Megan Villanova

It's me

Just taking selfies in a god honoring way in my gently used Volvo s40
LOL ( Last two I stole from @charissaferingtonphotography )
A nice rug
Highlights #PairOfPierons
Not in Russia anymore
Im in Russia
Rugby shirt = a yes
My beautiful son Alert
My new man
A. Who wore it best B. I’m standing on the couch and still shorter C. That’s not even Sarah’s finger
Merry Christmas from the St. John-Villanovas
I cut my hair
Tbt to when I was a photog in the big city
That feel when danielle is a better photog than u and she took this on her phone as a test shot 🙃
New upper lobe piercing swag
I need her back y’all 😢
🦂'tis the season...🦂
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