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Who you were has created who you are today; have nothing but love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness for that beautiful person. It’s from these lessons and experiences that shape who we have become and who we are becoming✨
You don’t have to act small, play small or make yourself small any longer. Stop dimming your light so others can’t see you. Stop holding all of your successes, accomplishments and achievements to yourself. Stop worrying about leaving others behind. Stop feeling the need to remain the same just because all those around you are. Stop recycling the same old stories that have been played out since 1992. Start standing taller and allow yourself to be seen. Take your light off the dimmer switch and allow it to shine like it’s never shined before. Speak your truth. Walk your talk. Own every beautiful cell that you’ve been gifted with. You are powerful beyond measure. By playing safe, keeping yourself small and not sharing your gifts with the world, you’re not only being of disservice to yourself, you’re being of disservice to all those magnificent lives you were destined to touch. Annnnnnd, JUST in case you were wondering, what others think about you 🙌🏼 I feel after a kundalini session 🙌🏼
Materialistic things do not impress me, your soul does ✨ This picture was taken at our She Rises- Soul Sister Retreats last November in Costa Rica by my beautiful friend and client Jeannine Ropars 🙏🏼 My most favourite part of the retreat was witnessing these beautiful women turn off the noise and tune into their voice, their inner wisdom; embracing their soul’s true essence. Two months later, I’m witnessing transformations continuing to unfold- my heart and soul are overwhelmed with love, joy and gratitude. Nothing lights me up more than witnessing my fellow soul sisters living and embracing a soul-inspired life 🙏🏼 Our spaces are filling up FAST for our next retreat at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, November 16-23. We’d be honoured to have you join us. Our website is in my bio, please feel free to PM if you have any questions💚 From my heart to yours, there’s nothing more powerful than a woman determined to rise 🙌🏼
Being in a constant state of observing; learning, growing and evolving from all of life’s tests, experiences, trials and tribulations, is such a profound and breathtakingly beautiful place for me to be in. Although each lesson and experience has, at times, been traumatic and challenging beyond belief; I trust that it’s all apart of my journey and is getting me closer towards my soul’s purpose. After all, we’re all here to learn, grow and love, wouldn’t you agree?
For the last 10 years I told myself: One day I’m going to get certified to become a yoga instructor. One day I’m going to host a retreat in Costa Rica. One day I’m going to help other women break free from their limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions; ensuring that they never felt like I once did-alone, misunderstood, not enough; not worthy or deserving of living a soul-filling life. One day, I’m going to write my book. One day I’m going to finally release the emotional, excess, 40 lbs of weight that I’ve been yo-yo’ing with. It wasn’t until I lost my dad to cancer a year and a half ago, my puppy to a tragic accident one year ago and revived a friend’s life four months ago that I realized “one day” that I seem to be so incredibly fond of.....may never come. I finally realized that I will never know when my “one day” may very well be my last day. So, I started living my life as though each day could potentially be my last and through hard work, determination, self belief and a ton of healing; I have brought all of the magic above to fruition. If you can relate, I invite you to stop putting off all the things that you feel called to do because of that “one day” that will quickly come and just as quickly fade away. Write that book that’s inside of you. Book that retreat that you’ve always dreamed of going to. Take the courses, the workshops, the certifications that you feel drawn to take. Work with that coach, therapist or healer who you feel called to work with who will catapult you into living your soul’s purpose. Believe that these gentle nudges and soft whispers are coming to you for a reason. Trust that your “one day” is today and leap towards whatever your soul is guiding you to do ✨ 📸 @kristiecratephotographer
We all have a story, some darker than others; the stronger the person, the darker the story✨
“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” Brene Brown
It’s a beautiful life when you learn to love and accept yourself ✨
There are individuals who come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I believe this beautiful soul sister of mine, @franitagranita , came into my life for both a reason and a lifetime ✨ Fran is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met, and is one of the catalysts for my desire in becoming a yoga instructor. Whenever I go to Costa Rica, I ensure that I attend every one of Fran’s Yoga classes. She is one of the most gifted instructors I have ever had the opportunity to learn from-she truly warms my heart by the way she teaches. Fran has such a profound way of connecting with her students; her energy and sunny disposition is contagious. If you’re ever in Jacó, please do attend her classes. I promise you will leave her class feeling as though you are walking on air and overwhelmed with gratitude.
It’s good to be home 🧘‍♀️✨🙌🏼
Peace out Costa Rica; it’s been a soul-filling 6 weeks✌🏼 Thank you for creating the space for me to: ✨Ring in my 37th year ✨Spend intimate, much needed 1:1 time with my lover ✨Relax, recharge and reconnect ✨Co-host our first, and hugely successful, @sherises_soulsisterretreats ✨Walk to yoga, practice yoga, and walk home, almost daily ✨Slow down and connect within ✨Get back on my board and Surf with my lover ✨Write the beginnings of my manuscript for my first book ✨Play, have fun and not take life so seriously ✨Sign up for my 200 hour teacher training for Hatha & Kundalini in January ✨Belly laugh like I’ve never belly laughed before ✨Connect with old friends who feel like home ✨Launch our 2019 She Rises Soul Sister Retreat @bodhitreeyogaresort ✨Dance like no one was watching ✨Nourish my mind, body and soul ✨Connect with nature ✨Attract new, high vibe clients, who are ready to embrace their love and light within ✨Have an overwhelming amount of complete gratitude for this beautiful life I’ve been gifted ✨Fulfill my soul’s desires
“You’ve changed” is one of the greatest compliments anyone can give you. We’re here to grow,evolve and expand; not to remain stagnant in energy that no longer serves us✨
Living the Pura Vida 🙌🏼
Do it, I dare you! It’s your time to shine✨
One more week of these beautiful sunsets; cherishing every moment ✨
Nailed it 👊🏽🤸🏽‍♀️🙌🏼
CONNECTION is our jam! Creating safe, transformational experiences for women to feel loved, supported and connected to a Soul-Sisterhood is our Soul Purpose. On November 16-23, we have the honour of hosting another @sherises_soulsisterretreats @bodhitreeyogaresort in Nosara, Costa Rica! During this retreat we will be guiding a small, intimate group of women to re-ignite their passion, purpose and connection within. This experience will offer you all things related to Connection, Self-Love and Empowerment; allowing you to take the time that you SO deserve to truly disconnect. Leaving our retreat will have you feeling more empowered, connected and FULL of self love than you have ever felt before. @cindyellen_inspiration and @meghanweir_selflovecatalyst will be guiding you through daily yoga practices, meditation and mindfulness practices as well as daily workshops with a focus on Connection & Empowerment. Imagine spending a life-changing week in Jungle Luxury, with a group of like-minded women, passionate about serving their highest selves. Imagine having 5 star, exquisite, organic meals that fuel your mind, body & soul. Imagine having the space and time to connect with you and your soul’s desires. This, our beautiful soul-sister, is available to YOU! This is an all-inclusive experience; an experience that you will never forget! An experience that will empower you to fulfill your soul’s desires! Space is limited and we are already 1/4 SOLD OUT!! Check out the link in our bio, we look forward to connecting with you ✨
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