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Looking for incest, if ur related to me hmu

Okay i don't know how else to say it so I'll just say it: today I got to be a guest chef at @benihana and cook for ten people and do all the tricks INCLUDING the onion volcano and the shrimp flip and the egg roll. I have to thank my trainer Regie, who didn't get mad even when I dropped some beef in my friend's water, my friends for eating all the food even though I got carried away pretending to be salt bae and over salted everything, and @josephcarnegie for the best gift ever ❤🍤🍱🍚🍢🍖
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258! #weeks #tbt
Best of luck today to my shitty ex at his recital
Tonight is the season 2 finale of #TheGoodPlace at 830 on NBC. I love writing for it very much and I'm very proud of the work we did. Here is a video @joemande took of mike schur trying to throw a triscuit into my mouth during work. I'm good at catching food but triscuits are much bigger than you think. Keep this subtext in mind as you watch the finale. I think it will be helpful.
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Getting ready to go for a run (also i didn't buy this don't worry)
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My cutest friend and style icon @chrissasparkles made these ***SAVAGE*** crop tops to raise money for victims of sexual harassment and domestic abuse. Get one at her "site" (short for website):!!!!!
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Cleaning out my house I've found some incredibly fun and inexplicable souvenirs from parks & rec: 1) a letter @nickofferman wrote in one of my episodes 2) a card from when we were breaking the story where Dennis feinstein wants to hunt tom 3) a broken keyboard I made the writers sign
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How much would u pay for this absolutely GORGEOUS original necklace i made in high school
Thank you to AFI for recognizing The Good Place as the #1 best film of the year!
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R.I.P. 2017 (2017 - 2017)
i finally took twitter up on their offer and traded in all my stupid female followers for One Man
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