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Villain birthday months, which one are you? COMMENT below 👇👇👇 #mcunerd
Do you think we’ll get a scan like this in Infinity War? COMMENT what you think👇👇👇#mcunerd
The hulk is gonna wear the hulkbuster suit!!!! COMMENT if you like the new or old hulkbuster👇👇 #mcunerd
Choose your team🔥 COMMENT your decision 👇👇👇#mcunerd
Awesome fanart😍 comment your favorite avenger👇👇#mcunerd
MORE BLACK PANTHER ART😍 TAG a friend you watched black panther with👇👇👇 #mcunerd
Who had the best comeback❓ COMMENT “CAP “ or “ERIC” #mcunerd
THE INFINITY WAR ROOSTER 😍 COMMENT your favorite heron👇👇👇#mcunerd
What phase is your favorite so far❓COMMENT below👇👇#mcunerd
Who are you buying❓Best COMMENT wins!!! #mcunerd
Doctor Strange looks like a badass🔥 COMMENT who you’re most excited to see in infinity war👇👇👇 #mcunerd
COMMENT who you think has the soul stone👇👇👇 I think it’s in the dark dimension. #mcunerd
The last number of your phone number is the weapon you get! COMMENT what you get👇#mcunerd
COMMENT where you think the soul stone is❓#mcunerd
Is that batman😱😂 #mcunerd
LIKE for Bucky COMMENT for Iron Man🔥#mcunerd
SICK FAN ART🔥 DM me your fan are to get featured on my page!!!! #mcunerd
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