Castro Frank

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Park Central, Los Angeles Ca #castrofrank
“Friday Night Lights” For me, it’s the simple things that make me think. This is an image I made on a high school football field during a Friday game. Hope you guys enjoy the diversity. #castrofrank
3 5 m m | L . A . #castrofrank
Pacquiao vs bronner? Smh easy work Reno Nv #castrofrank
35mm | Los Angeles Ca #castrofrank
Men & Women #castrofrank
Something in between. #castrofrank
Respect the hustle. #castrofrank
Untitled - San Francisco ‘18 #castrofrank
Be thankful. #castrofrank
Los Angeles Ca 2018 #castrofrank
I never walked a day in your shoes, I was never angry at you for the way you treated us, although I didn’t know why, I never judged you. It’s all clear now, it wasn’t you the whole time, it was that thing that kept calling you, that thing that’s been controlling and following you trying to kill you. Don’t let that thing win, life is too precious to go to waste. You got this. Don’t let that thing win. #castrofrank
Definitely one of my favorite photographs I’ve made. A photograph that needs few words are the ones I aim to make. #castrofrank
Sueños de Oro. #castrofrank
Streets we run. #castrofrank
Golden Hour✨ #castrofrank
The energy was too strong 🙏🏼✨ #castrofrank M: @arantxaservin
Perfect time. #castrofrank
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