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AHHHHH we’ve hit 1 Million! This is insane! We may or may not have taken this picture slightly early... but thank you guys so much! We hope to put on more events like this for you guys to thank you for all you do for us! We cannot thank you guys enough and can’t wait to FINALLY release this EP 😂😂😂 It’s so close you guys could almost grab it! Shoutout goes to @marvey.mp4 who commented loads! Thank you guys again so much! Love you guys ❤️
OH MY GAWD THIS KID IS 12 NOW. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE. YOU STILL LOOK LIKE A 4 YEAR OLD TO US! 😂 Not because you’re short Leo, because it’s weird that you’re 12 already, although you are just a TINY bit short. 😂 But that’s not the point, the point is we’re so proud of this kid, not only because he’s so great at pretty much everything, but he manages to bloody one-up us with just about everything he does 😂 We set a bar and he just obliterates it 😂 Hope you have an awesome birthday Leo, and just wanted to make sure you know that you need to start growing because Tilly is catching up 😂😂😂 Happy Birthday mate @leomills9
So proud of our friend @missjaydenb love the new song it’s so catchy! Not sure who those weirdos are in the video but the rest of it is great! 😂 Make sure you go check it out because the song is so good! #NewYou
A real life image of us looking up at that 999k number. WE ARE SO FREAKING CLOSE! We’ve achieved so much this year that has honestly made this one of the best years of our life, and it’s all thanks to you guys. We signed a record deal with @hollywoodrecords , we won The RDMA, we performed on the main stage at Camp Bestival and Headlined the CBBC Summer Social, we have our own tv show on @cbbc And now we’re about to release our first ever EP. Thank you guys so much for everything, this year isn’t even over yet, and we’ve got so many exciting things coming up over the next few months! We can’t wait to go on tour and see all of you and personally thank you for everything you’ve done for us over these past 2 and a half years. We love you guys so much. Comment shoutout goes to @jeanette.svarc for commenting so so much! Now we want you guys to comment so much on this one as this is going to be the last one we do for a while! So comment loads if you want a shoutout in the 1 Million post! Love you guys ❤️ 📸: @cbradyphotography
Adventures with Helen Pt. 1 Helen: Woah guys there’s a gold shopping cart there! Me: Get in it. Helen: Wait What? Max: You heard him. Get in it. Helen: No, absolutely not Me: It’s for Instagram Helen: ... Max: You wouldn’t want us to have nothing to post right Helen: I Guess... Also Helen: *Gets In Cart* Me: *Starts Violently Spinning Shopping Cart* Max: YEEEESSSSSS And this is what it looks like when we torture team Max And Harvey. 😂 Helen’s great. Go ask her for merch @helenchathams 😂 Comment shoutout goes to @radiodisney for commenting, a bit 😂😂😂 However, they actually kind of have a part in the reason why Max and I are dressed like this, and you too will find out soon! But for now, if you want a shoutout in the next post make sure you comment loads on this one!!! Love you guys! 📸: @shootla
Adventures of Chad pt. 3 Chad: Guys, Go Use Your British Charm To Get Those Lifeguards To Let You Go On Their Lifeguard Tower Me: Urm... We Don’t Have Any Of That 😂 Max: But Why Not Us: *Take Picture On LifeGuard Tower* Tourists: *See This As An Opportunity To Take A Picture On The Tower As Well Without ASKING POLITELY! Hey yo Baywatch Casting Agent where you at?? I have to admit, not sure we really live up to any of the basic standards of being a lifeguard or being physically fit. But we have tried our best and that’s what really matters here. Comment shoutout goes to @germanmillsie_ for commenting so much! If you want a shoutout in the next post then make sure you comment loads on this one! Adios! 📸: @cbradyphotography
The Adventures Of Chad pt. 2 Chad: Hey Guys Try Do Something With That Seaweed Me: Yeah Ok I’ll Throw It At Max Max: Urrr Chad: Maybe You Shouldn’t, That’ll ruin your clothes for the rest of the shoot Me: Nah Trust Me This Will Be Sick Chad: Um. No. I couldn’t pick it up. Chad is great. Follow him. @cbradyphotography If you don’t follow him, we will fill all of your household items with seaweed. You have been warned. Comment shoutout goes to @marvey.fp for commenting the same amount as the population of Vatican City (look it up) If you want a shoutout in the next post all you gotta do is spam the comments! We’re gonna stop doing this soon for lols so get commenting quick!!! 📸: @cbradyphotography
Chad: “Hey Guys Do One Where You’re Laughing” Us: “Yeah Ok” Also Us: “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” *with sarcastic tone* Chad is great. Go follow him. @cbradyphotography If I hadn’t pointed it out would you guys have bought this? Y’know that we have fun and stuff. You buying that? Actors? Where’s the Oscar. Best Idiots on a Beach goes to... Please make that a category. @theacademy where you at? Comment shoutout goes to @impressivemills for stealing the comments section, and if you want a shoutout in the next post all you gotta do is comment like your life depends on it. BECAUSE MAYBE IT DOES. Ahaha bye. 📸: @cbradyphotography
We had to get down somehow and the water kept surrounding the block. Best solution? Throw your shoes and jump. Probably could have thought of a better way but we didn’t. So... it didn’t really work out very well. But we got down without too much pain so that’s a good thing. Comment shoutout goes to @maxandharvey_x_ for commenting a lot! Make sure you comment loads on this one if you want a shoutout in the next post!
Ahahaha. Ahaha. Aha. Ha. Hm. OUR NEW TV SHOW COMES OUT TOMORROW! You can go and watch Jayden teach us how to dance! We’ll let you decide whether it’s gonna go well or not, but you can find out tomorrow! And if you DON’T live in the U.K. then ask your friends how you can view it because we’re not supposed to tell you because THAT’S. NOT. ALLOWED. You’re welcome Oli 😉😂 So yeah there’s always a way to do everything! So make sure you tune in to CBBC tomorrow at 11am and then every single Saturday for the next 6 months or more or less or I’m bad at keeping track of time so just keep checking in every Saturday at 11am 😂 @cbbc @missjaydenb #Dance
So turns out I can’t even eat a snow cone. I mean they look cool and stuff but the eating part isn’t as easy as it looks apparently 😂 If anyone has any tips on being a regular human being please just leave em in the comments! Ahaha. Aha. Ha. Comment shoutout goes to @star.mills for commenting so much! Comment loads on this post if you want a shoutout in the next one! Love you guys ❤️ 📸: @cbradyphotography
Ohana means family. Is what we would have said if we were a generic Instagram star who posts one sentence captions. BUT THAT’S NOT US! Instead we’re gonna talk about Frozone from Incredibles and how amazing he is. And his wife honey. They are an inspiration to the world. And Lilo and Stitch are cool too I guess. But Frozone and Honey are like ANOTHER LEVEL. Speaking of another level, WHO HAS TICKETS TO SEE US ON TOUR?!?! We cannot wait for October/November and we must remind you that we are going to Birmingham (SOLD OUT), Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin and Belfast! Go get tickets quick because all shows are nearly sold out and we wouldn’t want you guys to miss out! And get the meet and greets while they’re still there!!! Comment shoutout goes to @forevermillsies_new for commenting an INCREDIBLE amount! (Aha. See what I did there. Because a minute ago I was talking about the incredibles. Ha.) IF YOU WANT A SHOUTOUT IN THE NEXT POST then all you have to do is comment loads on this one. (And like it obviously because validation is everything nowadays. 😂) 📸: @cbradyphotography
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