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On my toes ... quite literally ! 🤷‍♀️ #MehwishHayat #cbm #onmytoesliterally
3 bahadur The Rise of the warriors is releasing on the 14th of December . Don’t forget to catch Erma kicking some ass ! 👊🏻🔥 @sharmeenobaidchinoy #MehwishHayat #Erma #3bahadur
Many Congratulations to Yasir Shah for breaking the 82 year old record and being the fastest bowler to get to 200 test wickets. I stand with the whole nation in applauding your amazing achievement. 👏Thank you for showing us once again that not only can we compete with the best but we can be the best👊🏻 #YasirShah #prideofpakistan 🇵🇰
مجھے پھُونکنے سے پہلے مرا دل نکال لینا۔۔ یہ کسی کی ہے امانت،میرے ساتھ جل نہ جاۓ🔥 -Anwar Mirzapuri Mujhe phoonkne se pehle mera Dil nikaal Lena... Yeh kisi ki hai amanat.. mere saath jal na jaaye. #MehwishHayat #urduPoetry #AnwarMirzapuri
It is not everyday that one get the opportunity to sing with a real living legend so renowned in Pakistan and the world over. Sharing the Virsa stage with Ustaad Rahat Fateh Ali khan Ji was a dream come true and that too singing a classic track by Nusrat Fateh Ali khan saab . I have been a huge fan since like forever. I was nervous - as anyone would have been - but I hope that I lived up to Rahat Ji's exacting standard and did him proud. Thankyou to my mentor Mian Yousaf Salahuddin who had the faith in me to do this and brought us together. MashaAllah He has been singlehandedly promoting talent and our cultural heritage for more than 12 years now. Big salute @yousaf_salahuddin P.s those commenting on the lip-syncing. This is standard TV practice to have the best audio for audience and nothing new or is it anything that I am denying. So relax and please let's concentrate on the actual song and how I have managed to perform and not be fixated by the technicalities of TV. Wearing @zaheerabbasofficial and @samreenvance jewels #MehwishHayat #UstadRahatFatehAliKhan #RFAK #Virsaheritage #Tumeradil #DreamCometrue #NFAK #MianYousufSalahuddin
Princess vibes at the virsa heritage ! 🔥 Wearing the one and only @zaheerabbasofficial Jewellery by @samreenvance Makeup and hair @toniandguypk #MehwishHayat #ZaheerAbbas #SamreenVance #Virsaheritage #regal 👸
Feels ♥️🤩 #MehwishHayat #sunkissed #weekendvibes ✌️
Winter hair ! ♥️
Angry roasted chestnut icecream anyone.. ?! #cheesiestcaptionever 🤪 #cantthinkofany #MehwishHayat Makeup by my loveliest @malihajkhan
... Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream “ Photography, makeup and hair @akifilyasofficial #MehwishHayat #unedited #AkifIlyas #blankspace
Happy birthday Monkeyyyy! 🐒 puberty hit us hard @danish_hayat SWIPE left to see for yourself! 😄🤩 I love you more than any words can even describe . Thankyou for everything . I am proud to have you as a best friend in the shape of my brother♥️. Come back soon so we can celebrate your bday together !🤗 #DanishHayat #MehwishHayat #birthdaygreetings #Bestbrotherintheworld #mashaAllah
Not only my sister . You’re my mentor,my teacher and my soulmate! ♥️ @afsheen.hayat Thankyou for always being right by my side ! Love you forevaaaa my beauty queen !!!🤗💋#MehwishHayat #AfsheenHayat #sisterhood #ucantsitwithus 💁
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