my beautiful happy place 🌊✨
thanks sm hana πŸ’―πŸ’―(yes ik i look like a tangerine in the last one πŸŽ‰)
silently prays to snapchat to keep the cute filter that everyone loves πŸ‚
i look ranky but i love this kid so much πŸ’“
love is a human experience, not a political statement πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ#pridemonth #pride
happy day of birth cami i love you @camimendes
HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SEXI BEAN I LOVE YOU AND BC IM ICONIC I FELT THE NEED TO LIST OUR MEMORIES - ok so i remember my lil sleepover and you were kinda high all morning and you sung welcome to my house with a union jack pillow over your forehead bc you're a strange one - that same morning helen and saee threw pillows to my face when i was dressed in a cocoon and you died of laughter and videoed the whole bloody thing - your love for sensations wtf - your insane salads which im so incredibly jealous of everyday and i just - at the dance show where we bought a medium pizza with amelia raesin and we watched the others eat this fuck off banquet and where so jealous - when you made me a sandwich for the dance show and it wa so nice - that guy telling me to piss off to the back of the queue bc i was laughing at him with you hahahahah we wish he was fired - with k8 at the sleepover where you pissed yourself from laughing - there was a spider and k8 forgot her spider catcher so we were like shit what we gonna do and you and k8 went and got a cup and tissue and you screamed so loud you woke your mum up - your bloody awesome chickens - SALTBAE. just saltbae. - we literally got addicted to salt bae like wtf - ARSE. WE MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE STOLEN IT BUt it's so well known and famous now who cares - open up your arsh to me and that literally speaks for itself - your fascination of snapchat even though your a n00b who doesn't have it - how you get so awkward and cuddly when you get something like a present hahahHahahah - NEXT WEEK WE HAVE A CONCERT WITH @kaaaaaaaateeee AT SOME PLACE IN LONDON TO SEE LIL MIX ND YOU HAVE NO IDEA IM SO EZCIYED - chucking tons of water over emma and we died and she got so pissed - we then stole emma greg's water bottle and sprayed it over other emma even more lMAO - those infamous steps - trying to slide down the pole in one (it isn't dirty) - you're my bean and i lava you - im so damn excited for next friday eeEEEEEE - my best friend - sEE YOU TOMORROW BIRTHDAY GIRL ILYSM
my friends don't walk, they run / ty k8 m8 u were there too @kaaaaaaaateeee
happy birthday ya twat ily
speak your mind even if your voice shakes ✰
we judge people for judging people because judging people is wrong ❀
she's stuck between who she is, who she wants to be, and who she should be β™±
head in the clouds but my gravity's centred / yes im aware i use lots of spacers what's your point☽
two favourite people - thank you for today. so much love for both of you ❀️❀️❀️
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