Megan Villanova

It's me

anyone else thinking bee rn
What is a wig
Quick update clover is old now
Glad we MET
My son but in slow motion
Good tree
Quick Father’s Day shout out to the man who raised me
Lost VIP tickets to some little girls but that’s chill
💕❤️🧡💛Happy Pride! 💚💙💜💕
My leg
I love art
Happy Mother’s Day Mama, I wish I was half the woman you are. Love you more than my face is giant in this picture.
My beautiful FRIENDS Shaliqua and Ariana are graduating and they are AMAZING ARTISTS!!! I died of happiness seeing them
Me tata and chimmy straight chillin
When u open snap in class and the cameras front facing
Some siblings and some cousins but why did we all need to buy those hats
If u think any other tree is the best tree on campus ur wrong
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