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Huge thanks to @paradisemagazine_ this publication has supported your boy from the beginning. Thank you for giving me the front cover, very honored! Give them a follow and cop the new issue while you’re at it 🙏🏼🙌🏻 ・・・ It’s here! issue 3 is available for pre-order now, and we can’t wait for y’all to see it. We’ve got a new look, a stacked list of 32 crazy talented contributors, an interview with @millennialloteria , a spotlight on @heightnlight , and much more inside. A big thank you to everyone involved and to @meetcastrofrank for the amazing cover. This has been our first issue in a minute, and we’re definitely pleased to have come back with this one. You can order yours at 🌹❤️
I been thinking a lot lately. About the importance of preserving what I believe will be soon replaced. Looking through old photographs I’ve discovered places I loved, people that meant a lot to me slowly disappear. Everything seems like a faint memory now. #castrofrank
All that negativity in your life, all the bottled anger. Let it all go. #castrofrank
The simple things that make you feel. #castrofrank
God is with me, and with you. #castrofrank
Land of hope. Land of opportunity. #castrofrank
The red dragon caught in SF. #castrofrank
I love how the lines all cross each other in this image I captured. I stood in this spot for like 30min until someone interesting came up. Definitely worth the patience. 🤘🏽 #castrofrank
When I was a kid I remember my pops taking me to the airport, we’d bring snacks and sit there for hours just watching planes taking off and coming in. I would reach my hand up high and pretend that I can touch the plane. Nothing like childhood memories. #castrofrank
For some reason I really liked the way the light was spot on right where the dark of the cloud was. #castrofrank
the rest of my days and nights belong to you. #forever
I’ve never seen a police call box, do you think we should have some of those out here in LA? I mean unless I just haven’t seen any. #castrofrank
Fun fact, a few years ago I had the privilege of doing a 2yr internship with the forensic photography devision. After my internship ended the chief photographer offered me the job. I didn’t end up taking it, and although I would’ve been set for life, I wanted the freedom to be able to create when I wanted and what I wanted. Either way I have the highest respect for any man or woman that puts on a uniform, the mentality of putting on a hat knowing they may not return is undeniably brave. #castrofrank
I watched his man trying so hard to see the menu, but couldn’t because the menu had polished glass that was reflecting the sun in his face. #castrofrank
If you’re going through a rough time in your life, keep your head up. It is all temporary, tomorrow will be brighter... I promise you. #castrofrank
I really like the way I framed this one, it reminded me of a wide polaroid. Also, can you see my reflection? 🤙🏽 #castrofrank
I remember when I was a kid, my mother and I would spend hours washing clothes at the laundromat. I’d be the one to push the shopping cart all the way home. The good ol days, playing in the laundromat’s arcade, game of choice.....Street fighter! Who remembers!? #castrofrank
I wasn’t sure on whether to crop into the image showing just the arms, which literally I end up having 3 different edits and sometimes that can drive me mad! So I said “screw it, I’ll show the bigger picture.” #castrofrank
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