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This is a spot I captured somewhere in Oregon. The first thing that caught my eye was this lit up laundromat on the side of the road, second thing was this classic Pepsi machine. We pulled over and as I approached the window I saw what it appears to be a bullet through the glass. I enjoy these discovery specially when I wasn’t looking for it. #castrofrank
Motel vacancy. • • #castrofrank
I’ve had this photograph stuck in my head for some time, it doesn’t matter how small of an idea you have, if you keep dwelling on it, that means you should just do it. 120 film. P.s I love those red light leaks. 🔥#castrofrank @bboycasper • • Thanks @pablo_chanez for always assisting on some of these complex shoots that I come up with 🙏🏼
“It’s not always love when you feel butterflies in your stomach.” #castrofrank 120 film with my bro @bboycasper
One of my favorite 120 film images we created so far in 2018. With my brother @bboycasper definitely one of the most raw dudes I know.• #castrofrank • Shot in my home studio Photo assistant: @pablo_chanez
Thank you to those that already purchased prints from my release with @posterchildprints on Friday. Super appreciative, if you haven’t already got yourself some please visit the link in my bio. These are limited and are moving quick. 🙏🏼 #castrofrank
Just released this print along with some others W/ @posterchildprints super stoked for those that already purchased! Thank you! If you haven’t already purchased the link is in my bio 🔥❤️ these are collectible prints at a reasonable price. Thanks for the love and support! Truly appreciate you all #castrofrank #iloveyou
Super stoked to be releasing 3 new limited prints to the public tomorrow for the very first time in my career. I’ve really worked hard to get to this point, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity. I appreciate all of you who have really supported me through my photographic career and to truly show my appreciation I wanted to make some more affordable prints that some of you have been asking for. ❤️🔥 the release will be tomorrow with @posterchildprints at 10am 🙌🏻 you can purchase directly on their site. I hope you get your self one 🙏🏼 #castrofrank
Really stoked about my print release with @posterchildprints this upcoming Friday! If you’re a fan of my works and want to pick up some high quality prints please stay tuned 🙏🏼 I appreciate everyone’s support and love.• • This image is titled “I love me” 🔥💖
“Unrequited love”• • With @jesilerae Shot in my in-house studio. #castrofrank
Conceptualizing an image is one thing, producing it into fruition is another. I’m not holding back from anything this year no matter how difficult it may seem and neither should you. This image is titled “I love you” Sep. 2017 Shot in my home studio #castrofrank
Somewhere in Oregon. #castrofrank
Parkside Flowers. #castrofrank
Broken dreams. Somewhere in Oregon, 2018 #castrofrank
“Lost Purity”• • shot in my home studio 09.2017 #castrofrank
Amore a prima vista• • Actress// @jesilerae #Castrofrank
I’ve always been proud of my street imagery and have always been particular about the type of work I share on my page, but this year I promised myself that I would share a larger range of the photography that I create. _______________________________________ In the following images I’ll be sharing with you guys, I directed the imagery captured by the lens and practiced a more planned execution. Which is contrary to my candid street photography. I really hope you all enjoy these upcoming pieces. I am glad to present this specific image for the first time on any social media platform. Photo Title: “Lost Love” Created: September 2017 In My Home Studio 🔥🌹 #castrofrank
I’m excited for the opportunity for a pop-up with @eastern_projects_gallery If any of you want to come hang out and talk about photography or just come and say hi please do so 🙏🏼 this Saturday FEBRUARY 17 after @lachinatown “119th GOLDEN DRAGON PARADE” for my opening reception of “STREET STORIES”. Hope to see you there, thank you to those that continue to support me. It’s not easy printing and framing your work, specially when it’s 60x90 inches. But I’m proud of them. Im blessed to have people that collect and support me. I feel lucky. Thank you 🌹🔥
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