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Seagulls follow the mussel dredger at #Oosterschelde in #Zeeland . They try to pick up some mussels, while the fishermen are putting them into storage.
Loneliness on a windy winter day. Fish are hiding, and the seagulls just fly. Es regnet Bindfäden, und ich geh jetzt ins Café. Da bleibe ich dann und schreibe meine Memoiren. Oder über das Meer und den Sand an meinen Schuhen.
Preparing for my next trip. I‘ll stay at the coast, but travel more than 750 km. What‘s my next destination? #northsea
#Girona and its colourful houses along the winding river Onyar. Jetzt im Blog: über Yoga in den Weinbergen von Calonge und einen Kochkurs in Girona. Ich sag nur: Tortilla. Crema catalana. 😋😋😋
Love the november light at Costa Brava. Actually, I‘m writing an article about Girona und my cooking lessons. You know how to make the perfect tortilla? #incostabrava
Follow me to the pirates nest. Even if #Cadaqués today‘s more an artists place, you will feel it’s wildness on a moody day in autumn. Jetzt im Blog: Als ich kreativ wurde im Künstlerort Cadaqués an der Costa Brava. Das Gewitter war schuld! Oder?#incostabrava
Those tiny medieval villages like #Pals inspire me. #incostabrava 📷 @herzanhirn
Wishful thinking. If you live at the coast, you might own a boat. #incostabrava
No filter, just nature. #incostabrava #sunset
Back home and not yet ready to go again. But you‘ll meet me at the Mediterranean from tomorrow on. #lifeofatravelblogger
Where I lived a few years ago. Alas, they have changed the pavement into a modern one. So the alley looses part of his flair. #düsseldorf #oldtown Neuer Artikel über die alte Heimat und Klein Tokio im Blog!
Ever heard about „Bergische Kaffeetafel“? Waffles with sour cherries and a creamy rice pudding are part of it. You can try it out with your family or friends e.g. at #Solingen Burg. Nice view!
If you happen to be in #Düsseldorf , always look for tiny cafés like „Kucheneck“ (Bilker Allee / Zimmerstraße). It‘ll make you happy.
Strolling through the streets and neighbourhoods of #Düsseldorf . Street artists: JANA & JS
But what are they looking for? Searching for shells? #seadogs
When you never get tired of looking at something, it must be love. #nature
When we decided to leave the city and live by the sea, I didn‘t expect life changing, me changing that fast.
Rainy days, but an intense smell of the salty water. #northsea
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