Megan Amram

it's this weird, sexual, anti-comedy comedy that's 'in' right now. - my mom

Absolutely probably not going to sue these wonderful #AnEmmyForMegan superfans for putting the unlicensed logo on a t-shirt
298..... #tbt
please someday watch the movie I am writing for Bad Robot which is titled “Untitled Megan Amram” #AnOscarForMegan
It’s my dear @jreddout ‘s birthday and I went to find a photo of us from yesteryear and accidentally happened upon the most fantastic evidence circa 2007 that i didn’t cut my hair for ten years
297 #tbt
Feelin good 2day
I already voted and double checked with the LA registrar that they recieved it but i'm not gonna post a sticker selfie so here's a photo of my sticker and one of me from a couple years ago
This pic is from 296 weeks ago #tbt
295 #tbt
I have been fantasizing about having a Simpsons treehouse of horror name since I was literally 10 years old. So thank you to my shitty dad for giving me a stupid last name that sounds like a lot of other words and works really well for combining with spooky halloween words!!!
Tonight at 8:30 pm on NBC is a brand-new episode of #TheGoodPlace called “Jeremy Bearimy” that I happened to have written! I am very excited for you to watch it. Here is a picture of me on the set of “Jeremy Bearimy,” the episode of #TheGoodPlace that I wrote that’s airing tonight at 8:30 pm on NBC. What does this picture mean? Is it a spoiler? Is it merely a sweet girl enamored of a pot of chili, lost in the ecstasy of its flavor and texture? There’s only one way to find out. Watch tonight at 8:30 on NBC. Or DM me, I guess. Two ways to find out.
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