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never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams 🌹💘

My holiday traditions: - Muppet Christmas Carol on repeat - chewy dark chocolate ginger cookies - exchanging lists with my family so we know exactly what to get each other - looking for Christmas lights in cute neighborhoods - live in fluffy pajamas New traditions: - collect ornaments from our travels - plan new trips - wreath making - visiting our families together ♥️ What are your favorite holiday traditions to do with friends and family? If you’ve known me a while: you know Christmas isn’t exactly my favorite. But learning how to celebrate the season in your own way is key. I feel like I’m starting to figure it out ✨⭐️
🌿🌹☕️ #grateful
A new nightstand to refinish as my own, a golden trinket from Versailles, always fresh roses from my love, my first proteas, a pink Christmas bauble and brand new bedding 🌿💕 #thankful
Sending out some more love to this special soul @sheena101 ♥️🌹 thank you for loving me through it all over the years. I wouldn’t change a thing: all the family holidays, home cooked meals, random photo shoots, impromptu Disneyland trips, floral arrangements, xl pizzas, bottles of pink champagne, LB sunsets, Wolfskill cocktails, SATC reruns, grocery store trips, thrifting adventures, corner brownie pieces, road trips with Luna to white houses with kittens, the list goes on and on. We did the math and we met 14 years ago: so young and unknowing of how this beautiful friendship would unfold and help shape us into the women we are now. November is a special month for me: it marks her birthday, the month we met and the upcoming holidays which we have always shared together. She helps me slow down and enjoy the season, encourages me to dig deep within myself to find and create my own joy and always helps amp me up for a bright and positive new year. Love you Sheen ♥️ #bff #traditions
Traditional holiday pre-game with my bestie 🎁 @sheena101
Ocean view + rose garden? When do we move in 😍 #lovelongbeach
Cant wait to go back to Vegas with this one ♠️♥️✨✨
The pink solo brunch of dreams 🌸☕️🥐💕
Happy Sunday from us 🌞
happy #worldadoptionday to all + especially this one who stole my heart a long time ago ♥️ can’t imagine life without you in it @jesuissteven_
Missing this Spanish rose garden and views of Barcelona from Park Güell ♥️ 2 months until our next adventure ✈️
Feeling very focused, determined and content as we quickly approach the holidays and the new year. This past year has been quite a ride but it just goes to show that life will always have so much more in store for you than you could have ever imagined. And just when you think you have it all figured out, everything changes all over again. I am learning to embrace the unknown and am eager to explore my passions and find joy on my own terms. I feel so lucky to be right where I am now and can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds 🦋 infinite gratitude to my humans who love me and accept me and lift me up, you know who you are 🌹💖✨
This must be what having a sister feels like ♥️ I’m glad you’re mine @sheena101 🦋 happy birthday beauty, trifecta until we are old and grey 👵🏻🌹🍷
Remember to surround yourself with people who lift you up and love you as you are because you are worth it ♥️
Last minute freehand pumpkin carving and dark chocolate sea salt truffles with wine 🍷🎃
We want much more than this provincial life 🌹
my Eskimo brother forever 💕
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