Megan Villanova

It's me

Quick Father’s Day shout out to the man who raised me
Lost VIP tickets to some little girls but that’s chill
💕❤️🧡💛Happy Pride! 💚💙💜💕
My leg
I love art
Happy Mother’s Day Mama, I wish I was half the woman you are. Love you more than my face is giant in this picture.
My beautiful FRIENDS Shaliqua and Ariana are graduating and they are AMAZING ARTISTS!!! I died of happiness seeing them
Me tata and chimmy straight chillin
When u open snap in class and the cameras front facing
Some siblings and some cousins but why did we all need to buy those hats
If u think any other tree is the best tree on campus ur wrong
Just taking selfies in a god honoring way in my gently used Volvo s40
LOL ( Last two I stole from @charissaferingtonphotography )
A nice rug
Highlights #PairOfPierons
Not in Russia anymore
Im in Russia
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