🍊 Kaz 🍊

Someone asked me what day it was. I stared at them blankly and then responded with, "It's Kaleb Day of course! What other day would it be?"#OrangeGang

Rise and grind. Let’s destroy some libtards.
200 posts. Look I’m relevant.
This is probably going to be my last post. Somebody helped me realize that nobody cares. Plus nobody likes anime. 🦀🦀Kaleb’s gone!🦀🦀
Convert to Islam.
Homeless? Put it in a box!
Jokes on you. A-actually... I can’t relate to a meme more than this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Yo, fuck hens.
People who walk around school looking at their phones look like they are using a gps.
Don’t you love people who walk down the stairs 2 at a time?
I’m actually fucking panicking. I don’t know what to do about college. Every time I try to do something I just fuck everything up even more. I can’t take it anymore...
I just threw away a good 40% of my childhood tonight.
I always joked about my Overwatch crashing 100 times. I checked my error logs folder on my computer and I had around 88 different sets. Isn’t that amazing.
I didn’t have much time. Sorry it’s so bad... I did it in like 10 min.
*In the middle of coding*
This shit is just a joke. I ain’t no 🅱️ool scooter. They just fit well.
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