Megan Mendoza

•Blesses and loved ❤✨I'm still pretty and still virgin🔥👌ll Taurus♉ ll Allergic to bitches🌵

Everyone will stare, Make it worth their while 🔥
Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane 💋
Sunday ❣️
Again and again 💋
Snapshyyytt 🌸
My Beepep not allowed to stop being friends with me. She's my rock, my free therapist, my happy place, the only person that knows exactly what i go through... I'll cut you if you leave me bitch, I Love You Beepep 😘❤👭 @jakagealan #bestfriendgoals
Short hair 💙
Love me forever don't ever get tired of me ❤
Zoom in ❤ #ootd
Happy Birthday to me ❤✨
ft, @arianagrande
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