Brian McWilliams

Comedian, writer, Mexican donkey show reviewer.

Lasers on trees baby
When there is no room on the couch, you invent room. By lying on your owner’s face. #hankieman
To be clear, this is my wife’s car but MY sock. My SOLO sock. In her car, in the console. So many questions. So many mysteries. This is how you keep a marriage fresh.
@californiataproom Let’s go Birds! #flyeaglesfly
Pushin up daisies
Curled up furry Christmas poop. #chloebert
Comfy, ya stink beasts? #hankieman #chloebert
And one in the daylight, because Christmas is the best. #christmastree
The tree, she is beautiful! #christmastree
Sit Up...then realize your life is a sham
This blanket is as snowy as it gets in LA.
Look at these Christmas babes!
Happy Thanksgiving! Kicking it with the cousins.
Tradition! Cheap, cheap tradition!! With @sandbox720 @silpetril @samohymie @ravenscutie
Thanksgiving weekend is begun. This nog is delicious.
Freakin monopoly on dogs over here. Also, sweet remote control scarf @sandbox720
One of the coolest things I have seen at a wedding #sweetonskinner
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