🍊 Kaz 🍊

Someone asked me what day it was. I stared at them blankly and then responded with, "It's Kaleb Day of course! What other day would it be?"#OrangeGang

This is probably going to be my last post. Somebody helped me realize that nobody cares. Plus nobody likes anime. 🦀🦀Kaleb’s gone!🦀🦀
Convert to Islam.
Homeless? Put it in a box!
Jokes on you. A-actually... I can’t relate to a meme more than this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Yo, fuck hens.
People who walk around school looking at their phones look like they are using a gps.
Don’t you love people who walk down the stairs 2 at a time?
I’m actually fucking panicking. I don’t know what to do about college. Every time I try to do something I just fuck everything up even more. I can’t take it anymore...
I just threw away a good 40% of my childhood tonight.
I always joked about my Overwatch crashing 100 times. I checked my error logs folder on my computer and I had around 88 different sets. Isn’t that amazing.
I didn’t have much time. Sorry it’s so bad... I did it in like 10 min.
*In the middle of coding*
This shit is just a joke. I ain’t no 🅱️ool scooter. They just fit well.
Anotha one 🙏 @e_waifu @ecchixdd
Man, loved the new direct.
Truth. That makes y’all nerds American weebs. Face it. #weeb #dc #marvel #america #nerd
How many of these have I posted?
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