Mel Kadel

A special guest on the final day of our show. Thanks for stopping by Yo Shitara @taracyan3 !
This is the final weekend to see our show in Harajuku, Tokyo. Thanks to Beams T for having us🙏🏽 This adventure was above and beyond thanks to our friend and artist @hanaiyusuke. I’ll miss your family, our new friends in Japan, and of course 7-Eleven. #Total_Dandelion_Move
slow stroll in Shibuya
Ready for tonight! Please join us at Beams T in Harajuku 7-9pm. #Total_Dandelion_Move with @theotherfudge & @hanaiyusuke
Installing at Beams T in Harajuku. Show opens on Friday 12th, 7-9pm🔨 @hanaiyusuke & @theotherfudge (💪🏽 help from our friend @hi_dutch )
This Friday Oct. 12th (7-9pm) at Beams T in Harajuku, Tokyo! Showing with @hanaiyusuke & @theotherfudge #Total_Dandelion_Move
a wild week
Sorting through work to bring to Tokyo!!! I’ll be there next week, showing with @theotherfudge & @hanaiyusuke.
👋🏽Paris! I’m so happy to be showing this week at @District13ArtFair with @SubliminalProjects. Sept. 27 - 30, Paris, France. I’ll be showing alongside: @ObeyGiant @Jillian_Evelyn @punksgitcut @ThomasCampbellArt @RaviAmarZupa
Thanks to @Vans for a fun NYC launch! Curated by @SubliminalProjects. You can find these in the Customs shop online. Fellow artists involved: @NathanBell @ScottyFiveAlive @ToddFrancisArt
So happy to have some prints at the NYABF with @cinders_gallery , PS1 booth R03 #nyabf2018 @printedmatter_artbookfairs
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