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I woke up this morning feeling as though I have arrived✨ Not from an egotistical standpoint. From a holy shit-my soul is singing, breakdancing and doing back flips kind of way as she has been nudging, whispering & guiding me to be here for quite some time 🤸🏽‍♀️ Day three has officially come to a close of our @sherises_soulsisterretreat @bodhitreeyogaresort , in Costa Rica. I couldn’t feel more proud and honoured to share this magical space with my incredible soul sister and business partner, Cindy Ellen. The transformations that are occurring with these beautiful & brave women is breathtaking and I couldn’t feel more proud of each of you beautiful souls.
It’s time, my soul sisters ✨
Feeling pretty darn grateful for this beautiful life we get to live ✨
Thank you so much to all of you beautiful souls who took the time to celebrate my birthday with me yesterday! I’m SO incredibly grateful for all of you! 36 was by far my best year yet; although I experienced some significant, and tough, life lessons, the transformation and growth that occurred is something that I’m truly celebrating today! I cannot wait to see what my 37th year brings me; hosting a retreat in Costa Rica in a few days is a great way to ring in this New Year ✨
I’m feeling so incredibly grateful to have such a beautiful family to share this beautiful life with. Although my dad is no longer with us, I can feel him forever shining his radiant light, guiding us along the way✨ 36 has been an overwhelming year filled with some incredibly hard life lessons, significant growth and transformation as well as some serious up-levelling-all of which have aligned me with bringing my soul’s purpose to fruition. Two more days in this blessed year of 36 and man, am I ever feeling BLISSED out!!
You’re limiting beliefs may be telling you one thing, but deep down, there’s an inner knowingness that you are powerful beyond measure. Yes, whatever you’re going through right now may be scary and feel uncertain but, when you learn to embrace that fear you will find that it will be your greatest teacher ✨
Post yoga feels 🙌🏼
Ladies! If you’re not in my free private Facebook group, then you missed this morning’s training on all things Self Love. You can still join and listen to the recording by clicking here ~> Looking forward to connecting with you beautiful souls in our Soul-Sisterhood. Sending you all SO much love and gratitude! You are not alone. I am here for YOU! 😘
My kind of Friday night 🙌🏼
Perfection..... It will never be juuuuuuust right, so you continue to put your dreams, visions, passions and even your soul’s purpose on a never-ending “temporary” hold until you get it perfect enough. But, you know it will never be perfect so you continue settling for all the things that aren’t serving you; tolerating all the things that just don’t feel right because you’re so damn paralyzed by your perfectionism and you’re petrified of making a mistake. But you know how we learn the most? Making mistakes. It’s not until we make the mistakes that we learn, grow and evolve into our highest selves✨
Stop spending your invaluable time beating yourself up, making yourself wrong and over analyzing all the things you wish you were doing or wish you didn’t say or do. Instead, spend your invaluable time on forgiving yourself, speaking kindly to yourself and start living your wish-filled life, today✨ . . . . . 📸 @kristiecratephotographer . 💄@lisaalmeidall
About last night..... Thank you to all of you incredible women who shared your beautiful energy with us last night at our Women Empowering Women Connection Circle! These gatherings are so powerful. I always envisioned women connecting and supporting and loving on one another. We’re far more powerful when we collaborate and connect with one another✨ Thank you for filling my heart with so much love and gratitude and for supporting one another, unconditionally! The young Women who will receive letters from you for @toloveourselves , the letter project are so fortunate! I love you all!! Looking forward to our next circle on January 17th, 2019✨
A lil’ before and after from this morning’s hike 😂🙄😅 #returnoftheswampmonster
Vancouver Island girls!! It’s that time again!!! If you’re looking for an evening that’s filled with Love, Connection, Growth & Contribution; look no more! Join us tomorrow, October 18th, for our FINAL monthly Connection Circle of the year! Not only do we love, support and empower one another- we also give back in a BIG way, through writing letters of love & empowerment; spreading love & light to young girls and women in need of some extra love & support through @toloveourselves ✨ Shoot me a message for the details! SO looking forward to seeing so many of you, tomorrow night!!
The Eve of my Revival Live Event couldn’t have been more magical ✨ Not only was I able to have the luxury of working with @kristiecratephotographer for my photoshoot, I was able to meet her in person after having the pleasure of working 1:1 with her as my coaching client. There’s nothing more special than meeting and connecting with your clients in person. Thank you so much, @kristiecrate , for coming all the way from Thompson Manitoba and sharing this incredible weekend with me, for capturing my true essence and most importantly shining and sharing your beautiful, radiant light of yours! I’m SO incredibly proud of you for all that you are, all that you’ve overcome and all that you’re becoming; your beautiful commitment to yourself is something to celebrate. I love you and I’m so grateful for you! I cannot wait to see the rest of the photos from our time together✨ And, a huge thank you to another client of mine, @lisaalmeidall , for creating the most beautiful, authentic look for my makeup. I felt so pretty from the art you created. And last but not least, thank you to my beautiful bestie, Dana McClinton, for making my hair ‘picture perfect’! I love what you do with my hair and I love YOU!! ✨ ✨ ✨ If anyone is looking for a photographer who oozes creativity and imagination, has an eye for detail and is incredibly passionate, Kristie Crate is your girl! Looking for a Makeup Artist who possesses excellent color perception and artistic ability, and uses professional makeup that seriously is the best makeup on the market, Lisa Almeida, is your girl! Looking for a new hairstylist who’s exceptionally creative and visual, and knows how to make your visions a reality, Dana McClinton is your girl!
The beautiful transformation that’s occurring inside of you is empowering, encouraging, igniting and inspiring those around you. Keep showing others what’s possible by leading, loving, honouring and staying true to you!
I’m no less of a woman because I once was drowning in depression. I’m no less of a woman because I once was paralyzed by anxiety. I’m no less of a woman since surviving an 18 year eating disorder. I am a beautiful, strong, courageous woman who has risen above her adversities. I am a woman who is empowered since bouncing back from her hardships and has emerged stronger and more capable of accessing her unique gifts than ever before. I am a woman who believes in YOU, in all that you are and all that you’re capable and worthy of being. I am a woman who is here to show you what’s possible, to let you know that you’re not alone and is passionate about loving & empowering YOU to live the life you were born to LOVE! #worldmentalhealthday2018 #youarenotalone #mentalhealth
Through the work I do with my beautiful clients a common theme that comes up is how easy it is to give to everyone else in their lives, but themselves. . But, it doesn’t have to be this way... . Imagine giving to yourself each morning first, before you give to anyone else, even if just for a moment? . Imagine the positive shifts that will occur when you take a moment to acknowledge the beautiful reflection that you see in the mirror and tell that beautiful person how much you love and care for him or her..... . This is not about being vain, this is about becoming indestructible ✨
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