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This Wednesday, #crush your workout with a partner. Get lean with this epic workout from Stirling (@stirlinggshaw ) and Kristin Shaw (@kristinshaw_ ) • • • #menshealthza #couplegoals #coupleworkouts #workoutwednesday #fitness #inspiration #instafit #motivation
Dive watches are built for serious work - but their brighter and bolder designs will work at the beach, bar, and beyond. #watchesofinstagram #watchwednesday #menshealthza #divingwatch #style
How does Siya Kolisi (@siya_kolisi_the_bear ) relate to Thor? 💪🏽 • • • This @superrugby season, for every tackle made, @vodacomrugga and @supersporttv will donate R100 to @chocfoundationsa 👏🏽
The best kind of #motivation this Monday? Having the God of Thunder on our cover💪🏼 • • • #menshealthza #mondaymotivation #inspiration #health #fitness #marchissue #onstandsnow
It's your last day to grab our February issue👊🏽. We show you how to start your side hustle and take real inspiration from men who've fought illness and have come back stronger than ever. Check it out👌🏽 • • • #menshealthza #fitness #sundayreads #inspiration #winningweekend #sundayvibes #health #finance #wisdom
Yes, we know - they're cute. But is it unhealthy to let your dog sleep on your bed? We did the digging and set some ground rules you should follow. See our link in bio for more 🐶 • • • #menshealthza #health #wellness #doghealth #dogstagram #weekendtips #linkinbio #winningweekend
😂😂 • • • #Repost @menshealthmag It always seems like a good idea until it goes bad... #fridayfails
It's #valentinesday ! Train with your partner 🤼‍♀️🌹 Power couple Riaan O'Neill (@oneillriaan ) and Teal Hogg (@bouncebyteal_ ) put together an easy 8-move workout for you and your loved one to get shredded. See our IG story for the full workout description🙌 • • • #menshealthza #gymgoals #valentinesworkout #powercouples #instafit #valentinesday2019
Mechanical timepieces might seem outdated, but a GMT watch with a second time zone remains useful for frequent flyers. Here’s to spending more time abroad. Check out our best picks in our link in bio👌⌚ • • • #watchwednesday #menshealthza #travel #style #styleguide #watchesofinstagram
Some incredible inspiration from Jaco Smit this #transformationtuesday 👊🏽 • • • #Repost @jaco_j_smit ・・・ Okay let's join the #10yearchallenge ..there you got it.. 24 vs 34. What you make of your life is up to you! #hardwork #happy #nevergiveup #blessed #10yearschallenge #stillgoing #balancedlifestyle #fitnessmodel #fitnesslifestyle #healthzonegym #father #familyof4 #godisgood
Start your week strong with our 30-minute dumbbell workout! Complete as many reps as possible in 40 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds and move on to the next exercise. Complete 4 rounds and be sure to tag us! 👊🏽🏋🏽‍♂️ • • • #menshealthza #mondaymotivation #workoutmonday #inspiration #30minworkout #fitness #instafit
Shot South Africa ! . The instagram take over is done. I’m handing the keys back. Thanks for the day and all your messages. If you want to contact me or shoot me a question you can always find me at @denhamhitchcock . This last photo is a good one to finish on. Two years ago my fiancée and I bought a thirty year old yacht that needed a lot of repairs. Everyone said we were mad. We didn’t have the money to pay tradesmen to do it. So we did just about all of the refit ourselves - and a few months ago sailed up the east coast of Australia. Surfing, sailing, dodging storms, and lazing in the sun like otters. . Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you - make plans - dream big. . Thanks again and good luck with your own life travels. Denham.
Fuel in the tank. . This is probably going to go against everything you’ve ever thought. But you don’t need as much food as you think. A little over one year ago I did a story on fasting. Up until then I never followed a diet. And while it was healthy food - whole meat and veg. No deep fried. No sugar. There was a lot of it. About 6000 cal a day spread out over 6 meals. . I did a story on the “fasting mimicking diet” and I fasted for 6 days. It was pure hell - but I realized about midway through that I was actually functioning just fine. I lost 4kg of muscle mass. Bad. But 1kg of fat - mostly from around my organs. Good. And when I started eating again my blood was flushed with 30% stem cells. The building blocks of life. . I recommend this to everyone. A diet based on how we evolved. Feast and famine. It’s been proven to kill off poorly functioning cells. Grow new ones. Lose fat that doesn’t come back. And regain control over when and how you eat. It’s a tremendous skill to have. The ability to be hungry for an entire day or more of need be - and not lose control. Get the balance right and you’ll also have to do less cardio. Train smarter. . I wrote an article for @menshealthau about it. It’s a good read. Or search “fasting mimicking diet” . . . #fastingmimickingdiet @menshealthau @denhamhitchcock
Have a go. . I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I enjoy my job and it’s taken me all over the world and given me a front row seat to history. Two trips to Iraq and Syria, every major natural disaster there is, into volcanoes, presidential inaugurations, face to face with polar bears. . But it wasn’t always this way. I started by answering phones in a newsroom and filling the biscuit barrel. And on my way up - five news directors told me I’d never make it as a reporter. Don’t settle. Using setbacks or criticism as lessons or motivation is a good thing. Grit your teeth and stick with it. Chances are if you’re on this feed you’re relatively healthy. Don’t waste these golden years. Aim high and have a go mate. . . @denhamhitchcock
Light a fire. . Ultimately willpower alone is not enough to keep you fit and healthy. If you can find an activity that doesn’t feel like a chore, your workout will be pure pleasure. . For me that’s surfing. Lungs. Cardio. Shoulders. Arms. All taken care of and I don’t even think about it. I do love a heavy weights session but I can’t do it more than a few days a week without getting bored. If I could surf all day every day I would ! . But for you this activity could be anything. Rock climbing. Skate boarding. Running. Mountain bike. Yoga. Sand sprints. Hop scotch in the park. Whatever lights you up. . . . #health #fitness #surf @denhamhitchcock
No time to exercise !! Hey life is busy, there’s just no time for this.... Wrong. No matter where you are or what time you have you can make it work. Don’t tell me you can’t find ten minutes. . This is a video I made this morning from my hotel room in Texas. Cheap hotel that doesn’t have a gym. But everything I need is in this room. . At the end is the push up burpee challenge. Ten every minute for ten minutes. Give it a crack and let me know how you go .... . . #exercise #fitness #hotelroomworkout @denhamhitchcock
Good afternoon South Africa ! This is your cover guy here @denhamhitchcock The good people at Mens Health SA have given me the keys to the Ferrari for the day... access to their Instagram account - very dangerous. . I’m going to try and hit a few of the big themes today to get you thinking and hopefully fire you up ! . Exercise. Wellbeing. Work. Diet. And life ! . So tune in over the next few hours and send me any questions you might have. I’m currently on the road for work - shooting a TV News story in Texas - but I will do my level best to get back to every one of you .....
Our Cover Guy @denhamhitchcock is the real-life Clark Kent and he's going to show you a day in his life! The reporter is taking over our IG feed tomorrow and it's a takeover you won't want to miss. Be sure to turn on post notifications and watch this space for a #winningweekend 💪🏻 • • • #menshealthza #igtakeover #fitness #inspiration #coverguytakeover #februaryissue #motivation
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