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The best thing to happen to men, since women.

Ending the year on a very sexy note with @s.gafoor 🔥 📸: @nicksaglimbeni #ShazeedaGafoorForMaxim #HotRightNow #MaximGirl #MaximIndia
Sweet dreams are made of @pri_ncxss 💞 📸: @nicksaglimbeni #PriyankaAres for Maxim #MaximGirl #HotRightNow #MaximIndia
"I feel sexiest when I’m in an Indian outfit. There’s something sexy about donning a sari or a lehenga: it makes me feel powerful." @hamelpatel_ For Maxim Shot by @nicksaglimbeni #MaximGirl #MaximIndia
News Breakers of 2018-19: In what can only be deemed a whirlwind year, the global icon grabbed mindspace—and, we’re not just talking about her nuptials. The current Hot 100 winner invested in tech through Bumble, the dating app built on the premise that women will initiate conversations in heterosexual matches, bringing the service to India and helping to ease safety concerns associated with other dating apps. @priyankachopra has also partnered with Facebook to spread awareness and empower women, and to reduce instances of cyber bullying—a 2014 Ipsos study placed India at the top of cyber bullying list. #PriyankaChopra #MaximGirl #MaximIndia
"I don’t really pay a lot of attention to trolls. I choose to focus on my work so that I can turn my dreams into reality." @urvashirautela for Maxim #UrvashiRautela #UrvashiRautelaForMaxim #MaximGirl #HotRightNow #SexyBack #MaximIndia
"I’ve been creating content on Instagram for almost six years now! I would say it was just being myself and sharing my love for art with the world, and that worked." @hamelpatel_ For Maxim Shot by @nicksaglimbeni #MaximGirl #MaximIndia
It’s time to take your style quotient up a notch by including this savvy- yet-timeless instrument in your wardrobe—it’ll also make sure you have no reason to skimp out on your 2019 fitness goals. With @gshock_in #Casio #CasioWatch #GShockWatch #GShock #MaximStyle #MaximIndia
The News Breakers of 2018-19: Women who have moved us, shaken us and made us smile. A trailblazer in every sense of the word, Kangana Ranaut proved yet again that speaking your mind and sticking to your guns is essential. She’s not in the Maxim Hall of Fame for nothing. #KanganaRanaut #MaximGirl #MaximIndia
'Of Fantasy and sway' @hamelpatel_ has many avatars, and this is our favourite. Shot by @nicksaglimbeni #HamelPatel For Maxim #MaximGirl #MaximIndia
Joining the G-SHOCK brand as a new athleisure series, Casio’s G-SQUAD doesn’t confine itself to a particular type: it’s making sure that every box is checked by perfectly straddling both style and immense functionality. With @gshock_in #Casio #CasioWatch #GShock #GShockWatch #GSquad #MaximStyle #MaximIndia
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