmag
Pretty flowers & ugly hands.
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