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Lets define ‘Viral Content’: People need to understand that ‘Viral’ term is not about numbers. Numbers can be tempered and bot. I can make a property worth a million views and likes in an hour only. ‘Viral content’ is an emotion, an emotion which people can relate and talk about. And those induced emotions are subjected to bring conversation. Conversations in terms of comments, reshare, repost and other intense actions. ‘Like’ button and number of likes are not intense conversations, it is just likability for the creator in most of the cases. I hope it helps. Love, A . . 📷: @im_pixl
Lets talk about ‘Relationship’: Relationship is a part of your life, not completely your life. Other half is your protector, guide at times, when you’re low or confused on taking your life decisions. Eventually people do exactly opposite due to their ego and dominating psychological nature where, two of them trying to be superior at each other. And then relationship and pyaar ko badnaam kartey hain generalise karke. Abb aapke Mom-Dad, mere Mom-Dad bhi toh ek life long relation me hain na. Kaise ek dusre ke saath khush rehte hain. ☺️ ~ Aftab . . . 📷: @im_pixl
Psychology of ‘Doing the best and expecting worst’: One of the psyche I follow while living my life is to expect worst, not even ‘nothing’. When you’re expecting the worst of your efforts, then somehow you’re preparing yourself for the worst situation you can face. Eventually when you’re expecting ‘worst’, then you don’t get disappoint, that means you’re eliminating one negative emotion in your life called ‘disappointment’. Now whatever you get of your efforts is positive for you and you didn’t expect it to be that good. You feel good of results :) So ‘life’ with best efforts and no disappointments becomes ‘beautiful’. ~ Aftab . . . Picture: @im_pixl
Now you all know the reason behind my good mustache 😛 Happy Bornday to the girl with wings @swaalina 💕 The ‘Prada’ Girl, I’m really proud of you ☺️ Har saah utte naam bole tera Kinna kardi ae jatta jatti tera Tu yaari kera la ke dekh lae 😍 I don’t know anything about Punjabi but song was a slayer and you killed it equally 🙈
Psychology of ‘Balance/control’: It is about energies. Your body, your happiness, your expressions are tend to change according to the situation and emotions you’re going through. When you’re at your best, you’ll feel joy and over energized. When you’re at worst or low, you’ll feel down or less or no energized at all. The one who keeps this energy in the middle even when you’re at your best or when you’re at worst, they are ‘Achievers’, they are real ‘emotional’ people who knows how to behave at situations. And believe me, that’s the key to success, at least for me it works best. Try :) ~ Aftab
There is a reason why you’re in this world. Color your life with different people, emotions and values. In the end you’re going to be known for your colors you’ve painted in this whole wide world. ~ Aftab . . . Camera 📷: @im_pixl
Mubarak.. Eid Mubarak ♥️ What EIDI you want to give me this EID? 🙈 Lets see your creativity 😅
I’ve learned from Video Games: When you meet enemies, you’re going in the right direction. 😁
I believe on frames more than humans. ~ A content creator.
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My beard is sharper than your future 😜 Hai na? 🙈
You were created to create :)
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